My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 2
A Journal

  When Jordan blew up the school, Mom and Dad threw out all her personal belongings.  But they didn't know where every single item was.  And, being as close to Jordan as I was, I knew where she hid everything, even those belongings she didn't want me to know she still kept. 

Things like King Burberly, her old, gray stuffed elephant; or her poetry book, covered like an old book so I wouldn't know how scary her life had been.  Not that I could have read her curly-cue letters, (or "cursive" is waht she called it), even if she had told me about it.  All Jordan's special items were hidden under a loose board that, if you dropped a heavy book on one end, the other end would pop out just enough so you could squeeze your fingers underneath and wiggle the board up and out.  The space underneath was used to hide away anything Jordan didn't want people to know about.

  And one of the items Jordan hid was a small, tattered, grey-green notebook.  Inside, she'd kept a daily record of life.  Well, up until the twenty-sixth of August.  I don't know why, but she suddenly stopped writing about her life.  This was her last entry:


Ugh!  I cannot stand school!  Or the kids!  Or myself in general!  I bet Dad's going to beat me again tonight.  Here, there was a slight pause, even a bit scribbled.  Then, in a rushed shorthand it said, Henry's sick.  Time to take him to bed.


Talked to that guy in the trench coat today, then called him.  Meeting up with him was so scary!  I can't believe what he wants me to do!  Wish i could tell Silly!


  She never wrote much, but the last one was the shortest in the whole journal!  But, I must admit, it did help me...a lot.  A mystery man in a trench coat?  And Silly?  Did she mean Silly String?

  Then there was the fact she never wrote again.  I sort of remember Jordan had brought me to the Lursts' those two weeks.  Nevertheless, Jordan came and visited every single day.  I think it was partly because of Aiden, (I'd seen her draw a few hearts around his name in the yearbook), but I knew I was always on her mind, somewhere.

  I flipped through the pages of the journal and dust flew everywhere.  I sneezed twice, then coughed out all the dust from my lungs.  Along with the dust came a tiny piece of faded paper.  I opened it up, flipped it upward, and saw it was a photograph.  Two little girls, maybe six or seven with wet hair, both girls blonde, smiled ear to ear with smiles.  One was in a pink and white polka dotted bikini, the other a blue, purple, and yellow one-suit.  In the backround there was a deck and a lake. 

  I wanted to ask Mom who the girls in the picture were, but feared Dad was nearby.    As if on cue, Mom yelled, "Jonathan!  Please, don't!"  A thud hit my wall.  Crap.  Again, Dad?  Did the neighbors hear?  Hopefully not.  But I'll go check, make up some excuse like always.



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