My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 3
The Return Of Silly?

  I knocked on the Wess' door.  "Oh, hello there Henry.  Did something drop again?  Charles could've sworn he heard something crash."

  "Uhh, yeah, Mrs. Wess, I umm...dropped the uhh...lamp."

  "Oh dear, are your parents alright?"

  "Yeah, yeah.  Just wanted to make sure we didn't wake anybody up." 

  "Well, Charlotte was supposed to be sleeping, but you know how ten year olds are."  I forced myself to chuckle, and a crumpled, folded piece of paper fell from my pocket.  Crap.  I'd totally forgot about putting the old picture in my pocket.  "Oh, Henry, darling, where did you find this?"  Mrs. Wess said solemly, picking up the picture.

  "My, err, I mean, Jordan's old room.  Do you know who those girls are?"

  "Well, I'm suprised nobody ever told you.  Come on inside, I'll explain."  Hesitantly, knowing Dad wouldn't be happy that I was out late, I walked inside.  What could a few minutes do?


   Inside the living room sat Mr. Wess and on his lap, was a girl I guessed to be Charlotte, she looked about ten.  "The twins, Julia and Madeline are in their room, supposedly sleeping, Henry, dear.  And Matthew is out tonight, he's seventeen.  Those are our children.  Oh, and over on Charles's lap is Charlotte, she's our little baby."  Charlotte flashed an unbelivibly cute smile at her mother at the sound of her name.

  It was a bit awkward, having a neighbor I barely knew explain her family to me, but I tried to play along.  "So, Matthew's your oldest?"

  "Oh, no, Samantha's away at college.  She's the oldest." 

  "Oh.  So," I said, not wanting to sound rude, but knowing Dad he was putting Mom through hell because I wasn't there.  "the, uhh...picture?"

  "Right, right," Mrs. Wess said coming out of her trance of her perfect family.  "Sit down, why don't you?" She said pointing at a perfect leather couch.  Jeeze, I really wanted to hate these people. 

  "Mom!  Mom!" shouted a girl with dirty blond hair, freckles, and green eyes, running from the room a few feet left of me.  "Mady's gonna cut my hair off!"  So, this must be Julia. 

  "Julia, calm down.  We have a guest," Mrs. Wess said looking over toward me. 

  "Oh, it's him...Mady!  The kid you like is over!" 

  My face flushed as a girl with hair slightly lighter than Julia's, blue eyes, and a pair of red-rimmed glasses came out of the same room, much slower than her sister, her face about as flushed as mine.  "H-hi.  S-sorry about that.  Jules thinks I like every boy ever.  Sh-She didn't mean that."  I just smiled at her.  What could I possibly say to make this stranger feel better.  She looked about twelve and was cute as a button, though. 

  "That is ENOUGH!" boomed Mr. Wess for the first time that night.  "Julia and Madeline.  Go to bed.  Now."  

  "Yes, Daddy."  They said simutanulously and scurried back to their room.

  "Uh, Mrs. Wess," I began feeling really awkward.  No fourteen year old boy should have to witness somebody else's family drama.  "you know, maybe it's better I leave."

  "No, no.  Sweetie, you should stay.  Here," and she came to sit next to me on the couch.  "Let's have a look-see at that picture, shall we?"  I handed her the picture.  "Oh, such memories.  This one," Mrs. Wess said pointing to the girl in the bikini, "is Samantha."

  "How old was she?" I asked.

  "About six, I believe.  And you know this one?" She asked pointing to the other girl. 

  "No.  I don't think so."

  "A pity.  You were so close when you were younger.  Have you forgotten how older your sister was already?"

  "That's...that's not Jordan, is it?"  She nodded.  "Wow, she was so young."  Suddenly, I remembered Jordan's last journal entry.  It was a long shot, but I was determined to prove Jordan's innocence.  "Mrs. Wess?"

  "Yes, sweetie?"

  "You wouldn't happen to know who Silly would be if Jordan was talking about her?"

  "Well, hun.  There's a lot I don't know.  But Samantha might-"

  "How can I get in touch with her?" I almost jumped out of my seat.

  "Well, you could call her.  But it might be hard for her to talk to somebody she met so long ago; she was always better at talking to someone she'd met or talked to recently.  I think she's helping out at the animal shelter two towns over next Saturday, though.  Maybe you'll be able to catch her there. 


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