Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 17

 Luke was my first real boyfriend.

Well. Unless you counted Blain. Which I didn't. Luke and I had an awesome day, though we just stayed in all day. It was great because we spent it together. I started to get cabin fever later on, however, and had to go out. "I think I'm gonna go for a walk, hon," I said, smiling at Luke. "Are you coming?"

"I was actually gonna get in the shower," He said.

"That's fine," I kissed his nose. "See you later. Love you."

"Love you back," He ruffled my hair and I left the flat, jogged down the stairs and outside.

I didn't walk in a particular direction. I just kinda drifted about, though I steered well clear of the nightclub where I'd met the last trick. I checked the watch Luke had bought me. It was twenty-five past ten. I'd better be getting back sharpish - Luke would worry about me. I didn't want to do that to him. Since I'd been attacked by the trick, Luke was even nervous about leaving me in the flat alone. I wasn't sure why. It wasn't like anything was going to happen to me.

I cut up the alleyway between our block and the dry cleaners. I wished I hadn't. An old, dark green estate car sped up to the end of the alleyway. It came to an abrupt stop. I pulled my hood up and bent my head, shoving my hands in my pockets. Please don't let this be some random mugger or rapist or something... I thought. I wasn't in the mood for any trouble. I heard the car door slam behind me and a few footsteps echoing in the alleyway, gravel crunching under somebody's feet besides my own. And then. "Oi! Jonah! Miss me?"

Oh fuck.

Oh absolute total fuck. I'd know his voice anywhere. I still had nightmares about him. I stopped. Blain didn't. He reached me in seconds, grabbing me by my hoodie and pushing me up against the wall. "What the fuck d'you think you're playing at, Jonah?" He snarled.

"Blain!" I laughed a shaky cartoon laugh. "Since when d'you have a car?"

"Don't change the fucking subject. What are you playing at, you two-faced, lying, backstabbing bastard?" He said, punching me in the stomach.

"I... Blain, I'm sorry, I went nuts," I shook my head. "I lost it completely. I'm sorry."

"You will be when I'm fucking finished with you, boy," He growled. I knew he was going to hit me again, so I put one hand on each of his cheeks, leaned forwards and kissed him. Well. Tried too. He pushed me away.

"Please, Blainey," I said, using the simpering, sweet tone that he'd always loved. "Please don't. I... I love you Blainey. Don't get mad, babe. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But maybe... maybe this is just showing something. There's a glitch in our relationship, somewhere, but... we can work it out, sweetheart, I promise. We just need to talk about it. Talk about us. Let's start now? What about all the good times, eh? Last summer at Johnno's, remember..."

"Yeah, I remember. You acted like a cocky arrogant shit the whole time and I had to sort you out when we got home," He snarled. "And anyway, Jonah, I'm not in the fucking mood for talking about 'the good times' as you call them. Just get in the car."

"Blainey..." I began again, stroking his cheek.

"Just get in the fucking car, Jonah!" He grabbed my hair and dragged me to the car, throwing me into the front passangers seat. He got into the drivers seat, locked the door and started driving way too fast.

I had no idea I was so far away from home. Blain drove for ages, yelling and swearing every time we got stuck in traffic. "Blain, please. You're scaring me," I said, quietly, tears trickling down my cheeks.

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled. He was crying too, though I think it was more out of anger than anything. He pulled over suddenly at a service station. "I'm going to use the phone, I'll be right back." He informed me. I nodded. "Don't even fucking think of moving!" He added the warning as he stepped out of the car, locking the door behind him.

I took this opportunity to try and compose myself. I looked around the car for something to distract me. There were several empty condom packets and a sweater which was too small to belong to Blain. Evidently he'd been bringing a guy- or guys- into the car. It suddenly occured to me that I had no idea that Blain could even drive. Just as I was thinking it, Blain got back into the car. "We're going to Johnno's," He announced. "I called him."

"Why?" I wasn't sure what he was taking about.

"Becuase, Jonah, I'm afraid of what I'll do to both of us if I don't," He yelled.

He put his foot down on the accelerator and the car sped out of the service station.

We got to Johnno's within the next hour. Blain was still angry, but he'd managed to regain control by now. I was struggling to do so myself. We both got out of the car and walked to Johnno's front door. Blain gave me a quick, subtle shake. "Get a grip, bitch," He hissed, before ringing the doorbell.

Johnno grinned as he answered the door. Blain grinned back at him. I forced myself to smile as well. Johnno brought us both into a hug. "Oh my God, hi!" He said. "I haven't seen you two in so long! We have to talk!"

"Actually, we've had a long drive. I think we just want to go to bed, don't we, sugar?" He put his arm around me.

"Er... yeah, whatever," I said, too afraid to disagree with him.


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