Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 24

Blain had me and Adam out at one of his parties again on Thursday night.

I was surprised to see Davey there with his husband Ryan. Ryan was young- barely three years older than me and to be honest, I think he got treated worse than I did. I felt for him, I really did. When he moved in with Davey, he was cut off from his family and friends and told he wasn't allowed to see them again. Ryan was good looking in a kind of cute, little kiddie kind of way. You'd never think he was twenty. He only looked about sixteen. At best. He had long dark brown hair which covered his forehead and partially obscured his sparkly hazel eyes. He had full lips in a kind of heartshape. I noticed as he sat opposite me that his lip was split, he had a black eye, his nose was red and swollen like it'd just been broken and his cheeks and forehead were sporting several new bruises.

He managed to squeeze out a smile as he sat opposite us. He winced as it hurt his cut lip. "Hi," I said, giving him a sympathetic look.

"Hiya," He said, quietly. He always spoke softly, as if he was afraid of upsetting someone by talking to loud. He held a shaking hand out to Adam who took it and squeezed his fingers gently. "Ryan. I'm Davey's husband."

"Adam," Adam replied. "I'm er... I work for Blain."

"Ah," Ryan nodded. He knew all to well about what Blain had me doing- often Davey had made him watch me giving him a blowjob or a handjob. I always apologised hundreds of times afterwards, and Ryan insisted he didn't mind but I was always so worried he didn't mean it.

"You okay, Ry?" I asked. He smiled weakly at me.

"Well. You know," He said, shrugging. "As good as it gets. You?"

"Pretty much the same," I replied, sighing.

"How's Blain?" He asked one eyebrow raised.

"Still a pisshead and a drug addict," I shrugged. "Davey?"

"Pretty much the same," He laughed darkly. Adam looked up at Ryan.

"Is he like Blain?" He asked, sounding confused.

"Worse," Ryan and I said in unison. Ryan sighed. "Look, I'll show you." He turned to face where Blain and Davey and Ben were talking. "Dav?" He said. Davey sighed and rolled his eyes.

"What d'you want, Ryan?" He asked irritably.

"I love you," Ryan said, smiling sweetly at Davey. Davey just looked at him, seeming disgusted. Then he scoffed.

"Fuck off, Ryan," He punched Ryan across his temple. Hard.

"Sorry," Ry ducked his head. Davey just sighed then turned back to the conversation and Ryan turned back to us. "See?"

Blain and Davey moved into the kitchen. "D'you really love him?" Adam asked, curiously.

"Yeah, of course I do," Ryan replied. "Never worried have married him if I didn't. I just... I don't think he loves me as much as he used to. He does love me still though. He told me. He told me just before we came here, you know."

Ryan was pretty much deluded when it came to Davey. He was a sweet, lovely guy but the poor thing believed and worshipped anything Davey told him like it was the holy text. He told us how much he hated Davey hitting him, but he was more than willing to stand and take a beating if Davey told him it was his fault. When he went to the loo, Adam looked at me. "Ryan's nice but he's a bit..." Adam bit his lip. "I mean the way he is with Davey..."

"Yeah, I know," I sighed. "I mean he's a really great guy and everything, and he's gorgeous, but the poor kid's just so screwed up in the head. I mean, he's nuts for Davey, anyone can see that. But he's so scared of him too. He's totally at Davey's beck and call, bless him."

"Oi, Jo-Jo!" Blain's voice tore through our conversation. I looked at him. He beckoned me over. "Come here." I walked over and he put an arm too tight around my waist. "Did I tell you I got a job lined up for you on Sunday?"

"N-no," I said. "Wh-who?"

"Some guy named Lewis Marks," He said. "Pretty cute looking guy. Young. Twenty one at the oldest, I'd say."

"Oh," I looked down. "Is that all you needed me for?"

"Nah," He said, winking at me. He pushed me lightly and stumbled towards Davey.

"Hey, baby. How's about me and you go upstairs?" He said, winding his arms around me. At that minute Ryan walked back into the room. He glanced over at me and Davey. He gave me a wry smile but the hurt look in his eyes made my heart sink a mile.

"I'm so sorry," I mouthed towards Ry as Davey walked me out of the room and towards the stairs. Ryan just shrugged. He still looked so hurt, so reproachful. I closed my eyes and groaned quietly.

Why couldn't I just die right now?

I came out of the room after Davey and I were done and went downstairs. I was still so sore, but I didn't let on. Before I sat beside Adam, I gave Ryan a quick hug. "I'm really sorry, Ry," I said. "I honestly didn't want to... I..."

"I know, it's fine," Ryan sighed. "I'm used to it."

"Oh, don't," I said, giving his hand a quick squeeze. "I mean it, I'm so so sorry."

"I know, I know," He said. "It really is okay."

"Oi, Jonah. I'm going for a fag, come with me," Blain said, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the room. As we were leaving the house, I heard Davey shouting.

"Ryan, what the fuck d'you think you're playing at? Are you carrying on with Jonah because if you are I swear..."

When we went back into the house, Ryan was standing at Davey's side, shaking violently with his head bent, hiding behind his hair. "Blain, I'm gonna go," He Davey said. "Get this worthless prick out of here before he's shagged every guy in the room." He nudged Ryan sharply in the ribs with his elbow.

"Okay, Dav, I'll see you," Blain kissed Davey on the cheek then they left. As they walked out, Ryan caught my eye.

I felt lower than dirt then. 



A/N: I've updated the character pics, by the way :)


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