Moods and Expressions
Author: njoy1

Chapter 25
No One Can See

No one could see that she had pulled away

she slipped further and further each day,

they didn't see the walls come up with each tear

and she sank further and further away in fear.

Her flesh would sting as she lay under the belt

writhing from the pain that was dealt.

No one could understand how she felt

each time a little more of her heart would melt.

She learned to drift to that far away place

that hollow look would appear upon  her face.

The distance would grow deeper in her eyes

she was getting stronger, she no longer cried!

After he finished she would get off the bed.

No one could tell inside she was dead.

She pulled up her pants as she glared at his face

another memory she could never erase.

Each day with each welt, she would grow stronger

even though the pain would last longer and longer.

With each welt that was dealt with that blasted belt,

with each pinch, each slap and pull of her hair that she felt.

The words that would come in between, during and after

stung worse than any welt and stole all her laughter.

She'd go hide further into those dark shadows

she'd finally found a way to cope with those blows.

Her heart would grow harder and harder each time

ooops I can't find another word to rhyme

and if you are reading this I will give you a dime

Just kidding just wanted to see if you were reading




Her heart would grow harder and harder each time

and everyone thought that she was just fine.

She died a little more each and every day

she just prayed for the day it would go away.

As she got older she sought to escape

only to find out she was far too gone, it was to late.,

Those words always came back when she saw her reflection.

The pain would came again as she felt the rejection.

She now wonders through life as best as she can

she tried to find solace with a man.

She didn't dare bring children into her  life.

she was afraid she would only bring them fright.

She found the walls too hard to take down.

Her eyes still cry but she doesn't make a sound.

She just stares out into the dark empty night

wishing somehow God would make this right.

No one knows or can see inside her despair

she thinks she hides it,  no one knows its there.

But her eyes tell her story, her shoulders her pain

She is alive she is living  but the walls remain.


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