Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 7

Jude woke me up the next morning when he jostled the bed and his warm, tight arms unwound from my cold body.

I groaned the moment the cold air hit my half naked body. "You left the window open last night?" I asked groggily, not even opening my eyes to look at him, just curling up in a ball on my side and hearing him move around the room.

"Yeah, oops," he muttered then yawned and that sound was so quiet and so innocent, in my half-awake, half-asleep state I imagined we were both back in preschool when we had naptime and he'd yawn before they set us down on our mats and Jude would say to me, "Nighty night, Bammie" and I'd giggle and pat his arm, responding with, "Don't roll over and squish me, Jude-ie," because we always slept side-by-side. The teachers had thought it was odd, because we'd always fall asleep with our fingers linked and we wouldn't let go until they woke us up.

I wished hard that things were like that as I heard Jude quietly hop around my room trying to put on his shoes.

"What time is it?" I groaned, my internal clock out of whack from last night.

Jude just sighed and his voice was over my ear as he said, "Just go back to sleep, Bammie, and I'll see you after school." His warm, soft lips came into contact with my forehead and I sighed, reaching blindly for his hand, finding his fingers, I gently looped my pinkie with his and said in a dreamy haze, still stuck in my memory, "Don't let go, Jude."

He applied pressure with his finger around mine and said, "Never," before his finger left mine cold and alone and I heard his footsteps creak against the floorboards. A few seconds later the window was closed and the loneliness set in.

I just went back to nap time and remembered the way his pinkie felt wrapped around mine, then and now, and it was like nothing had ever changed.

"Bam, you driving yourself to school or you want a ride?" Blue asked from outside my door.

"Uh..." I thought about it then decided, "I'll drive myself; besides I've gotta get myself some breakfast so I'll probably be late."

"Okay, Mom and, uh, Eddie left to go get breakfast a few minutes ago," Blue said.

"What about Monroe?" I asked as I combed my hair, parting it on either side so it would cover up my shaved spot.

"I think he went for a walk, he's not enrolling into school until next week," Blue grunted and added, "Okay, I'll see you at lunch."

"Bye," I muttered, but he was gone before he could respond.

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my Bless The Fall t-shirt, black shorts, and neon blue fishnets. I was wearing a pair of neon green converse and my makeup was light today. Glancing out my window, the one Jude had exited at, come to find out, four in the morning, I noticed that it looked pretty damn windy...Fall was starting to get comfortable in New England.

Sighing, I found my Avenged Seven Fold hoodie, slid it on and put on a neon blue Vans hat to match my fishnets, then flipped my hood up over the hat.

"Lookin' G," I muttered to myself, grabbed my phone and smirked as I texted Jude saying Love you, Boo.

Love you 2 beautiful, was his response and I smiled, my toes curling and teeth appearing from between my lips in a big-ass grin at just his text message. Today was going to be good.

But Jude's s'posed to come over today to hang out by the pool, remember? It's going to be around sixty this afternoon and Blue's expecting an ex-lovers quarrel, that depressing side of my head murmured as I grabbed my keys and headed downstairs.

I stopped in the main foyer to grab my backpack when I saw Monroe, plopped down on my couch in the living room, watching some MTV music videos.

"You're into rap?" I asked as he mouthed along to Eminem's Ass Like That.

He jumped ten feet in the air and whirled around saying, "I thought you already left."

I smirked. "You thought wrong, now didn't you?"

He shrugged a scrawny shoulder and sat himself back down on the couch. "Aren't you going to be late?"

"Do I look like a girl who insists upon perfect attendance?" I asked him.

He looked me up and down and shook his head. "Nope."

I just laughed at the way he said it and exited the house without another word.

My Mustang purred to life once I put the key in and it felt as if it was working on auto-pilot, as if I'd gone numb the moment I'd left the house, because I drove to Dunkin Donuts, order my usual ice coffee and bagel, and sat in the parking lot for an hour so I could skip homeroom.

I wasn't in the mood for Cole.

The thought of Cole brought up memories and suddenly I thought, how stupid was I to take Cole over Jude, a guy I had right under my nose...

And with this sudden jolt of realization like a caffeine injection, I realized that I truly did love Jude.

That feeling felt amazing.

***Hey guys, my wonderful fans! <3 I wanted to know if you guys, while I'm writing the next chapter, can check out some of Katrina Lonestar's work...pwitty pwease?(; Haha thanks if you can. Love you guys, Claire***


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