Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 12
The person behind the face I once knew

"Kara! There you are I been trying to reach you for days where have you been and why havent you been answering your phone?" Dominic asked me trying to catch his breath.

"Will you relax? Look im sorry okay but I forgot my phone in my locker and the last couple days I had to go babysit my uncles son." I told him.

"And why couldnt you use his phone to call me? Kara do you know worried I have been over the past couple of days?!! I have gone crazy wondering if you were even alive." Dominic said.

"Well im sorry okay but I didnt ask for a bodyguard!" I shouted at him.

"Well someone has to watch over you. And I know for a fact that its out of either me or Raven so take your pick."

"Im done talking to you. So just leave me alone." I told him while starting to walk away. He got a hold of my arm and stopped me in my tracks.

"This isn't over and it wont be until you show me your phone." Dominic said as he started to drag me inside the school building. He let go of my arm as we neared my locker and he waited for me to unlock it.He yanked open the door and started searching through my things drastically trying to find my phone. I was shocked to hear what he said as he stopped searching an turned to look at me.

"It's not here.Your phone is not here so you were lying to me about not having it. Why Kara why lie to me of all people? Why couldn't you just answer your phone when I called?" Dominic said in a sad tone.

"What?! My phone was definitely here. I swear to you that I left it in here by accident when I was putting up my Human Geography books." I told him.

"Well it is not here now. A phone can't just walk out of your locker and magically dissapear." Dominic said obviously not believing me.

"Then someone had to take it." I said

Right after those words came out of my mouth he looked at me with an angry expression on his face.

"I think I know who took your phone. I should have known." Dominic told me while punching the locker next to mine. With a loud CRUNCH!! I knew that it hurt but he didnt seem to show any sign of pain mostly he seemed to be just very mad.

"Who has my phone?" I asked him.

"Crest has it." Dominic said.

"But why would he take my phone? And I know he wouldnt do that he i'snt that type of person."

"Hes not who you think he is. And you believeing in him as much as you do now is just proof that he has made you think he is a sweet person." Dominic said.

"Then who is he?" I demanded getting very angry at Dominic and just wanting this conversation to be over.

"He is a Vampire. Hes one of the worst in this county and he was the one who killed your parents that night." Dominic explained.

I took a step back. "Your lying... He cant be... He didnt... I cant believe you would lie to me especially bout something like this.. And I can't believe you are accusing him of murdering my parents when that was two years ago and I didn't even live around here. I thought you were my friend.'" I told him in the middle stage of crying and screaming.

"Kara I am your friend. I am only trying to help you know the truth." He told me.

"Just leave me alone.. for ever." And with that last sentence I walked away.





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