Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 14
Why does this happen to me?

As he passed me I heard a deep growl that escaped from his chest. Hearing that growl I was stopped and frozen in my tracks. My blood was boiling and my heart was beating at a pace that could cause a volcano to erupt. Who the hell is this guy and why am I feeling like this?

 He must have noticed what I was thinking because he kneeled down slowly and whispered into my ear, "Nice seeing you again Kara". Once those few words escaped his mouth I got out of my chair and shouted for sercurity. The guards reappeared and once again ordered him to leave and as he was about to go out of the door, he looked back at me smiled and said, "We shall meet again very soon Kara". Even as the door closed I could sill hear him laughing.

I grabbed a hold of my bag and shut off the computer. Trying to calm and steady my breathing, I raced out of the librry but not before checking out a book titled, "Vampire: The drinkers of the immortal kind". It was about seven thirty in the afternoon when I walked out of the library. So much had gone on today and what just had happened made it worse. I went past a corner before realizing that I was walking in the wrong direction. I was wondering where exactly I was but each way I turned, all I saw was another alleyway that was dark and depressing.

Knowing that there was only about ten minutes of sunlight left, I frantically went down one of the alleys hoping for it to be the way out but discovering it to be a dead end. As the sun went down my fear of the night started to kick in. I went through my bag for my phone but only to find my phone missing yet again.

I leaned against a wall and tried to think of a plan when I heard a loud screeching noise. It made me cringe and shiver as the noise seemed to come closer and closer to me. Dreading the worst, I got up, grabbed my bag and started running. I ran so fast that I could actually hear my heart beating a mile a minute. I ran up to one of those old oak trees that were all over the place and leaned against it in order of catching my breath. I could barely see straight and the night really didn't help.

I put my hand on my wrist like many of those high paid doctors do and tried to hear my pulse. I kno that it was stupid of me to do that since im not dead but I really didn't care. I started feeling really dizzy and knew that something bad was going to happen.

I closed my eyes for a little while thinking I was going to pass out but surprsingly, I didn't. I must have spent at least an hour sleeping but was awoken by a loud crunching noise. It was coming from the bushes that were leading to a building. I jumped up and went closer to take a look at the location of the noise just in case it was something or someone that was in trouble. I pushed some of the grass away and took a closer look and saw something that really was weird.

The noise was caused from a small child that was playing very loud with some of the branches. He had his back to me so it wasn't very hard foe me to walk closer to him and remain unnoticed. Why was this little boy all alone over here? And where was his parents? These and many other questions popped into my head. I saw the little boy place the branch firmly into his hand and closed his hand tightly around it. He opened his hand and there was a linear cut that had appeared on the palm of his hand. He didn't seem to notice or care about the cut because he proceeded to do it again if I wouldn't have intervened.

I got the branch, now red with the little boys blood and threw it away from him.  I knelt down to to the little boy and I took of my jacket and went to wrap his hand but when I looked at it, the wound was completely gone. How did that just happen? Okay I must be seeing things. I thought to myself.  I looked into his eyes which were completely red as in the color of fire. He made that same growling noise as that man in the library did. With that growl he opened his mouth to reveal two long fangs that were curved and pointed at the ends. He got up and came after me, I tried to back up but my foot got caught on a branch and I tripped. I tried to get up and felt someones arms grab me. Whoever it was leaned closer to my ear and said, "I told you we would meet again soon Kara." With those words, I felt something hard hit me in the head and with that, I blacked out. 





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