Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 1
Scatter my pile of coke and hope to mentally fry

He seems happy, I thought to myself, glaring across the senior parking lot after school at him and I swear the pissed off expression on my face was only there because the sun was in my face. Okay, I'm not making any promises on that one, but I had a right to be shittin'. I just "broke up" with Jude, it was supposed to be pretend, but as I watched the girls flock him at his car, I couldn't help but to feel like it was real.

Jude was a good actor, I should've known...maybe it was a good thing he hadn't said "I love you" to me or this would've hurt more.

"...Yeah...Yeah, I understand," Blue's voice broke through my reverie and I turned to where he was walking towards me.

I had been leaning against his car, waiting in agony for him for the last ten minutes.

"So when are you going to be there?" he asked into the phone practically glued to his ear as he motioned for me to stop propping myself against his car. "Five? Shit...Okay, okay, I'll have Alabama pick you two up at the airport...What was the gate number?...Yes, Mom, I've got all that—the house is clean, yes. No, no, don't worry everything will be in tip-top shape and no we did not have any parties whatsoever."

Blue hit me when I burst out laughing.

"Okay, bye Mom," Blue said in a rush and hung up, staring at me with a cocked brow. "Mom's changed her plans...What's with the face?" he demanded, scrutinizing me.

"What face?" I asked, now this was where the pretending came in.

"The one on your face...That sounded stupid," he groaned. "Dish, what's got you pissed?"

"Jude," was all I said.

Blue's face hardened at that as he turned to where I flicked my gaze. "What about him?" he asked cautiously.

"It's done," I murmured. "We're over; back to normal; everyone's happy now," I grunted and swung around to the passenger seat.

Blue slid into his car and started it up. "You broke up?" he asked as he drove through the lot and away from school.

My eyes were glued to the rear view mirror, watching Jude's figure fade and blur into the distance as I gave a hard nod and said, "Yup; he saw me in the hallway, told me he hated to be hated and that it was fuckin' over, then he left."

Blue's lips twitched at that, as if he was holding back a victorious smirk. "Oh really? Need me to beat anything?"

"Nope," I answered. "I just told you, we're all going back to the way it had been."

Blue was drinking this in as I said it.

"Back to us all being buddies, me beating the shit outta him, him swearing me out and getting high—back to fuckin' normal," I hissed and crossed my arms over my chest, staring straight ahead as I let out a sigh and asked, "So I'm picking who up at the airport?"

"Mom and her boyfriend," Blue answered with a sigh, "I have to finish straightening up the house before she gets home, so just take minor detours until I text you to come home."

I resisted the urge to puke and shake and cry at the thought of one of Mom's boyfriends. She always picked the weirdest guys, they were all hott, yeah, because she was quiet pretty for her age, but they were all creeps. Especially the last one...he was the worst...

"C'mon, what your momma doesn't know can't hurt her..." The voice echoed in my head like a sickening quote from some serial murderer who's legend hadn't died yet. It was one of the things that gave you the chills and made you cold to the core to the point where you felt your muscles contract and your stomach squish your lunch up into your throat.

I forced the oncoming memories down into the trash compacter my mind was, and spit a smirk on my face as I asked, "Can I take my Hayden-Bear with me to the airport?"

"Sure, Mom likes him right?" Blue inquired as he pulled into our driveway.


We got out and I suddenly asked without thought, "Can I have my phone back since, you know, we're done?"

Blue looked directly at me, his eyes scoping out my face as he said, "You promise you won't do anything with Jude?"

With my fingers crossed in my back pocket, I said the best friend oath we all used to promise things, "Scatter my pile of coke and hope to mentally fry," and I made a gesture with my free fingers that looked like I was smoking a joint.

No one had ever broken the best friend oath.

Guess there's a first for everything.


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