Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 5
The Endless War


They'd talked about my old coven, how they'd taken my words as a promise. I dunno to tell you the truth...

It had something to do with my old coven, and what i'd told them.

I felt the quiet hush of wind from my window, and the sound of a door closing.

A brown eyed girl stood before me. Her eyes were scared, her brown hair messy from running.

She held up both hands, to show she was unarmed.

"I need to talk to you." She whispers.

"It's about your old coven..."


Her name was Fern. She had said that she belonged to my old coven.

"So I killed Matt?" I ask, shocked completely.

"No." She breathes. "You lied, and caused his death. You didnt physically do it."

"Why didnt he tell me?"

Fern takes in a flustered breath and looks at me.

She moves closer and sits down on my floor, legs tucked neatly underneath her.

"Your next incarnation, only lasted about a year or so...I dont rember your name, you werent far enough into your incarnation for Adrienne to take control yet.

Matt told felt so badly for actions you never commited. You starved yourself to death. Then there was this incarnation."

"So Adrienne can take over my actions?"

"If she wanted too."

"Why hasn't she?"

"I'm not sure." she shruggs. "she was always the hardest to read."

"I wonder why she's waiting..." I mumbled to myself.

"Perhaps she's only waiting for the right moment... Wait! Matthew, he's alive?!"

"Well, not really. He's a Moon Angel. Like me."

Her eyes iwden in pure shock.

"I know why she's still after you!"


"The Shadow Walkers, are they still a coven? Stephen, Eresessa, Samantha-" Her eyes begged mine for an answer.


"They want Adriene! Thats why they've been after you! Your Angel powers and her Weaver powers could take out the entire human race."

"WHAT?!" It was just too much to take in.

"She wants them to find her, maybe. No, she wouldn't do that..."

"So she's dead."

"Yes, but she possesses you, you're too strong for her to completely take over.

I couldn't speak, at all. My heart thudded in my ears, drowning out all noise exept my deep, terrified, breathing.

Deep inside me, she waited, the evil woman who killed the one I love. She was far worse than Sam ever was or will be.

"I have to tell Matt." I sigh.

"No! he cant know i'm even alive, you have to keep her a secret, she'll use his fear against him."

"I want her out! Get her out, dammit!"

"She will stay, unless-" she trailed off, then shook her head, "no, its too dangerous."

"What, what?!"

"If it gets to the point where there's no holding her back..."


Chapter Five. Isabella

Darkness, fire, death, sadness, penetration, fear, longing. It was like a sad movie, the love that raged against all, then struck a tragic end at the last second, as soon as a chip cracked on their shield. Adeline, she was dying, then she was fat. Really fat, pregnant?! Would this happen? Of course not, Matt was always at her side. Adeline rubbed the top of her stomach tenderly, a tear fel on her face, a happy tear I think, there was a small curve at the corner of her mouth that told me so. Matt came from behindher and kissed her cheek. She blushed.

Something Moon Angels cant do.



It was winter now, still nothing from the Shadow Walkers, no threats. It was nice, but unsetteling at the same time.

I poured the hot chocolate into a mug and picked it up, looking out the window one last time before turning away.

"Thanks." Adeline smiled, inhaling deeply, soaking in the smell of the chocolate.

I sat down next to her. it was three in the morning, I wasn't sure why she was still awake, so I asked her.

"Well, I dont sleep anymore."

Oh, i almost forgot. She laughed at my face, a small, light, sexy laugh, almost a gigle. I loved her new voice.

Her hair was pin straight, as it normally was, but she had it down tonight, not in a bun or pony tail like she normally did.

Three knocks lightly raped on the door, making her jump.

"It's Lauren." She says, confused.

When I open the door, she stands outside in a tank top and pajama shorts, barefoot.

"Umm. Dont you have cloths?"

"Wouldn't you wanna know." she grins letting herself in a step, she doesen't even have goosebumps. that scared me.

"Are they-oh."

"Simon!?" Adeline asks unbelievebly.

"We were making out." he confesses, a bit proud of it.

Matt wraps his arm around my waist without thinking about it.

"Well, come in."



"So you've found a Shadow Walker?" I ask, siping on the chocolate.

"We think so, it looks like that Er-um. Well, I dont rember her name. The girl we met in gym. She had the same hair and scar on her cheek." Lauren explains, chugging the drink down.

"Eredessa?" i ask.

"Bingo!" she grins. "she looked pissed off as hell!"

"Hm, I wonder why." I murmered, smiling at Matt.

"You two would have a hot son." She blurts.

I gape wide eyed at her. Matt does too, shocked and a bit red in the face.

"Just putting that out there." she clarifies.

"So, where's Jacob?" she asks.

"upstairs asleep." I whisper.

"What about your parents?"

"As far as they know, I died in a car accident. We faked my death."

"Oh." she says, wide eyed. Her eyes were just another one of her many beautiful features, aside from her humor and entertaining randomness.

"Will they ever find out?" She asked worridly.

"I hope not. i'd rather they think i'm dead than an immortal, wannabe, emo kid."

Lauren just nods and sets her cup down.

"um. Well, Simon had an odd dream. That's also why he's here." Lauren continues, flashing him an angry "go ahead' glare.

he replied with a "cant believe you ratted me out" expression and takes a breath.

"You're a Moon Angel."

"Yeah, so?"

"No your not."

"Excuse me?"

"If you were, Matt couldnt've gotten you pregnant. It isn't possible."

Oboviously Lauren had no idea, a tear rolled down her cheek, she looked at me sadly, but I pretended I didn't see.

"We never-"

"Not yet." He cuts off.

"I'm not human anymore."

Matt rests a reassuring hand on my arm.

"She was half before I found her. But I changed her not long ago."

I take a breath, singing in my head.

If you'll be my star, i'll be your sky, you can hide underneath me and come out at night.

When I turn jet black and you show off your light, I live to see you shine. I live to see you shine. Far from here where threre's more room to fly...

"She is." Matt repeated, oh God. They were fighting...

Just leave me your stardust to rember you by. If you'll be my boat, i'll be your sea. A deph of pure blue just to probe curiosity, far from here, where the beaches are wide.

And you can sail off to the west if you want to, past the horision till I cant even see you, far from here... Where the beaches are wide Just leave me your wake to rember you by.

When I stopped and opened and eye, they were in eachothers faces.

"Stardust to rember you by." I say aloud. They both stop and look at me, checking in case i've gone insane.

"Calm down please." I sigh. I take a corner of the coffee table, with its solid glass top. I chip off a small piece and smoothly drag it across the cease of my elbow. I bleed for a second before the wound puls itself back together. I stare at Simons astonished face tiredly.


"Why where you half before you met Matt?"

"I dont know."I shrug. I knew why, it was because of Adrienne, that was just her way of letting me know she was there. Matts eyes widen in mock terror.

"What?" I hiss. I'm grumpy, sleepy, and running low on patience.

"I need to talk to Adeline for a second. Stay here and make out."

He doesent take his eyes off of me as we walk into his room.

"What?" I ask again.

"I heard you."

"Heard what?"

"Your thought. Adrienne's still alive?!"

Crap. I sigh and nod my head.

"She's been there since she died. She's trying to control me. I get killer headaches when you- oh, nevermind."

Matt smirks and eyes my forehead.

"So she's jealous is she?"

Oh no.

He moves closer and hugs me.

"I love you Adeline. I mean it."

I can feel his heart beating on my chest, he's so warm. So comfortable. The hoodie he's wearing is soft against my cheek.

I wrap my arms around him and smile. It's so nice, just being near him. I've always been so preoccupied with the outside feeling, I never thought about the inside.

He kisses me softly and hesitantly, like this is his first kiss. i peck him on the lips before returning my head to the space between his shoulder and neck.

"I love you too."

"Even if you're stuck with me."

"No other way."

I feel him rest his cheek on my head.

"What in a name, that which we shall call a rose-"

"By any other name as sweet." I finish, smiling again.

"I'm not tired." I yawn.

"Yes you are. We do sleep you know. It's not a nessity. But we do. You're not used to it. I might sleep to, I think I need it."

"Ok." I climb into my bed and get comfy. Matt turns to leave.

"Hey Matt?"


"Could you um... I dont want you to be alone..."

He stares at the empty space between us. Then walks forward.

"On the edge only."


And he does, but I guess we all move in the night, for when I woke up, we were both in the middle, his arms wrapped around me, and mine around him.

He leaps up from the bed, feeling his cloths and checking mine.

"What? Why are you freaking out?" I mumble sleepily. I'm just upset that he moved, im cold now.

He sighs and puts a hand to his forehead.

"It's not like we did anything. Even if we did nothing would happen." I state matter-of-factly.

He looks up sadly.

"Thats what buggs me, the vision about you holding a baby, it's just---." he trails off and looks at his feet.

"Maybe it wasn't mine." I suffice.

"Trust me, Adeline. I've seen you as a kid."

I wanted to say- maybe it wasn't yours.- but it had to be. i wouldn't let it be anyone else.

He looks sad for a moment, then happy, then shaken again.

"Should we tell someone? Does anyone else know?" I ask sleepily.

"Mary does."

"The Star?" I stand on my knees and look him in the eyes.

"We'll find out, Matt. Nothing's happened. Or will."

He cups my face in his hands. "You've already been through so much, Adeline. You don't diserve this."

I cover his hands with mine. "The world isn't perfect. Everything happens for a good reason."

I try to smile, but he doesen't.

"Please dont give me the whole universe thing. I'd normally believe you, but not this time." He sits next to me and burries his face in his hands.

"Did you have daddy issues?" I ask. "Is that why your so against having a kid?"

He looks up at me for a second.

"I-I don't think so."

"Do you rember?"

"No. The war really messed me up."

He fought in World War Two?!

"For a year. They sent half of us back to defend our own lines."

"Does it have anything to do with your dad?" I ask. I sit down and tuck my feet under me.

He takes a deep breath.

"My dad was the one who told everyone I was eighteen. I wouldn't have gone if it werent for him."

I was silent, who would do that?

"I was terrified, I barely spoke any english, and I was alone. Jenn was a nurse there, but I didn't have the time to see her."



Matt. September 1939

We heard on our radio's that Germany had invaded Poland.

"What?" Jenn breathed. "Why would they do that?!"

Over the scared breathing and whispers of our friends and nebors, we heard;

"Leading this terrible event is Adolf Hitler, a public German speaker. We fear he may attack more countries."

The next year, he bombed Britan. It was considered stalemate, America funded the Brittish army with supplies that made fighting off the bombs easier.

Germany made a big mistake attacking Pearl Harbor on June 7th, 1942. One of the other leaders, something or other Tojo, had wanted to hold fire on the America's, saying he would be waking a sleeping giant. Boy was he right. The made a suprise attack, then hit them hard in the Battle of Midway.

What we didn't know was that Romania's communist armies were growing, and reaching Bucharest. The Russians kicked ass in Stalingrad, and my father had had enough.

That day i'd scared the cat, twice. Forgotten most of my chores, and tripped my two sisters.

"I want them out there!" my dad boomed.

"NO! They're only seventeen!" my mother yelled back.

We turned seventeen only two days ago. I was scared, a weakness in this house.

I rember only a week ago, my sister, Alison wad stormed away from the house. Disgraaced with an unborn baby girl and an immortal boyfriend.

None of us knew what he was, but he was alien to the human race, untrustable to my father.

My mother had weened him away from the idea for a while.

"Ion Antonescu. Romanian Communist Leader."

Jenn's eyes widened at the sight of the newspaper heading.

"What if father see's this?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. He'll make us go to war I suppose."

We see a man in a red uniform and hurry down the sidewalk, keeping our heads down.

It's amazing how things have changed in the past year." someone mumbles.

We ignore them and walk faster.

"Matthew, what if we do go to war?" she asks.

"We'll make it." I try. I hope.

"Will you be on the front lines?"

"Most likely." I swallow hard and look straight ahead. Driving in circles is a huge tank, smashing the weak cobblestone paths. We live near a coldasack, a horseshoe shaped line of houses.

Behind them are tall trees and wildflowers. Once a calm place where boys take their girlfriends to kiss., where I had taken Adrienne. Now covered with bombs and ripped posters of Hitler scatter the ground. They've cut the trees, and killed the flowers, the trickled streams that branch out like the veins of the forest are now overflowing with the resedue of bombs and blood of those unlucky enough to get hit.

We only treck through the thin line of the woods. Where the moss seeps out and barely touches the stone foundation of the old houses. I feel the blood rush to my face at the sight of the tree. The ones with roots that reach up and then back down like stools, where I had kissed Adrienne. Jenn yanks me back, and I shake my head.


"You almost walked into one of them!" she hisses.

"Wha-" I look up and into the furious brown eyes of a Nazi, his ridiculious mustache twitching over his impatient lips.

"Sorry." I say.

"He shoves us away and glares once before marching in a way that leaves me strkuggling not to laugh.

"He walks as if he was a load in his pants." I whisper.

"Like a maddened duck." Jenn replies.

We both stifle a laugh and keep walking.

"We need to hurry. It's getting dark." I gasp, finally realizing it. We sprint home in a race up the hill, the back down.

We had once rolled down here, in the spring. Me in my pants and shirt and Jenn in a plain dress and tie up boots.

"Finally!" My dad boomed, dissapointed. I breathed hard from our race, and grass fell from my hair. A man stood from the chair and walked to meet us.

"Hello. I assume you both speak english?"

We nodd, too breathless to say anything.

"I saw you running," he begins, plucking a piece of grass from my hair.

"You'd be good on the lines." my head swims and I see colors swirling around me.

"I'm only seventeen!" I gasp.

The man looks at my father.

"Nonsense, Matthew. Forgve him, he's only afraid."

The man nods and looks down at me.

"We will train you."

"How about you?" He smiles, looking at my sister, white as a sheet.


"She'd make a good nurse." My dad suffices.

Damn him. He knows i'm gun shy, and Jenn cant stand blood.


The war was hard on us, but we made it. Jenn got over her fear and matured. Fear was a weakness. SHe had a straight face all the time.

Once, we had a shooting line. Captured Nazi's lined up against a fence, waiting to be shot by us. Then I froze, a young boy about eight stood before me. i had to shoot and kill a kid.

I froze for a second, gulped and stood still.

Jenn came from behind me. She had absolutely no gun experence.

"Are you alright? You have to do it."

"All you Romanians are the same. Scared babies with no guts."

Jenn hated it when someone had disrespected her, but no one messed with her birth country.

She dropped her laundry basket and picked up the gun ain a heart beat-


she shot him clear in the heart. He colapsed in a crumpled heap on the floor and bled.

Jenn shoved the gun to my chest and picked up her basket. He glared at his body once before heading down to the washroom.

The others stood in awe and mock terror.

Then they shot. All at once, fires and screams and cries erupted until there was nothing. We returned to our tents and slept.

I feared for my sister, what the war was doing to her.

I was afraid she'd become violent and mad.

Not long after some of us were sent home, including me. Jenn however was to stay there.

She hated being away from me, I felt so empty, as if she'd taken a part of me with her.

We saw each other after i'd been changed, at that point in time I had no idea of Adrienne being the was she really was until it was too late, adn then I saw her...

This random, beautiful stranger girl with topaz colored eyes and long brown hair. I could practically hear her heart shatter, then /i saw the necklace she wore and knew who she was. I didn't know that i'd ever love her, or that she'd love me back...

I warned her, tried to anyway.

I was heartbroken when she began to fade, I felt a single, cold tear land on my cheek as clouds began to form. I heard more footsteps and I turned to face it.

"Go." the voice said. "Look for her."

The girl? no, she was gone. Anabel!"

I all but floated up, gripping my stomach tenderly and running as fast as I could to the house.

The whole place was up in flames, I could feel the heat radiating from here. I could see the soldiers throwing some kind of liquid onto the house and laughing. I wanted so badly to kill them, just aim and shoot, but I was unarmed.

I turn back, suddenly curious as to what the voice was, and whn I turn back around, the Nazi's are gone.

I sprint now, speeding towards the small hole in the wall closed with iron bars.

"Matthew!" Anabel chokes.

"Anabel!" I crouch down and look at her, doused with gasoliene and cut, bleeding all over. She reaches for me through the bars.

"Matthew please! help me!" she sobs and chokes.

"I dont wanna die! help me please!" she cries and screams as the fire gets closer. She presses herself up against the bars so tightly it bruises her neck.

"Matthew it hurts! help me!"

"I'm trying!" I cry, trying my best to pry the bars off. I wont give up.

"AHHHHHHH!" she screams and cries louder, trying to put out the flmes on her dress.

"Why did you put me in here!" she screams.

"You knew this would happen!"

"No I didn't! Anabel calm down i'm right here!" I press my hands to her wet, blood and tear soaked face and cry with her.

I know I cant get her out.

If I stay i'll die too.

Suddenly i'm hauled backwards by something. It hurts, but I ignore the pain and struggle to break free.

"No! Stay! Why are you leaving me! Matthew please! Dont leave me!"

Those were the last words my only baby sister had said to me...

I got to the edge of the forest right as the house blew up. A petrified scream echoed and bounced off the trees.

No, no, no, no, no....

"Matthew! Matthew!" I was shaken roughly.

"No!" I yell. "You should have left me! I have to stay with her!"

"Matthew! Listen to me! Adrienne is evil! You should know that by now, she told them where you were, she set you up and knew what you'd do."

I stop and look at the strange red eyes boy.

"My name is Adam. Please, let me help you."


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