Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 4
Kid With The Pants

I called her name like six times, but she didn't hear or notice me...until Hayden went running over there and practically tackled the couple, engulfing them in a bear hug only Hayden could give.

I sighed as I heard my mom's shrill laugh and disapproving eyes as she saw me in Jude's arms. She never liked Jude...always said he was a bad influence, that he'd mess me and Blue up at some point.

Turning to Jude, I said, "I don't want to go over there."

Jude leaned down and touched his forehead to mine, saying, "He doesn't look like a bad guy."

"Roger didn't either..." I drifted off as I remembered his scummy hands on my thigh...Shivering and repulsed I pushed down the memories and kissed Jude's lips just to know that I had something solid and real and someone who loved me.

"Roger was taken care of, Bam," Jude said when I pulled away. "Plus, your mom found him in New Hampshire—figures."

I laughed nervously and wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tight.

"Bam, he's harmless," Jude murmured at my ear, but he didn't tell me how childish I was acting like someone else would've, because he knew what had had happened...he was the one who actually saved me.

"Promise?" I whispered.

"Scatter my pile of coke and hope to mentally fry if he tries anything," Jude replied and kissed me once more before saying, "I've gotta go."

"You're leaving? You're not coming home with me?" I asked, panicked.

"Yeah, for four reasons. One, Blue thinks I'm on a date with a hot blond I picked up today. Two, I'm actually going to be on a date with Tyrone and a few fatties, if you know what I mean. Three, you're car isn't big enough for six people. And four, my acting skills are a lil rusty, I have to refresh tomorrow when I come over to hang by the pool with Blue," Jude listed, his hands on my waist, forehead against mine.

"Oh...Okay," I said, a little depressed now.

"Hey, I'll give you The Call later on and we can go somewhere. Everyone should be asleep by the time I call you," Jude insisted.

I smirked. "Call us Romeo and Juliet," I laughed and hugged him tight saying, "I love you."

He kissed my forehead, murmured, "I love you, too, Bammie," before flipping up the hood of his black hoodie and jogging away through the crowd.

I watched him go with a little internal groan, before I spun around and started for Mom and everyone.

They were all looking at me. Well everyone except for the kid with the pants.

"Alabama!" Mom fake squealed, throwing her arms open for me when I got there.

I didn't make a move to enter her embrace, too pissed off because she'd abandoned me and Blue just to go on a little "vacation". Everything was about her in her world.

I glared right at her and snapped, "You know better than to call me that."

"Alabama, I'm your mother. I gave birth to you, I named you, I'll call you whatever I damn well please," she hissed at me, her familiar green eyes flaring at me.

"Yeah, well you abandoned us for a week and half, I think you've lost that privilege," I growled and turned towards her boyfriend. "Hi," I said, "I'm Bam."

He put out a hand and I, staring at it like it was the plague, grudgingly. "I'm Eddie," he said and flashed a smile. That reminded me nothing of Roger's. Phew. Crisis slightly averted.

"And Bama," Hayden said, "That's Monroe." He pointed to the kid with the pants.

I bit back my questions about the third party over here until I was alone with my mom later on.

The kid looked up and said, "What?" as if he wasn't listening or paying attention to this family's conflict. Lucky.

I just shook my head, flipped up my hood, and pulled out my phone to text Blue as I said, "Let's go get your luggage and see if it fits in my trunk."

"Mustang GT?" Monroe asked fifteen minutes later when we got out of the airport and to my car.

"Yup, fixed it up myself," I muttered distractedly as I texted Blue and asked if he was home yet.

No, not yet. Detours Bam. Detours, he texted back.

Yea yea w.e, was my response.

I looked up and everyone was looking at me. "What?" I demanded, thinking my fly was down.

"Can you unlock the trunk?" Mom demanded, her fake I'm a good mother facade had dropped six minutes ago when I'd tossed her her suitcase off of the luggage carousel and nearly knocked her over.

I sneered at her and walked over to the driver's side door, swinging it over and bending in to push the button that would pop that hatch. When everyone had stashed their stuff in my trunk and the three of them slid into the backseat, Hayden up front with me, I peeled out of the parking lot and took the high way.

"About the car, Alabama," Mom started. "I'll need your keys when we get home; your attitude back there was not appropriate."

A laugh escaped me as I looked up at her through the rear view mirror with wide eyes. "No no no," I said, laughing. "Leaving me with my keys and paying for the gas I have to waste on transporting you guys would be half of the apology you owe me for abandoning me and Blue."

She gaped at me, but had no comeback for that one.

"Uh-huh, thought so," I sneered.

Hayden shot me a look that said chill, she's still your mom even though you're pissed at her.

I glared at him, an expression that said, she's a bitch that I have to live with until I turn eighteen in a few months, squashed all over my face.

He sighed, kicked his feet up on the dashboard, and pulled out his phone to text.

"Alabama—" Mom started, but I cut her off with a sigh and a flick of my wrist on the volume to my radio. The stereo pumped Elevator by Eminem through the speakers and I rolled down the front windows to let her voice drift off on the wind and music.

I glanced up in the mirror and saw a pissed off mother, an awkward-looking boyfriend, and a smirking emo dude.

Hayden, unthinkingly, pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit up, hanging his hand with the ciggy out the window, the smoke whipping out behind the car as I took an exit. My eyes flicked back to the mirror and I saw a disgruntled look on my mom's face.

Just to piss her off, I thought to myself as I reached over and tapped Hayden's arm, motioning for a cig.

He slowly handed me one a questioning look on his face. I gave him a just go with it roll of my eyes, and flicked my thumb, signaling for a light.

Hayden lit up my cigarette and I popped it in my mouth, taking a smooth drag and blowing out a ring of smoke that drifted into the back seat, making Mom and her beau cough. Monroe seemed unaffected by it.

"ALABAMA!" Mom shouted.

I just turned up the music until I couldn't hear her voice anymore.

"Family issues" would be an understatement when it came to us.


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