Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 46
For My Aphrodite

This poem I made in less than twenty minutes. I was away from my keyboard, and the flame of poetry struck me. The flame of not being able to talk to/see the person I love. Anyway, I was told to either make only rhymes, or no rhymes at all. So, I made this poem with all rhymes. I really do like it, and I think I did good with it. This one if for my Aphrodite, and if I daresay (oh I hope it doesn't scare her for me to) her name is Madison. August 15th, 2010. WRITTEN IN A NOTEBOOK




Trapped in the confines of a four wall cell

This place is mine, this place is hell

It has tricks and traps, a very pungent smell

Painful torture's been here, you can tell


Torn away from my Aphrodite, such a painful plight

Good God! Don't keep me away, not tonight

Don't keep her away from my cursed sight

I'll fight anybody, including you, with all my might


The warden lets me get away

I know I'll see my Aphrodite today

And I really wish I could stay

But I can't escape, try as I may

And the warden's caught me, to my dismay

I'll be back, on another day

So I'm back here, imprisoned away

My entire world stuck in eternal disarray


So tonight, I'll make you this vow

By the strength of my back and the sweat of my brow

I'll find a way out of here, somehow

Oh! If only the warden would allow

I'd be with you, right here and now


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