Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 16
Lost chance

I turned to look at Crest who stared at me with a look of wanting and hunger but in a second it diminished. He motioned with his finger for me to follow him and to stay as silent as possible for a fear that we may not be alone in this clearing.

After taking one last look at the burning building, I started following him while wondering exactly where we were going. We walked through brush of fallen trees and other debris which caused me to get some cuts on my body every once in a while. Sean tried his hardest to make sure that I was okay but he did that without touching me. I never once felt his fingertips brush my skin and I wanted them to. Something was wrong with him and there was a deep feeling of guilt that maybe I did or said something that bothered him.I was just hoping that he would tell me when he was ready and that I shouldn't test him by asking about it.

After what felt like a hour of walking, we made it to a creek and he decided that this is where we will stay for the night. The thought of us being alone by a creek both excited me and also made me a little scared. I shook the feelings off as I knelt by the creek and washed my face and hands with the clear water.

I heard the sound of a branch snapping and jumped up, muscles tensing at what it could be. Crest slowly came into view and my heart slowed its pace since I was happy to see him. He walked close to me and took a box out of a bag. He opened the first aid kit and started putting medicine on the cuts and bandaged the up so that they wouldn't get infected. The moment I longed for, his fingertips touching my legs and arms sent electric shocks through my body. He noticed it too and he looked at me and smiled a smile that I missed seeing. The look of hunger and desire reappeared in his eyes and as I leaned in to kiss him; the look changed to hunger of a different sort. His eyes changed from the amazing green to a deadly balck and his breathing started to get rugged.

He hastily got up and put everything back into the bag and tried to walk away but I put a hand on his arm and stopped him. The moment I touched him, I heard him take†a breath and I could hear his heart beating within his chest.

"Crest look at me"I said

He turned his head and glanced at me, his eyes were as black as the night. I tried to look at them closer but he turned and moved a couple feet away from me. His back was to me and I could hear the trickling water of the nearby creek.

Annoyed and tired, I let him have some space and went to lay back on the grass and just looked at the clouds. Minutes turned to hours and there was no change in his attitude. Not feeling in the mood to strike up an arguement, I closed my eyes and drifted off into a heavy slumber.


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