My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 14

  "You're working where?" Madeline basically screamed at me.

  "Bra's N Bistro.  But, honestlty I don't see the big deal, Maddy.  It's not like your my girlfriend.  For Gosh sake's, your practically my sister."  At this, she ran out of the room.  "What's her problem?" I asked to nobody in particular. 

  "You really are an idiot, aren't you Henry?" asked Julie from the corner of the living room, I hadn't even known she was there.

  "What are you talking about, Julie?" I asked sourly, perhaps a bit more bitter than I'd wanted it to come out.

  "Duh, she likes you.  Like, like likes you.  She's the only one in the family who hasn't blown over on you, well, except for Sammie, but she's not here enough to get mad at you.  Maddy's the only one who dresses up for dinner.  And then there's the fact that last week, when she had the flu, she refused to throw up in the bathroom because she was scared you wouldn't see her the same as when she hadn't puked in front of you; I had to wash a tub of vomit every hour."

  I gave her a look, why on Earth would the sweetness of Madeline want me?  I mean, I never really gave her any attention.  "But...why?"

  "Listen, Henry.  She's my twin, so I know how she's feeling; you know, twin's intuition or something.  But I don't know why she's into you.  I mean, every other guy in school just wants to take her to a dance.  But no, she has to have you."

  "You know, I'll go talk to her."

  "Don't you dare make her cry, got that?"

  I walked across the room and knocked on the pink door.  "Maddy?  It's Henry.  Can I come in?"

  "Go away!" she screamed.

  "Please, Maddy?  Don't make me get Julie."

  The sobbing seemed to be comming closer, then there was a click, and the door opened slightly.  I walked in and the room was pink.  Not just one shade, either.  There were hot pinks, baby pinks, magentas, fushias, and everything in between.  Then there was Madeline.  Her cheeks were tear stained and her eyes were red-rimmed.

  "What do you want?" she croaked.

  "To apologize.  Listen, I was a jerk, and I'm sorry.  But I didn't have any idea that you liked me.  I thought we were closer than that."

  She sniffled.  "How so?"

  "Well, everybody knows a sister has to approve the girl the brother marries.  So, being my honorary sister, I would want you to tell me, when we're older, of course."

  She smiled a bit, but then said, "What about Sammie?" 

  "Well, she's cool and all, but she's not around long enough to have an opinion like that.  Well, at least not about my life."

  "...Oh, well, that's cool, and all Henry, but I wouldn't end up making the right decision in the end.  I'd be too jealous."

  "Tell you what," I said, still thinking my plan out.  "Next dance, I'll take you to, alright?  And so we can actually have fun..."  Under my breath, "and so maybe you'll stop liking me."

  "What was that?" she asked?

  "Oh, I just said, so maybe we can get to know each other better."


  "You're working where?!"  Seems strangly farmiliar, huh? 

  "Mrs. Wess, it's not all that bad, really.  I mean, I'm bussing tables at a restaraunt."

  "It's a strip club, Henry!"

  "Not really, I mean, sure, the girls are wearing tight tops and shorts that don't look like they should be legal but..."

  "Alright, Henry.  I'll come in with you tomorow to see.  And if even one of those girls doen't have a top-like a shirt-then you'll have to find a new job.  Now, shut it so Madeline can say Grace."


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