Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 11
The call

Daddy isn't there when I get home. When I go upstairs, he's bed is all ruffled up and still smells of bear and sweat which means he won't be back for a while. I make the bed and something falls out under his pillow. I look at it in my hand.
It's a list of names. Male names. With prices next to them. The man I slept with, Tom, is at the top with 200 next to him. My heart drops and I drop the list on the floor. It flutters to the ground next to my feet. My eyes fill with tears and I wipe them away angrily. I won't let him make me have sex with men I don't know and who are triple my age. I then realize, what Daddy's doing isn't right.

A wave of bravery floods over me and I rush downstairs and grab the phone. I dial the number I know off by heart because I have studied on the poster at school for so long. 3 beeps.
"Hello, your through to Childline, would you like to speak to someone?"
I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out.
"Sounds like you can't talk right now. I'll put you through to someone you can talk to and you can have a think what to day while your waiting".
Theres a little click and it's ringing again. I take a deep breath. Where to start?
Another voice. "Sorry, we are very busy at the moment. Your call is important so please hold the line".

I drop the phone to my horror, realizing Daddy is back. Early.
"Leah!" he shouts.
I press the hang up button and quickly put the phone back in its place.
"Leah! You deaf or something?"
I run into the hall way.
"Pubs closed, some works they are doing on it. Stupid little fuckers. Go get me two bears out the fridge and you better have made my bed or they'll be trouble".

I run to the kitchen and get two bears.
"I'm just going to the toilet", I gabble and pound up the stairs two at a time.
I make his bed, put the paper back under his pillow, all in twenty seconds.
Then I go back downstairs and into the living room where he is sitting.
"Now listen", he says taking a large swig of his bear, "On Saturday, you have 3 clients. All paying good money so you better deliver or you'll regret it. Believe me you'll regret it".
"What about the blood?" I whisper.
"You won't bleed anymore. After your first time, it stops. But when you get your period, you let me know. I'm not raising a bloody baby as well as your pathetic little self".
I nod helplessly.
If only the pub hadn't been shut.


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