From then to Now; From Now to Forever
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 1
Hard Memories

Sitting on the stone steps of the remenants of once a house, I thought of all the things that happened in the halls and rooms of that house. All the secrets that were shared, and all the tears that were shed made it a home.

The sun shined directly on me making the steps get hot very fast but I didn't seem to bother it. Through the dirt and pieces of broken glass, there was something that stuck out. Reaching my hand in the ground, ; grabbed the object and Ignoring the cuts now made from the glass, I removed the dirt from it so I could take a closer look at the foreign object.

It was circular in shape and the texture was somewhat smooth and yet rough at the same time. Trying to clean it off, I accidentaly broke a piece off of it revealing a picture of a woman and child. The woman I knew to be my mother holding my brother the day he was born. The fact that it was here seemed to be most suspicious for I never saw this in my life.

Seeing the smiling faces of them caused tears to build at the rim of my eyes; just because I could never think of another time where she smiled that much before.

Hearing my name being called I hastily stood up and dropped the pendant into my pocket. I slowly made my way back to my granparents home and kept my head down so that none of my neighbors could see the trail of tears that crawled down my face.


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