Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 9
The date to end all dates

The drive to the movie theatre wasn't very long. However it did seem to be a tad bit akward especially since Dominic started his " Im the man of this car and I choose who Kara dates." speech.
"So†Crest what are you doing in California?" Dominic asked turning his eyes away from the road for a minute and looked at him.
"Um. Well my friends and I are in a band an we noticed just how many possiblities there are for us to become famous here in America, so we packed up an came here."†Crest told him while sneaking a glance at†me which made me become completely red. I knew that he noticed I was blushing because he smiled and winked at me.
What kind of instrument do u play?' Dominic asked.
"I play the bass which is†a really awesome instrument for anyone to play."†Crest told him in a happy tone.
"Hmm.. well im not a instrument buff but I happen to know a great deal about guys who have a great amount of ambition but no real talent and no real wanting to make a future of it." Dominic told him in a strict yet reserved tone. Ugh! Why did he have to tell him that? I can officially kiss any other chance of†Crest ever asking me out in the future. I though to myself.
I knew that what dominic said was very mean and rude but†I was surprised at how†Crest wasn't offended or at least he was very good at hiding it.
"I know that is the case with many guys that say that they are going to do something and they back out the moment that they are met with some obstacle that seems to be too hard to overcome. However, I am not like them, when I see a challange that is keeping me from what I want; I go for it. For I am a man that lives for the journey not the destination." Crest said looking very pleased.
Wow that is an amazing speech! He is so smart and and cute, he is the perfect guy! I just hope that Dominic doesnt insult him and makes him not like me. I thought to myself as we parked into one of the empty spaces that led to the movie theatre.
†Crest got out of the car and had my door opened in a flash. He helped me out and he kept hold of my hand as me, him, and Dominic walked inside the movie theatre.†Dominic went and bought the tickets as me and Crest†went buy the drinks and snacks. We went sit in our seats and I was of course seated right between the both of them; Dominic sat to my left
and†Crest was to my right. As the movie beagn to start, I felt someones arm go around my shoulders. I looked at†Crest and smiled which made him smile even more and I leaned nto his body as the movie officially started.

An hour an a half later, me†Crest and Dominic walked to the resturant.


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