My Life, Beaten
Author: IAmTheRealET

Chapter 1

  It's been ten years since my sister's death.  And still, I fall asleep crying.  It's become more of a habit, though I doubt I'd ever sleep at all if I didn't sleep in Jordan's room. 

  Jordan, oh, how I missed her.  She was kind, and generous, too.  There was never a thing in the world I wanted and she wouldn't give me.  Never was she concieted, I knew that then, but now I know why. 

  And then there was the fact of how scared she must have been, yet, how calm she acted around me.  Like there wasn't a thing in the world that could break her, though I could sense there was something bothering her. 

  But what can a four-year-old do, not that that's any excuse.  I wish I could have helped her.  Before she'd gone and blown up the school.  Jordan had tried to kill everybody in that school, and the younger school, my school.  She had killed someone, too.  Though, she claimed that she loved him in a phone call she'd made to his mother. 

  Aiden Lurst.  At one point, I was best friends with his little brother, Tommy.  But when Jordan killed Aiden, I wasn't aloud to play with Tommy any longer.  And that killed me.  The Lursts were the closest thing I had left to Jordan. 


  Then, one day I stopped.  Could my sister, loving, caring, generous, could she really have killed Aiden?  On purpose?  No, she was my loving, caring sister, who'd do anything for me.  Anything?  Even killing her best friend to protect me?

  No, she couldn't.  Jordan was amazing, but she wouldn't do that.  Sure, she should have told somebody, and she didn't, but she could never kill anybody.  And especially not Aiden. 

  But rumors spread fast around any school, and when the police say that, almost everybody's against you.  So what could I do?  I had just the plan. 


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