Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 14
'The Shot Heard 'Round The World'

Johnny comes to where my voice is and looks to see my hand, or somethings hand. He starts moving leaves and mud. He flinches once I'm uncovered. "Oh my god." Is all that comes out of my mouth. My body is a light blue, black spots all over my stomache. I'm only in my underwear (including bra), John feels for a pulse.

"It's not too strong. And you could die of hunger if we don't hurry."Ah, that makes me feel so much better. He wipes away a tear, hoping I didn't notice. Right now, I'm too stunned to talk back. Seeing my lifeless body is sickening.

Johnny is already halfway up the trail, I try and catch up. Once we're up to the park, Johnny stops immediately. "What?" He doesn't answer, can he hear me?

My jaw drops, cause Iggy is standing right there. He doesn't looked very pleased. "Dear John, oh, please tell me how you found her? Wait I know! You killed her and hid her, huh?" What a dick!

John doesn't even flinch, good for him, "If you just let me take her to the hospital, I won't say anything about you, promise!" he means it too.

"Oh, but Johnny, you can't. My finger prints are tattooed onto her body. I'd be in the cellar in no time. So I think, I just might have to take her from you."

I start to shake, why? Damn Iggy! Just gotta aim for his head. Wait! Was that Iggy's thoughts? Oh my god, he has a gun! "John! Stop! Just run, run!" He doesn't even look at me. "Johnathan! He has a fucking gun!" he didn't even acknowledge me. Why can't he hear me? What is wrong with everyone?

"If I let you take her, I couldn't live with myself." John says.

I watch as Iggy pulls out his gun, he smiles,"That could be arranged." He points the gun at John, and shoots. I can't even describe that sickening sound, but I felt my body hit the ground, and I blacked out. the last thing I heard was, 'I love you, Renee.'



Yet again, sorry! I had to type this at school, and i'm not really allowed on this website, teehee!-XOXO Nikki  


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