Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 34
I Am Death

I just went through an extremely scary experience. My friend may have died at the hands of someone she knew. If she has, I don't know what I'm going to do. I wrote this poem for her, and her alone, although she was only a friend, she meant a lot to me. Anyway, it was finished just a few minutes before 6:44 PM on Saturday, August 7th, 2010


On Hell's wings I ride,
Satan is at my side
Don't get in our way
We fight like mother fuckers

Satan screams and cries
As the entire world slowly dies
I'm holding Death's scythe
I'm going to take your life

I remember when you said goodbye
It was the saddest thing I'd heard you say
You were being serious
I was just delirious

So let's kill them all!
Let's watch them fall!
Watch them cough blood
And together we'll be, forever

When I see you up in the clouds
I'm gonna look you in the eyes
And I'm gonna tell you how
I lived in our dream

And when I look into their faces
As they burn and cry
I'll tell them they get to meet you
Up there, in the clouds

It'll be all better when the sun
Cracks it's head up, tomorrow
There will be a lot of blood spilt
But it's okay, I can go

I lost my heart, in the battle
I lost my soul, on the battle-field
It's okay, though, I took yours
And soon I'll be with you

You, I know who you are
You, you went way too far
You, you touched a woman
You, you killed a woman

You're gonna feel a knife in your heart
Twisting slowly, making you bleed
Can you imagine the pain?
Oh, trust me, it's far from over

She needs to be dead,
That's exactly what you said
Well, now you need to be dead
I'm gonna cut that tiny little thread

The blood shoots, and it sprays
It goes in giant crimson rays
Your screams go unheard
I think I feel alive
Because I just took your life

You caused me so much pain
That my soul has a permanent stain


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