Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 6
I'd Never Heard A Sweeter Voice Utter My Name Before

"You're way better," he whispered at my ear.

"Better than who?" I asked, attempting to keep the shiver of fear from my voice.

"That old bat of a mother you have," he replied quietly, his fingers trailing down my cheek, down the slope of my neck, and across my bare shoulder.

"Don't touch me," I snapped, slapping his hand away with one hand while trying to keep up my towel that shielded my bare, soaked body from his greedy green eyes.

"Than touch me," he murmured, grasping my free hand in an iron-strong hold and prying my other one from my towel, my only source of protection falling away from my body.

He leered at my exposed parts and I screamed as he went after them with his disgusting hands... 

"Bam!" someone whispered. "Shhhh, Bammie." Hands came into contact with my shoulder and I blindly lashed out, fists swinging, legs kicking, eyes squeezed closed. I could still feel his slimy fingers searching up my thighs for youthful treasures...

"Fuck!" someone grunted then there was a huge thud. Before I knew it the bed sunk under someone's weight and my arms and legs were pinned and I was forced to look up into my attacker's eyes...

"Jude?" I asked, my voice scratchy from screaming.

"Yeah, Bam, chill," he whispered, his lips hovering over me, his whole body pinning me down.

I looked around myself, saw the time (three in the morning, of course), and suddenly gasped as I realized that the person who'd screamed had been Jude. "Did I punch you?"

"Yeah, pretty damn hard in my jaw; ruined my high," he sighed.

I frowned and randomly took in our positions again in full detail. He was straddling my waist to pin my legs, his chest pushed against my chest, arms and hands holding down my limbs. Then, suddenly smirking, I said, "Enjoying your seat?"

"Actually, I'm quite comfortable," he admitted, flashing a gleaming smile, his white teeth glinting in the streetlight that shined through my window.

"I like this position, too," I agreed, staring straight into his orange eyes as I said it.

His brows furrowed for a moment before he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me slowly, erotically, puckering his lips the right way, nibbling on my bottom lip and opening my mouth by breathing gently into it. His tongue slipped in and played games with mine while his body subtly ground against mine. 

I moaned and the kisses got harder, his body moving against mine more forcefully.

"Oohhhh," I gasped out as he kissed down my neck, nipping at my skin, then sucking at my flesh in just the right spot...

My fingers knotted in his hair, me pulling at it as he turned me on more and more, then my hands slid down his neck and back, ending at his waist, pulling him tighter against me as I moved my hips against his.

Jude groaned against my throat and began to kiss lower and lower until his lips were at the top of my t-shirt. Without a word he slipped it off and I let him kiss my cleavage, let his hands explore my body and touch and squeeze. He was amazing and any thoughts of the dream, the memory, were washed away as he moaned, "Alabammma," in my ear.

And I swear, I'd never heard a sweeter voice utter my name before.

I wanted to give him everything, wanted him to take everything away from me. Take my clothes, my bra, my panties, my fears and worries, my sadness and hate, my virginity.

Something hard was building in his pants as he grinded against my hips, as I moved against his body. It got hard and hot and clothing was coming off until I was left in only my panties, his hands on my breasts, and he was only in his jeans and boxers, my hands knotted in and yanking on his hair.

He looked at me, hips still gnawing erotically into mine as he said, breathing heavy, "I know Blue's got a condom somewhere."

"And I know you're high," I panted, still moving against him, a tingling sensation building between my thighs as he pushed harder against me.

"So?" he gasped out as I came back at him with a hard thrust.

"So? I'm still a virgin...I don't want to do it with a high dude," I said lightly, stopping.

He sighed, his hips stopped moving, his hands gave my breasts a light squeeze that made me bite back a moan, before they dropped to his sides and he said, "Another night then."

"Fine...but stay with me for this one?" I whispered, pulling him over so he was lying beside me and not hovering over me.

"As you wish, Alabama," he murmured at my ear, his arms winding around me, me throwing my leg up over his waist to get comfortable.

For once in my life, I didn't protest the use of my full name.


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