My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 11

  When I got into the school hallway I should have just walked out.  The whole hall way plastered in bright yellow paper that had a picture of Emily and I sitting together in art class and under the picture it said "Love Birds <3".  Okay, I'm exagerating, the whole hall wasn't covered in the paper, just every door.  Liget, every door -from the lockers to the janitor's closet to the office door. 

  "Oh, God," I mumbled under my breath. 

  Suddenly, a hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face it's owner.  "Who do you think you are, Smith?" spat Tommy Lurst. 

  "I, uh, I mean, it's not's just that..."  What excactly happened?  I didn't put these up.  Why would I?  So I could get beaten up by my ex-best friend?  Oh, yeah.  Because that was number one on my bucket list.  'I-I didn't do it, Tommy."

  "Well of course you didn't.  Why would you want everybody to know about what you and my girlfriend have together?"

  "And what do we have together?" I asked spitefully.  What was I doing?  Had I completely lost my mind?  Tommy could snap my spine like a wishbone.

  "You know what the two of you have.  Emily won't even look at me the same way anymore."  And with that he stalked off. 

  God, when Mr. Lennor wasn't kidding about getting back at me.  But did he really need to take Emily into this too?



  I sat down next to Emily in art class, and she moved away.  So I sniffed my pits, tested my breath, decided nothing was wrong with me and she just didn't like that spot, and moved over to where she was now sitting.  Again, she moved.  So again I did, too.

  By the third time, she said "Henry, please, go away.  I-I don't want to sit next to you."  God, she's gorgeous.  Wait, did she say something?  Well, maybe I'll just smile and nod.  Then she moved for a fourth time.  Again I followed.  "Why are you following me?  Jeeze, you'de think a girl would be able to move without being followed everywhere."  This time I heard her perfectly.  And saw her perfectly as well.  Did her skin look whiter?  And did her eyes look red?

  "It's...I mean, I'm sorry.  Uh, are you sick or something, you look pale."

  "N-no.  Just allergies."  And I believed her.  I can't believe I believed her. 

  "Okay," I said and sighed.  "So, I'll go sit over there, alright?"



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