My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 7
The Reason

  We knocked on the Wess's door that night.  "Don't you have a key to your own house?"

  "No.  It's  not my house anymore.  Duh."

  "Right, well-" 

  The door opened right then and Mrs. Wess opened it.  "Ohh, Samantha!  How have you been?  Come on in, honey." 

  The door almost slammed in my face when Samantha remembered me.  "Wait, Mom.  I brought somebody with me."

  "Oh, well, bring them in, honey."  She sounded disapointed though.  "Henry, hun, what are you doing here?"

  "Uhh, Samantha brought me by."

  "Okay, then." 

  We walked back and into a room organized and pink, and very bare.  "And this, my friend, was my paradise."

  Her mom's voice came through the door, "Samantha!  Don't you dare do anything with that boy!  Your sister Madeline likes him very much!"

  Samantha's face flushed as red as her sister's had.  "Mom, don't worry.  He's too young for me, anyway." she mumbled.  "So, Henry, what were we discussing?"

  "My sister."

  "Ahh, I remember now.  You were angry because I didn't even know Jordan was dead, right?"   


  "Okay.  First of all, when Jordan was in eighth grade, I was boosted up a grade, to highschool.  But it wasn't Quirk High that accepted me, it was North Hanson High.  And North Hanson High is a boarding school.  So I was there full time.  Except at holidays."

  "And you never saw Jordan?  Ever?  No phone calls or e-mails?"

  "Well, NHH has super strict rules.  We only got ten minutes a week for phone calls.  And there was only internet connections in the 'Elite Lounge' and that was off-limits to any and all freshmen."

  "And your mother didn't ever call when she never saw Jordan anymore?"

  "Oh, Henry.  My mother had four other children at that time.  She had her hands full.  How often do you see her even now that her youngest child is ten?  To be honest, Henry, she never even mentioned the fact you were still around.  After what your father did to Jordan I assumed she took the you away when she left for college."

  "She told you?" I asked weakly.

  "Of course, we told each other everything, Henry."

  I suddenly felt really sick.  How could she have not told me but told somebody who wasn't part of our family?  "What about during holidays?  Or breaks?"

  "Well, holidays, it was strictly family.  And when I came home for spring break Mom said she'd thought you guys had moved, seeing as she hadn't seen Jordan in so long, and she didn't know your family adopted you."

  "Oh," was all I could manage to say. 

  "Henry, honey, I'm really sorry I wasn't there when she-"

  "She didn't."  I defended quickly.

  "But you said-"

  "I know what I said."

  "Then, what do you mean?"

  "I mean, I don't think she wanted to."

  "Henry, your sister, I loved her, but she had always bottled up her emotions.  She probably just exploaded.  No pun intended."

  "NO!  She wouldn't do that!  Something must have happened!"

  "And what excactly do you think that was?"

  "I...don't know," I confessed.  "But, I'm going to prove she didn't want to do it.  And...I need help.  Please, Samantha?"

  She thought it over, looked in my pleading eyes, and said "Okay.  I'll help you.  Under two conditions."


  "One.  You call me Silly from now on, no more Samantha.  But Sammie around my family."  

  "Deal.  What's the other one?" 

  "You come to dinner tonight."

  I smiled.  Silly and I were going to prove my sister's almost innocence.  "Deal." 


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