Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 6
First Step Into Reality

I walk to my house and sit on my bed, awaiting for keenan to get home. It shouldn't take that long since school is pretty much over with. I hear someone stomping up the stairs and I run towards them.

"Hey, Keenan, you see me right?"

He goes right through me but stops soon after. Then he shudders, as if he got cold or something.

We walk into our room and I hear him whisper, "Where the hell is Rene, normally she's here before me."

"I was here before you, if you remember I don't go to school, so I am always home!" I notice that I'm shouting and crying.

What happened that night with Iggy? I pretty much remembering falling alseep and waking up.

Well now that my life is boring but yet a mystery, I still have those 'I need to eat and go to the park' feelings. If I'm a ghost, or just trapped in a scary dream then why am I so hungry?

I skip out on lunch/dinner, because I could hardly pick anything up for more then a minute. Park time I guess.

I attemp to sit on a swing and somehow I don't fall through. Whoever made these stupid dream rule things, aren't the smartest.

A little girl taps me on my arm,"Excuse me miss? But how can you sit on that?"

"Finally someone to talk to, and I'm not sure. I just sat down." I shurgged my shoulders.

"Hurry!" She seems as if she's in a panic. "Ask me anything you want to know. Before I disappear."

"You're not going to-"

"Hurry! Just ask!"

God what a pushy little girl. "Am I dreaming?"

"Nope. Next?"

"Well then what the hell is wrong with me?"

"Almost-" She starts fading,"dead."

That word hits me hard. Dead? No, I can breathe and everything. "Who else can I talk to that isn't crazy?"


Poof, like that she's gone. Am I dead? Some of it makes sense but I'm still breathing, I mean I can't hold my breath for long. So many questions are in my head now. She said something about a lady behind the store, maybe as in the corner store near my house?

I start my venture there, and of course there's a foutune teller lady right behind the corner store, with her tiny shop. It still says open so I pass through the doors.

She's actually really pretty, but weird too. Not like what the movies show you. She didn't have a wart in the middle of her forehead, or wear ugly clothes, she looked like any other human on earth.

"I sense your presense, show yourself."

"How?" I wondered if she could hear me too.

"Just be quiet and focuse!" She yells at me, like actually yells. What a bitch."I can read minds hun', so watch what you think."

Okay, this just got weirder. But I listen and focuse for anything. It feels like a while before she lets me stop and sit in one of her chairs.

"How come I can sit on chairs and beds, but I can't grab a door and open it?" She just smiles.

"Curosity killed the cat."

"Too bad this one's alive."

She frowns,"What do you think this is?"

I laugh,"A dream that I need to get out of. Nothing works! I jump in front of cars and went to school, nothing happened!"

"First, denial. Second, Realization which won't last long. Third, depression. And the last step, is finding that one person. Once your done with those steps I'll find you. Go now, and if you still haven't figured out what happened to you I suggest you find out."

"No! I have no fucking idea what you mean! I'm not dea-" Next thing I know, she's gone and I'm screaming in a blank apartment.


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