Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 5
I Liked Sleeping Better Than Reality

"Bam, pay attention to the damn road!" Mom snapped an hour and fifteen minutes later.

I glared at her through the rear view mirror, wondering when the fuck Blue was going to text me to tell me I could get home. I was five seconds away from just turning off of this back road, drive six minutes back to Warwick, and get home and wait for him.

Mom was fuckin' driving me up a wall.

"I am, Ma!" I growled back.

"Your keys are mine the moment we get home, Allie," she hissed, reforming to my rarely used nickname—at least it was better than "Alabama".

"Yeah, uh-huh, good luck with that," I said defiantly right as my phone vibrated in my back pocket.

I knew that if I made a move to grab my phone that would be it and she'd call the police and accuse me, her own daughter, of reckless driving and won't bail me out of jail until the morning. Believe me, she's done it before.

"Can I get my phone?" I asked.

"No, eyes on the road!"

I sighed and suddenly...something hit me and it wasn't Mom's hand (even though I was positive that was going to whack me sooner or later).

"Hey, Hayden..." I said nonchalantly.

"Yeah?" He looked over at me and caught the glint in my eyes, saw The Look planted all over my face and he got the picture as I asked, "Can you reach into my back pocket and grab my phone?"

He flashed a big, goofy grin as he said, "Yeah. Ass up, Bam."

I smirked and sat a certain way in which I could still drive, but Hayden had enough room to get his hand into my pocket.

He shoved a fist into my back pocket and, looking at me with a I got your backliterally look, said, "Ooh, Bam, have you been working out, because your buns are nice and firm."

I held back hysterical laughter as I said, "Well you know the deal."

"Hm...Kinda want ta know your deal and the price," he said casually.

"Five ninty-nine on Sundays," I played along.

I felt his fist moving around in my pocket, around my phone as he said, "I think your buns are burning in that oven of yours, Bam, because they're hotttt!"

I laughed and said, "Just grab the phone Hayden."

He sighed sadly and said, "I think I feel a G-string..." as he pulled my phone out.

I gave him a don't reveal that kind of information look and said, "Can you see who the text is from?"

"Your fellow brethren," he murmured, reading over the message. "And he gave you the A-O-K."

I sighed and said, "Finally, I'm outta this hell."


I groaned."Fifteen minutes after meeting the new guests and three seconds after he'd seen the look Mom was directing at me from across the room, Blue pulled me aside onto the empty deck and began interrogating me.

"What did you do to Mom?"

"She pissed me off," was all I said and he sighed, shaking his head and staring out over the messy back yard with the large in-ground pool that sparkled under the glinting stars above and the floodlights that had flashed on the moment we'd triggered the sensors by stepping outside.

"Bam," Blue said, "she's going to piss you off; get used to it. Just because she left us for a week to go find a boyfriend doesn't mean that she doesn't care about us."

I glowered at him. "Where the fuck has your head been? Jammed up your ass?" I demanded. "Blue, Mom's been ditching us all our lives to go find the man of her dreams, even when she was with Dad! She's a fuckin' tramp who doesn't give a shit about us. The little 'heartfelt' notes she leaves us when she ups and leaves us are just piles of worthless shit," I said, making quotation marks around "heartfelt".


"No, don't you Bam me!" I snapped. "I'm sick and tired of this crap she keeps pulling on us. This time was the last straw and the moment I hit eighteen in December, I'm out of here. Friends or not."

He just glared at me. "So, you're going to do the same exact thing Mom does and leave everyone? You can't just run away when the going gets tough, Alabama."

I looked away from him. He has a point, Bam, Goody said. Damn, the voices are back again.

"Don't call me that," I grumbled instead of answering his question.

"Fine, whatever, Bam," Blue growled and stomped back in the house, slamming the sliding glass door behind him.

"Yeah, whatever!" I called after him, but he didn't hear me.

I sighed, leaning against the railing that surrounded the deck, wondering when Jude was going to call so I could leave and actually be happy for a few short hours.

Looking up at the dark sky, finally feeling the weariness of the day setting in, I drooped my eyes and slid inside when the family gathering had moved to the living room. Without missing a beat, I slipped up the stairs and into my bedroom, locking the door behind me and going to my closet to find my baggy, red and black flannel pants and my "Free Weezy" t-shirt. Then, without another thought, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and change into my pajamas.

When Jude didn't call by eleven, I decided to exchange Jude for sleep and slid blissfully into a state of rest that wasn't marred by family issues, my love life, or my friendships.

I liked sleeping better than reality.


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