My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 10

  The next morning was...interesting, I'll give you that much. 

  The first thing I saw that morning was Julia's face staring into mine.  You can imagine how much I loved that.  "Wh-what are you doing?" I shriek.

  "The better question is what are you doing here?"  Then Julia started firing questions at me.  "Why are you on the couch?  Why aren't you helping Sammie make breakfast?  Are you dating Maddy?  Are you dating Sammie?  Did you stay here all night?  Why aren't you at your house?" 

  I have a feeling they would have kept coming if Mr. Wess hadn't come in with a baseball bat.  He gruffly spat at me, "What are you doing here, Mr. Smith?"

  "Uh, uh..I was, I mean..."  All through my talking Mr. Wess raised his bat.

  I fumbled until Mrs. Wess came in and said "Darling, put the bat down, it's football season and I asked Henry to stay the night."  I shot her a grateful look.  "Now, Julia, don't tease Henry.  He'll be here for a while-"

  "How long?"

  "I don't know at this moment in time.  Now go get Maddy and Matt up."  Then she turned to me and said, "Henry, hun, can I talk to outside?"

  "Uh, sure." 

  So we went outside.  "What do you need to talk to me about, Mrs. Wess?"

  "Well, it's a bit awkward but I don't think you should stay with us.  I mean, it's not like I don't want to take you in, because you know I do, honey.  It's just that...well, you know Samantha'll be heading back to her dorm this morning and Matthew will be heading to college next year, and then we've still got to feed and clothe Julia, Madeline, and Charlotte.  Then Damien lost his job so, Henry, do you get what I'm comming to?"

  "Uhh...yeah.  Sorta."

  "But, Henry, hun.  You can't go back to you're home.  I know what your father does."

  What?!?  She knew?  Wait.  Maybe she didn't know that Dad beat me.  Maybe she thought it was something else.  "Wait, what do you think my dad does to me?"

  "Please, Henry.  He beats you."  Well, so much for that plan.  "Do you have any family you could stay with?"

  "Uh...yeah.  Out in Montana.  My aunt."

  "Montana, huh? old are you again?"


  "Hmm.  Okay, if you can find a job you can stay here.  But now it's time for school.  Go on ahead, Maddy and Julia will catch up with you."


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