Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 9
Rule Breaker

Last period was free period, the class I had with Jude, and, without thinking about it, I grabbed my shit from my locker and walked right outside to the parking lot, meeting him at my car.

"So you and Alicia, huh?" I sneered, looking into his orangey eyes. Something disgusting was creeping up on me, so repulsive that it made me inwardly shudder and unable to pronounce the correct term.

"Jealous?" Jude asked seductively, backing me up against the hood of the car. His lips curled around the word, making it sound insanely beautiful and crazy. I hated it...but loved the way he said it.

"Not at all," I replied as his body pushed mine against the Mustang.

He laughed at me, his fingers coming up to touch my cheek as he got up in my face and whispered so alluringly that it made my toes curl and pissed me off, "Lies look beautiful on your lips, Bam."

"You know what else does?" I murmured back as he moved his body against mine so I was pinned to the metal.

"Tell me," he nearly purred, his lips at the corner of my mouth.

"Your mouth," I whispered and kissed him.

I could feel his lips smirking until he had to pull away because he couldn't kiss with the smile on his lips.

"Alicia," he said, entwining his fingers with mine, "is a whore."

I tsked him and said, "Ah, talking about your own kind now, huh?"

"Are you calling me a whore?" he asked with mock hurt, his eyes opening and jaw dropping in a fake show of shock.

"Well, by calling you a whore, I'm calling myself a whore," I said, pushing him away from me and opening the driver's side door, throwing my stuff into the backseat and saying, "Get in on the other side."

Once in I started driving out of the lot. "How so?" he asked.

"Loving a whore makes you a whore—it's a rule," I said as I drove through the streets aimlessly.

"Bam, haven't you learned yet?" Jude sighed.

"Learned what?"

"You're a rule breaker."

I smirked at him.

His chest lifted and fell under mine, our hands locked together, legs tangled, clothes rumpled an hour later at his house, in his room.

"I can't wait..." he said suddenly, quietly.

"Can't wait for what?" I asked softly, kissing his bare chest and snuggling against him.

"Can't wait until I can turn eighteen and get out of this shit hole," he whispered. "'s not meant for me."

Panic welled up in me as I said, "So when you turn eighteen you're dumping everything and moving on?"

He was silent for a moment, for minutes he didn't talk and I thought he had fallen asleep until I looked up at him and saw his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

"Are you going to dump me and move on?" I whispered so quietly that I was surprised he caught what I said.

His laugh was startling and it made me jump a little. "What are you laughing at, Jude?" I demanded, pissed.

"You. You're so silly, Bam," he laughed, then sobered before he said, "I want you to come with me."

I fell silent. His birthday was only a few weeks away. "Where?"

"Anywhere," he said. "I could take you anywhere, give you anything, we could do anything. If you wanted, Bam, I could take you to Florida and have you resting on a beach in a nice bikini, a Monster in your hand, and a smile on your beautiful face. We could run away and move from place to place, live in motels and have the time of our lives! Or, if you wanted, we could run to Disney Land and sleep in the dead park at night, live our lives on roller coasters and excitement."

He painted pictures before my eyes, of lives we could have, just the two of us, together. It was magnificent, just the thought of us on our own was beautiful...until reality set in.

"How would you get the money?" I wondered.

"Bam, don't worry about that. One word you'll have to learn, though, is inheritance."

"When?" I whispered.

"The night I turn," he whispered, "Or the night you turn eighteen. Anytime you want, Bam."

I thanked God that I was laying down or I would've passed out, because Jude was willing to give me anything, do anything for me.

"I'll give you the world if I could, Bam," I murmured at my ear and kissed my cheek. "So how 'bout it?"

There was a short silence before I said, "I'll think about it."

"You have all the time in the world," Jude assured me. "And if you don't, well I'll make time for you."

"And how would you do that?"

"I don't know, but I'd try," he said, sitting up, making me sit up, too, since I'd been laying on his chest. "I'd be your world, I'll be your everything...Bam, I'll be anything you want me to be."

I smirked and looked at him before kissing his lips and saying, "I have to go."

He frowned slightly and wrapped his arms tighter around me saying, "Don't leave."

"But I'll see you soon anyway."

"Yeah, but not like this...we'll be enemies then."

I kissed his nose gently and stood up, putting on my shoes and saying, "Anything I say that's rude or hurtful, means I love you."

He winked at me and said, "I love you, too."

As I was leaving his room, about to close the door, I said, "And Jude?"


"You don't have to be anything but you."


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