Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 10

"Where have you been?" Blue asked me suspiciously when I got home.

"Out," was all I said before attempting to walk up the stairs, only bumping into mom.

"Allie," she said, "please watch where you're going."

I glared at her, about to tell her off until I thought better, bit my tongue, and said, "Yes mother," before walking up the stairs and screaming down to Blue, "I'm going in the pool, so call the guys!"

"Yeah, okay," he responded.

It had warmed up a lot through the day, right now it was about sixty.

Never wrong, that voice said and it sent chills up my spine to know that this voice in my head was telling me correct things that I never knew...

Stripping down, I searched through my closet for a bikini, coming up with an electric blue one that brought out my tan.

I looked at myself in the mirror and frowned at the way I looked...I'd need to fix it up again...

With a sigh, I slid into my bikini and found my big-lens sunglasses, placed them on my face, and strode downstairs with my iPod blasting Memories by David Guetta and Kid Cudi.

Pulling out one of my white earbuds, I said to Blue as I was passing him, "Can you find me the tanning lotion please? I want to get one last tan in before summer's completely over."

He looked at me and nodded his head while squishing his cell between his shoulder and ear saying, "Yeah, yeah, come over anytime, Mac."

I rolled my eyes at him as I walked out on the back deck, barefoot, and pulled one of the lawn chairs beside the house up to the cement surrounding the pool. Brushing off some grass, I plopped myself down, put my earbuds in, turned up the volume as loud as I could take it as Stronger by Kanye West came on. I know it was an oldie, but it was one of my favorites.

Sighing in contentment as the afternoon sun beat down on me, I slowly dozed off, arms and legs spread, every worry and thought washing out of my body, the only three things existing for me at that moment was the sun, it's UV rays tanning my skin, my music, Kanya rapping to me, and my breathing, slowly getting steadier.

And without thinking about it, I imagined I was in Jude's arms instead of the chair's, and that's how I fell asleep.

"You wanna see her get pissed?" a familiar voice asked maniacally.

"Shit man, you haven't learned your lessons when it comes to waking her up?" someone else hissed, barely holding back laughter.

I was in this strange state of half-awake, half-asleep-ness and it was confusing; I couldn't tell which was real, the voices or the hands gently flipping me over onto my back...

"Can't have an uneven tan there, Bammie," someone whispered with a grin in his voice. "Someone hand me the...the stuff."

There was a small silence that was filled with the squealing of something being squirted and then, this damp coolness began to coat my face, like sunblock or something. Then my chest began to get wet and hands massaged something into my cleavage. That's when I woke up.

My eyes shot open, scaring the shit out of Jude who was standing above me, straddling the chair.

"What the fuck..." I said, my voice trailing off as I tried to sit up only getting as far as Jude sitting on my waist and grinning evilly at me. A substance dripped down my nose and onto my upper lip and without thinking about it I licked it off my lip and gagged.

"Shaving cream? YOU PUT SHAVING CREAM ON MY FRIGGIN' FACE?" I yelled, trying to move, but Jude's body was pinning me down as he laughed at me.

The guys surrounding me where breaking down in hysterics and that was it. "Oh..Jude?"

"Yeah?" he managed between cackles.

"You need a lil shave," I whispered, managing to sit up enough so my chest was level with his.

Then I went for it and rubbed my shaving-cream-clad boobs against his bare chest making him gasp.

"What the fuck," he snapped and, before he knew it, I was shoving him off balance and he toppled over onto the cement.

"Oh damn," Hayden giggled, stepping back from the two of us.

I stood up and nudged Jude in the ribs saying, "You should shave your chest...oh, that's right, hair doesn't grow there!"

His hand snapped out and he grabbed my ankle, making me fall onto the ground with him and before I knew it we were in a fight, me punching and wrestling him, him trying to pin me, punching me lightly, not enough to hurt me, but enough to send shocks through my muscles.

I went at him, the both of us getting into a nasty brawl, rolling around on the ground going at each other until Jude slipped over the edge of the pool and in the process, locking his legs around my waist and dragging me in with him.

There was a large slap of water against skin that stung like fuck and made me gasp at the wrong moment, allowing water into my lungs.

Jude dragged me down through the water while I was trying to escape him, choking and practically drowning. He took it as a game and held tighter until we reached the bottom of the six and a half feet deep pool.

My lungs were aching and my muscles were tensing so hard that it hurt. I wasn't able to launch myself up fast enough and I could feel myself about to pass out until arms wound around my waist.

Then I thought Jude was going to drag me back down until he propelled us to the surface.

We broke the water and I began to gasp and choke more as water and air surged down my throat.

"Get her out!" Jude yelled, swimming me to the side where Mac and Hayden pulled me out onto the cement.

I was sputtering, unable to get the water out of my throat.

The air started to sparkle and my lungs felt like they were about to burst.

"MOUTH-TO-MOUTH!" Blue yelled at Jude and he pulled himself out of the pool, kneeling over me and connecting his mouth to mine, his hands on my chest, pumping and breathing into me until I began to cough water.

Jude pulled away and tugged me into his arms, rocking me saying, "I'm sorry, Bammie. I'm so, so sorry."

I managed to sit up enough in his arms and get one hand free. Without much thought I slapped him upside the head and said, "Thanks you jackass."

He rolled his eyes and gave me a relieved smirk.


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