Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 124
This One Is For You, Honey

This one is for you and you alone, Honey. September 1st, 2010




Sometimes the time slips by

Like glass through our fingers

We can't hold onto the shards

They just keep slipping through


Hugging a bottle of pain pills

Clutching the heart deep inside

The pain is so great, ever-lasting

Acting so calm, even though

The tears are dripping on the pillow

Flooding waves of salty water


Honey, just know I wrote this for you

Thinking of what we endure together

I know your pain, it just keeps coming


The miles separate us

Every day feels like eternity

And I would much rather be in your arms

You think I'm so perfect


Honey, understand

Without you I'm nothing

I'm not strong, or brave

I'm not nice, or great


When you're crying

I'm only strong

Because I know, deep down

You need me to be


When you're scared

I'm only brave

Because I won't let you fall

Off that ledge


Honey, just know this is for you

This is for the five nights

You've fell asleep on a wet pillow

The tears streaming down your cheeks

And my gentle giant arms

Unable to take the pain away


This is for you, Honey

You, and you alone

The one that makes me

Who I am

The one that makes me

Strong, brave, kind

This is all for you, Honey


And as you sleep on the cool, crisp pillow

Crying relentlessly, wishing you could just

Be beside me, feel my arms around you

Just know that the same thoughts

Race through my mind, and I'll make a wish

Every night that I go to sleep

I will wish for you

I will wish for the strength to hold you up

And I will wish, day after day, night after night

Until my wishes come true


This is for you, Honey


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