My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 13
Bra's N Bistro

*Author's Note*

  I am so so soo sorry my chapters have been...on the short side. I just don't think Henry's thoughts are nearly as long as Jordan's.  But, I've been working on them so hopefully in the near future, these here chapters will be longer.  Many Mother's Day wishes, Erin <3.


  "Welcome to the Bra's N Bistro Buissness. Ha, try saying that three times fast," said the manager, labled Brandie.  "Soo...let's see.  I'd love to tell you you should work in the undergarmet section, just to make you feel awkward...but the only oppening we have is bus boy in the Bistro shift.  Right through that door, Mr. Smith, that's where you'll go.  And absoloutley no flirting with my waitresses, Mr."

  "Alright, Brandie."

  "That's Ms. Brandie to you," she giggled.  To tell you the truth, I think she was the owner's daughter and always got drunk during buisness, or at least that's what Jordan's journal had always told me.

   Well, I must admit, it was rather hard not to flirt with the waitresses at the Bistro in Bra's N Bistro.  They were some babes, there, even the blondes.  Yes, I know, the blondes are supposed to be the babes, but I've always thought the brunettes were the hottest.  Then, what suprised me the most, as I'd never heard of Bra's N Bistro, let alone been in, was the girls wore tight tops and boy shorts.  Now, I'm a fourteen year old boy, I'm not going to say this didn't turn me on, but it was a bit creepy seeing as I knew some of the girls working there. 

The worst part of it was that I saw Emily.  And she wasn't eating, either, she was working.  Emily wasn't even wearing one of the tight shirts; all she had on was a black bra that made her pale skin look even paler.  I think she saw me stare at her, and she waved at me from across the Bistro.  I tried to wave back, but found myself bussing table 3 instead.

  After my shift ended, I went outside and Emily was sitting on the bench outside.  Well, I think it was a bench, but it had two holders and kind of looked like a bra.  "Hi, Henry," she said as I left.  "Didn't think I'd see you here."

  "Yeah," I said and scratched my head, "I didn't either.  Actually, I didnt even know this place existed until I needed a job."

  She chuckled and asked, "And this is your job of choice?  I mean, if I were a pervert, I'd pick this place too, but-"

  "I'm not a pervert.  I just needed some spare cash is all."

  "Oh, yeah, I know.  It's just, your the only guy in there so one would think you were either a pervert or gay.  Not that that's anything to be ashamed's just Tommy would kill me if he knew I worked here and-"

  "It's alright.  He'll never know.  But, can I ask you something?"

  Emily's face flooded with relief and she said, "Sure, anything."

  "Why does such an intelligent girl like you need a job like this?  I mean, you're so kind-hearted and your so good with art, I just don't see why you would need this place."

  "Well, Henry.  I think any girl in there would agree, we started the job for the money, but we've kept it because if we didn't the next generation of girls won't be able to have it.  Although, I don't think anybody would want this job.  Alright, your turn."

  "My turn?"

  "Yeah, why are you working here, anyway?"

  "Well, my uh, it's actually kind of embarresing, but, my dad kicked me out, and the neighbors took me in, as long as I can pay for my meals."

  "Oh, oh, Henry, I'm so sorry, I had no idea.  Can I do anything to help?"

  "Don't quit."


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