My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 0
Character's Page!!



Ok, so we all remember four-year old Henry, right?  Well, this here is fourteen-year old Henry.  Yes, he's aged, and his hair has grown long and unruly, but he still has his old Henry feelings.  After all, he does want Jordan's name free of any and all unkind remarks.








Then of course there's Henry's father and mother, but using hair dye and wrinkle cream, they both look excactly the same.




This is Charlotte.  She is about ten years old and the big-mouthed baby of the Wess family.  A newborn in Lockdown, Charlotte has grown up quite a bit and now has a full blown personality.










This is Julia.  She is by far the more out-going of the twins, not afraid of anything, or at least people.  Now, spiders, snakes, and rodents, those are another thing.  Although she loves her sister, Madeline, Julia loves to make fun because after all, what's better than making your little twin feel infirior of you?





This here is Madeline, the younger of twins.  Madeline was given the European look, blonde hair, blue eyes, no freckles.  But her jewl-like eyes are hidden behind a pair of glasses.  Of course, her signature glasses are red-rimmed, but these are close enough.  Madeline, though many of the boys at school dig her looks is shy beyond belief.  The out-going genes were given to Julia, as Mady says so often.






Matthew Wess has the darkest hair of the family, though he's not mentioned enough to be given a spot here on the Character's Page.




This is Silly.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  She looks rather happy.  Well, she is.  How could she not?  It's the first time in her life Silly's aloud to be away from her sisters and brother, no longer having to look after them, and her parents.  And that dog? That's Penny.  Yeah, Penny comes in later in the story. 






I'm going to let your imagination take over for Mr. and Mrs. Wess.



This is Emily, a girl Henry really likes, but is dating his ex-best friend, Tommy Lurst. 






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