The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 51

In 2014 our daughter, Rose was born. Raymond and Melissa also had two children, but I’m sure you’re not interested in them. You’re interested in our children, because our children where the most beautiful and precious things on the planet. Pregnancy was no longer how it used to be. There was neither nausea during pregnancy nor pain during child birth. Medicines had been invented for everything, and they were more advanced than one could imagine. One could simply order pregnancy medicine online. If one took it when one was not pregnant, it would simply detect that the person was not pregnant, and deactivate. There were no longer name brands for things, and so one simply ordered medicine by what effect one desired. Nevertheless, I just realized that I have gone completely off track, telling you about something you really don’t care about, because you want to hear more about our beautiful children.

So, Rose and Alexander were our main reasons for living. We could not wait for them to grow up so that we could tell them all about our fantastic adventures, and how the world became the way it was. For the time being, though, we enjoyed the little bits of interaction that we were able to have with them. Every smile, and every laugh, every new piece of personality, every new tooth, and every new ability that they had learned were all incredibly exciting moments for us.

When we were babies, we had teddy bears. Rose and Alexander also had teddies, but these teddies could walk, talk, sing, change nappies, repair computers, and pretty much anything else you could think of. They could even be used as heaters. It did sometimes make me feel a bit jealous, because usually the teddies were more exciting than we were. After chatting to the teddies about it, they agreed to be a little less exciting and also to sleep for most of the day. The teddies were well designed in that they would be more obedient to adults than to children.

Teddies were also made for adults. That might sound a bit strange, but they were great fun to fight with. Teddy fighting was actually one of the most popular sports when it started. There were padded rooms where people could go to fight teddies. It made martial arts really fun, and it was a good way of grading students. You simply set the teddy’s fighting skill level, and if you were able to beat the teddy, then you would be graded at that level. One could have a highly entertaining evening by going to watch the highest graded fighters fighting off multiple teddies. Human verse human fighting soon became old fashioned and entirely pointless.

I often enjoyed travelling to Teddy Town in what used to be a country called ‘Angola’; an entire town which was designed especially for teddy fighting. It was like a very large movie set, where you could play a character who gets attacked in random ways from random directions, and you would have to fight your way from one end to the other.

Later that year avatar fighting became popular. These were basically remote control robots which people could control simply by doing the moves that one wanted the avatar to do.


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