The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 29
Did you know?

Nathan Bauer was 27 at this point. He was a handsome man and for some reason never had a relationship longer than Kirsty’s holiday a few years back. Nathan thought that this was particularly strange. He was a very motivated person but for some reason every time he got close to a girl something would happen to end the relationship. If you think about it, he was probably one of the best candidates for any girl to want to marry, but something always happened to stop that.

Nathan came to believe that it was God preventing him from having relationships and that God had wanted him to focus on his projects. He was almost correct.

The truth was that it was me putting little obstacles in the way of any successful relationship. I was about to let him have a relationship, but then decided to keep the girls away until he’d got his robot factory running smoothly. Do you think that’s cruel? It’s a small price to pay to make the world a better place. I was very curious to see what Nathan would invent next. It had come to a point where Nathan no longer needed to spend all of his time on his projects. His robots could do everything for him, so I stopped interfering in his love life and pressed ‘play’, and waited for the next opportunity to make Kirsty single again.

The opportunity was on the 7th of July, 2005. Suicide bombers were about to detonate themselves on the London underground, so all I had to do was ensure that Patrick was sitting next to one of them. You think that’s cruel, don’t you? It doesn’t really matter. Its not like I can’t rewind it and change it. Six billion people wander around the planet and approximately 235,000 die every day. Besides, Patrick was ... You know what? I don’t need to make excuses for what I do. I have to think about the good of the planet, so I will do what I think is best and you’ll just have to trust me and not take your short life so seriously.


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