Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 2
It's not Daddy's fault

I walk up the stairs, my heart thudding like it's going to burst out my ribcage and rip through my flesh.
Daddy is standing in the doorway to his bedroom.
"Why hasn't my bed been made you little shit?" he yells at me grabbing me by the shoulder and shoving me into his room.
"I'm sorry", I whisper, "I forgot".
I didn't forget. I had made his bed. I made it this morning. But if I had said that, daddy would have thought I was arguing with him and the punishment would have been worse.
"Forgot? I'll teach you to forget you useless bit of crap!"

He pushes me down onto the ground and raises his hand.
"Daddy I'm sorry!" I scream before his hand slams down and knocks the breath out of me.
He kicks me and punches me making me scream.
"Shut up, someone will hear", he says pulling me by my tangled hair up right.
I ache all over and my lip is bleeding.
"Clean yourself up. I don't want people asking questions. Understand?"
He gives me one last slap before shoving me out his room and slamming the door.

I crawl to the bathroom and wet a piece of tissue under the tap. I dab my lip and it stings like hell. I dry my eyes with the sleeves of my top and rub my arm which is now throbbing like someone is sticking a knife in it.
I go into my room. Well, it's not my room. It used to be an office long ago before me and daddy moved here. He wanted a fresh start after mummy died, swearing he would stop drinking. He didn't. He drinks more than ever now. So you see, I don't hate Daddy. It's not his fault he hits me. It's the drinks fault and my fault. Everything's my fault.

I lie down on the mattress. It's the only thing in here that resembles a room. There is a large, chipped desk in the corner and an old computer that doesn't work anymore. There are old books and papers pilled high on the shelves that had some importance probably twenty years ago. The carpet is thread bare and stained. Mostly with dirt but there are patches of blood. That was a last year when daddy got really angry because I hadn't got his dinner. He broke my nose apparently the school nurse said when she examined it the next day. She said I should go to hospital. I never did. Daddy pretended it wasn't broken and so it's set like that. You can't really tell unless you look up close. Then you see it's a bit wonky but I don't really mind. Because I know it wasn't really Daddy's fault.


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