The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 56
The future

We eventually made the decision not to travel to Alpha Centauri. Instead, we waited 170 years, well, a few of them, at least. When the time was up, a few travellers, robots and probes had arrived back from Alpha Centauri and we were immediately able to experience simulations of travelling to the planets in Alpha Centauri. Of course, by the time they arrived back on Earth, those planets were probably converted into life supporting systems with humans and robots everywhere.

The future is probably what you expected it to be, with technology built into everything. Our bodies are now only about 20% biological. You may find it difficult to believe that we’d be happy with bionic parts, but we really are. We are incredibly happy. The system decides what is best for us, because it is far more intelligent than us, so it can. It never gets angry, or distracted, will never let anything bad happen to us and will always do everything it can to give us the best life possible. Everything we experience now is a simulation, and so we all enjoy the best life that we possibly can. I know the sun will go supernova in 5 billion years, but the system will reposition the planets or fix the sun, or wrap the sun in a protective layer so that it cannot harm us, or put us all in space ships and transport us somewhere safe. We can all simply relax and enjoy the ride, because we are all in God’s hands.


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