Moods and Expressions
Author: njoy1

Chapter 23
HIs Last Song

The last note has been sung and the choir sits down.

A hush fills the church as the soloist starts her song.

Her voice, like bells ringing, softly fills the air

They all sit mesmerized by the strength in her voice.


A tear rolls down her cheek as her voice trembles with sadness,

for the song she is singing, she’d never sung before.

He never did hear her voice, he hadn’t understood her gift.

Now she is singing his favorite song.


Her eyes fill with tears as the walls melt away.

If only he had known, if only they had tried a little harder.

The gift she had been given, had come from him.

Neither one of them could accept it, so it was forgotten.


The last note of the song hangs in the air,

a hush fills the church while the silent tears stream.

She slowly walks by him, turning, she hears him whisper,

we wasted a lifetime, lets not waste an eternity.


The rain outside has suddenly stopped,

the clouds drift away, revealing the spring sun.

The sweetness the rain leaves behind fills the church,

and the sun filters through the stained glass windows.


A lone butterfly finds its way through the open door,

Fluttering his way up the isle, pausing briefly where she sat.

Lazily, circling about, as it makes its way to rest, on his folded hands.

Goodbye dear brother, son, husband, father and friend.

God bless and keep you until we all meet again.


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