Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 11
Plans never go ahead as planned

Dominic walked to his car and looked around the backseat for anything that could tie Crest to taking Ravens necklace. He decided to search the backseats first because that was where Crest was sitting when they drove to the movie theatre. He pulled the passanger seat forward and looked very closely in the back. He saw something shiny sticking up in the seat and he grabbed it to get a closer look at it. It looked like what seemed to be a crest that many people have but it didnt look like any normal crest.

It was not very big but it happened to be in great detail. It was in the shape of a sheild and it had a lion on it. This little†crest confused Dominic and made him want to know more about it. So he put it into his pocket so it wouldnt get lost and he drove to the library. The library seemed dead and that was very odd because at this time of the year it is usually packed with people trying to get books that can help them in a certain subject that they may be failing or just don't understand.†He felt what could have only been described as a odd spirit poking into his mind, messing with his inner thoughts.Not trying to cause a scene, Dominic shook off the feeling and looked for somewhere where he could do this without any one coming to†bother him about what he is doing.†Dominic walked to a empty table that was in the corner and he took out the†crest laid it on the table and†began searching on the computer.

Hmmm...... He typed the words "crest symbols" into the search engine and clicked search. Millions of results were lsited on the screen and none of them resembled the crest that he has on the table. He picked it up and examined it very cloesly hopefully trying to find something, anything that can make this searching much easier.†

He decided to try a new approach, he typed in Crest into the school student search engine and only one name popped up. bingo! Dominic shouted before getting shushed by the library attendant. Crests picture was attached next to it so he knew he got the right guy, Crest shadowsin. He typed in the name and what came up,was nothing that he ever seen before..


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