Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 13
Forever And Always

"John, lets check out the lake." He nods, and says bye to Iggy, in the most sincere way ever, not.

"So, Rainy? What did you get out of him?" Johnny asks.

"Oh, something about the lake."


"Something about the lake!"

His face pales,"Renee, it's like our connection is fading. It's getting hard to hear you. Or maybe- Nevermind." I blush at 'Our connection'.

"No, say it." I'm not afraid.

He sighs, "Or maybe you're almost dead?"

I don't deny it, actually I don't say anything. I just shake my head. "We need to hurry." I stop,"Promise me you'll never leave me, be there forever and always?" What I really mean is don't save me by getting yourself in this shit.

He smiles,"Always forever, as long as you'll do the same for me." I nod my head, then say yes in agreement. I never would have thought, he would live up to his promise.

He looks around and I walk through the water, am I really almost dead? I can't believe it. Won't is the right word. I go across the lake and find woods/forest? As in the one Iggy was talking about? I hope so.

I start my venture their. But I'm terriffed of what's behind those trees. Wait! How am I and Johnny going to get my body to a hospital? What happens if they think he killed me? But they wouldn't, they might question him. Would he tell them it was all Iggy, would they believe him?

I think I should just search, what's the odds of finding my body? Like one in a million, right? I look through the trees and walk on the really small trails, I see ugly insects every where and shudder. Ew. I hear johnny call my name so I head back. It takes a bit since I walked so far back, so I run. Almost there, I tripped on a stick. "Ow, what the fuck?!"

I hear johnny in a distance asking what happened. "Nothing, I just tripped on some twi-" I started to scream, because it was my hand.


Sorry for such a short chapter!! But I have to build suspense somehow??!!---XOXO Nikki


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