My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 5
Pet Shelter

  The next week's beatings became even more painful.  I can't go into detail, though, because just thinking about it makes my back ache where new skin shouldn't be growing in, but was. 

  It's possible school was the most painful part of all.  Not physically, but painful none the less.  I walked into Mr. Lennor's class late on Monday.  They were working with charcoal.  Mr. Lennor looked up from his piece to look into my face.  "You're late, Henry."  I nodded, scared of this man.  He was only four eleven, but had the feory of a dragon slayer when he wanted to.  "Take a seat."

  "Okay," I said, sitting and thought about asking Emily what excactly we were doing.  Eh, what was the worst that could happen, right?  "Uhm...Emily?"

  "What?" she spat at me.

  "Uh...Wh-what are we d-doing?" I stuttered. 

  "You come in late, and then wonder why you don't have any clue about what we're doing?"  Damn.  She was hot.  Even when she was ticked.  What was I thinking?  She was captain of the cheer team.  And her boyfriend was Tommy Lurst.  They were the "popular couple".  Her laughter woke me up from hating the two of them when I should love them.  "I'm kidding, Henry, hun."  Then she playfully punched my shoulder.  "We're drawing with charcoal.  See?"

  "Yeah, that part I got.  I meant, what are we drawing?"

  "Well, I'm drawing a mother cat, snuggling with her kittens."  Her dark hair fell over the paper, while she looked at me with her giant sparkling baby blues.  Then she looked down, pink flushing her face.  "But...uh, like I was saying...You can draw whatever you want."

  "Great," I said and smiled. 


  At the end of class, Mr. Lennor called me up to his desk.  "Now, Henry.  You know I don't do detentions.  It wastes my time.  But, I saw you flirting with Emily, so I have devised the perfect punishment."  Oh, God.  What was he going to do? 

  "Mr. Lennor, what excactly do you have in mind?"

  "Well, you'll have to figure that out yourself, won't you?"  What kind of answer was that?


  Saturday rolled around soon enough.  I put the picture of Silly and Jordan in my pocket, praying it wouldn't fall out this time.  I took the eight a.m. bus into West Quirk then walked the rest of the way to the animal shelter.  I walked in to hear puppies squealing and kittens meowing to be freed.  I kneeled down to scratch one of the kittens on it's head.  "He's cute.  I'm more of a dog person, but that's just me."

  I looked up and saw a girl with blonde hair, probably dyed highlights, but that looked about the only fake thing about her.  She had chocolate colored eyes, and was very pretty.  "Uhh, yeah.  Actually I'm looking for somebody.  Samantha Wess?"

  "Well, you found me.  And who are you?"


  "Okay, Henry, you got a last name?"

  "Yeah, Smith."

  "Henry Smith, I'm not sure I know you."

  "Yeah, and I don't excactly know you either."

  "O...kay?  Well, then how can I help you?"

  "Well, my older sister...I'm...I mean, you're mom told me I'd be able to find you here."

  "And here I am!  So, you need something?"

  "I was wondering...uh, can...can we maybe have lunch or something?"

  "Uh...ok.  But I have a boyfriend."

  "Oh!" I giggled.  "No, I-I didn't want-no.  I just, we should talk."

  "O...kay then."


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