The Worst of my Poetry
Author: Jordan Yates

Chapter 8
Only Sleeping

I watched him drive off
Saw his smiling face
And his business suit
It's now 5
He should be home
Then I get a call
To hurry to his work
I drive frantically
Crossing my fingers as I go
And when I arrive
He's sleeping
On the ground
His clothes are bloody
His smile is no more
His car is a wreck
The hole
In his head
Blood seeps from it
He's only sleeping
I ask what happened
And the police say they don't know
But he was shot
By the metal slayer
The ball
Hit his head
And he's only sleeping
He'll awake soon
I ask about his car
And the police say they don't know
But it was crashed
He was hit
And the car hit a tree
And now he's sleeping
Next I know
He's sleeping
In a box
And he's going
Six feet underground
Friends surround me
Hugs are plenty
I stand shocked
He's only sleeping
What are they doing with him?
The police come to me
They say they've solved the crime
Drunk man
Who had a gun
And had a sober friend
That was taking him home
Shot one bullet
That went through his windshield
And into his car
As he left his work
The drunk man died
And rightly so
I find my knife
That I took
From my sleeping husband
And it went through my shirt
Found my broken heart
Split it
Killed it
Left me sleeping
Like my husband
And the blood pours
And I fade into sleep
Deeper and deeper
Until I am a broken person
Who sleeps
Like the man she loved


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