Memories (Completed)
Author: Jewel Heart

Chapter 24

“What?” I asked shakily. I pushed him off of me. “You’re lying.” I backed away automatically, my body trying to get away from anything else that would hurt me. It was too bad that my mind and heart couldn’t do the same trick. I tripped again on a fallen branch. “You have to be lying.” I squeezed my arm hard. It was as if the physical pain would stop the mental pain.

For the second time today, it was as if my world was falling apart. It was as if today everyone was out to get me. First my cousins who tried to kill me, and now suddenly Demetrius is telling me that my boyfriend was the one that killed my father twelve years ago. Haven't I suffered enough?

He shook his head. “I remember that. I was coming to see you. I was sneaking in through the window to make sure that you were okay and I saw him. I saw James stake Rakesh.”

I shook my head in denial. “You wouldn’t have sneaked in. You were only five,” I said hysterically. “There’s no way you could have reached the balcony. And you had no reason.”

“You’re forgetting that I am as old as Christopher Columbus,” he argued softly. “As for my reason, I was looking out for you. C’mon, you’ve seen how hostile James and I are with each other.”

It was true, but I didn’t want to admit it. I shook my head. “Liar.”

An image was played in my head. He sent me the memory.

There was a dark room. It was my old room. There was a power puff girl bed, a little space for tea time, and a little drawing area meant for lessons. A small violin was next to a large plasma TV that hung from a wall. Besides that there was a grand piano and a desk where my first laptop sat. There were many windows, and one was even open, letting in the warm air. That was where Demetrius stood.

And from where he stood, he got a clear view of a tall, muscular boy pointing a stake at my father, who lay wide-eyed on the floor. He was dripping in blood and scratched across the face. A couple of feet away from them there was a rake, which one of them had probably used to defend themselves. I gasped when I saw the boy slide the stake into my father’s heart without hesitation.

My eyes widened. That was James. I easily recognized his golden hair and his silver eyes. I recognized the way his eyes turned deadly when he was killing. I fell to the ground. Tears were pouring down my face. “No he didn’t,” I sniffed. “He wouldn’t. He couldn’t have.”

“Lumex?” the sweet voice that was so much like melting honey called for me. I looked over at the depth of the forest. A figure emerged from the darkness. His eyes widened as he got a good look at me. “Who did that to you?” I stared at him wide-eyed. “Why are you dripping in blood?” James demanded, his voice frightened.

I looked down at my outfit. From my breasts and below, my halter top was colored crimson. My skinny jeans were blood stained and ripped. My arm was scarred, though not bleeding any longer. There was a little tingle in the back of my head where Meredith had hit me. I stank of blood.

“Lumex, I thought that you went home. Didn’t Meredith and Bill take care of you?”

Oh, they almost took care of me. They’re taking care of your sisters right now. “You killed him,” I sniffed. “You killed him!” James blinked startled. I didn’t want to believe it, but I couldn’t deny it. James killed him.

“Darling, what are you talking about?” he asked. He took a step towards me.

“No!” I screamed, standing up. “Don’t come near me!” He looked confused. He stared at me for a moment. His eyes suddenly widened and I knew why. He looked inside my mind. He saw what I saw. And he remembers.

“Oh, dear Isis,” he breathed. “It’s your father.”

“It’s Rakesh,” Demetrius breathed. I looked at him. “Lumex, don’t blame Eventide.”

“You’re taking his side?” I exclaimed. “I thought you were my friend!”

“I am, but, Lumex, you don’t understand,” he pleaded. “It was your father. Rakesh gave me the order to kill you. That memory reminded me of what happened. Your father is the bad guy. Who are you going to trust? Your mind which is in denial, or your friends who were there when it all happened?”

My eyes teared up again. I shook my head. “You’re both lying. I don’t know why you’re being so mean. But I know you’re lying.” I jumped onto a tree branch and began running away.

“Lumex!” I heard James call for me. Though, nobody chased after me. And I was glad, because all I wanted was to be alone. All I wanted was to be with him.

Slowly I made my way into the cemetery. I was too heartbroken to be creeped out by the scenery. The cemetery was cold and still. The mist that was in the forest was tripled here, and I could barely see where I was going. The moon was a perfect circle, illuminating my face. I passed tombstone after tombstone. And they seemed to be getting bigger and even scarier the more I walked.

I looked around, trying to find the correct grave. I read them, never quite finding the right one.

“Lumex,” I heard. I turned around sharply. There was nothing there.

Had James and Demetrius decided to chase after me? That wouldn’t be good. I'm not in any position to hurt anyone or be hurt any more than I already am. I gulped and returned to looking for the tombstone.

My imagination was playing games on me. They know better than to follow me when I'm this upset. I looked up at the full moon and sighed. I ran a hand through my hair and then hugged myself, trying to calm my nerves and warm up. The air was cold and the cemetery seemed to make it even colder.

My jacket had been left in the cabin where I had last thought of my cousins to be good. Why the hell is it so cold when we live in Florida? They call it the sunshine state for a reason. The mist hugged me as I walked and leaves crunched under my feet, echoing in the vast area of the church.

I still couldn’t believe that Meredith and Bill were the bad guys. I’ve known them ever since they were born. They were never evil. Maybe they were being controlled as Brian had been. Though, they’re much stronger than an average human who only appears frightening to humans. It must be a powerful spell if they were being controlled.

I remembered then that Brian’s eyes had been orange all the while that he was attacking. The only moment that they had been peacock blue was when he had fallen apart and died. But Meredith’s eyes had only become orange when she had needed to use force. Before that, though, they had still been sea green. And Bill’s eyes had not once changed colors and he was the one who had given the first punch.

Maybe when the eyes changed colors, it was because needed force was being added. Brian was a human, who in comparison to a vampire, was not very strong. Meredith might not have been so weak, but she was still frail. Bill, on the contrary, had a little bit of muscle. Maybe it was even enough to safely take on a vampire.

“Lumex,” the same singsong voice whispered.

I gasped and turned back around. Nothing was there again. I stayed still, waiting for my name to be called out again.

I backed up a little and brushed the side of the tombstone that I hit to make sure that everything surrounding me was true and that I wasn’t dreaming. Even though dreaming would be nice right now. It would be nice to escape the cruel, real world even if it was only for a simple second. It would be nice to know that not everything was real.

“Lumex,” the voice called. I turned around and saw a face. My eyes widened.

The face was scary. It was pale and translucent. The face was evil. Dark eyes and three scars that ran across the entire face made the moment even more intense. Dark strands of greasy hair covered parts of his eyes. Other strands hung in front of his face, casting shadows all over it. There were circles under his eyes so dark they seemed black. It made it look as if he hadn't slept for days. The mist made him almost invisible, but I could still see that I wasn’t imagining this.

Then, the moon was covered by a cloud for a millisecond. When the light returned, the spot that I stared at was empty.

A chill went through my entire body and I stood paralyzed as I stared at the empty spot. This time, though, the voice kept repeating my name. “Lumex. Lumex. Lumex.” The sound echoed.

I couldn’t turn around or look away, mainly because my body wouldn’t respond, but also because this time the voice came from every direction. Sometimes it would be loud, and sometimes the voice would be no more than a breath. Frightened, I began running towards the church.

I slammed the doors open, and began looking for a hiding spot. The place was empty and dark. The stained glass windows colored the room various colors because of the moonlight.I ran to the other side of the room and sat down at one of the empty chairs, hoping to look like a person praying. I tried to take deep breaths to calm myself down.

I closed my eyes and listened for the voice again.


I remained perfectly still, trying not to do anything that would get me into even more trouble. There were no footsteps. There was neither a heartbeat nor pumping blood.

Was I really starting to see ghosts? James had mentioned ghosts before, but I never expected to actually face one. It would have been nice to know at least how to defend myself against them. All James had said was that they attacked when they either got hungry, or were angry.

And it was just my luck that both reasons lead to the victim’s death.

“Lumex,” the voice whispered again.

This time, it seemed to be breathing down my neck. I could have sworn that I could even smell its breath. The hairs on the back of my neck stood. I jumped up and ran to where I had seen some flowers. I wanted as much distance as possible between me and this ghost. I grabbed a vase and turned around to throw it at the supernatural creature. Nobody was there.

My eyes scanned the room, looking for him. I didn’t put the vase down as I began stalking to the front of the room. I stood by the holy water and looked around me once more. I looked at the chairs, the confession rooms, the storage room, and found nothing. Maybe it is my imagination.

But that figure was too dark, scary, and realistic to come from my mind.

Then again, I am not in any position to be saying that I am one hundred percent sane at this very moment.

A little more relaxed, I walked out of the church and back into the cemetery. I still had to try and convince myself that it was just my imagination with every hesitant step that I took inside the creepy area. Finally I found my way around the tombstones and found the one that said:


                        Rakesh Haemon 1964-1997

    A beloved father, husband, uncle, brother, and friend.

                        May he rest in peace.


I traced the engraving with the tips of my fingers and then sat down, leaning my head against the stone. Rakesh Haemon. I don’t understand why Molly insisted on being a Cockcrow. She was married and for that while we were Haemons. Then when he died, she legally changed our names. It might have been so that my grandparents wouldn’t find us, or maybe to forget he ever even existed. I don’t know.

I breathed and remembered all of the times I had spent with my father. Rakesh was a good dad. So, he just can't be the one who’s killed me all of these times. It has to be a lie.

I remembered camping. I remembered our trips to the beach. I remembered every trip we had. We always seemed to be having trips, even when he was working. The only strange thing was that I remembered a near-death experience each time I was with him. There were bear attacks, fires, hurricanes, wolves…and they all were targeting me. And Rakesh hadn't seemed to have tried to do anything to stop them. It’s a miracle I’ve survived this long.

“Lumex,” the voice returned. I jumped up.

Dammit, not again. There was nothing when I turned. I turned back around, sure that this was only my imagination playing tricks on me. But, underneath all of that dishonesty, I knew for sure that someone else was targeting me at the moment. And this time, it was someone who I couldn’t even fight, since my hand would go right through them. At the moment I turned around though, I saw him.

He stepped into the light from the shadows. At first, all I could see were his yellow eyes, but when he was illuminated by the moonlight, I realized that nothing had changed. The dark hair was still the same. It was shoulder length and curly. He was still tall and well built. The crooked nose and thin lips, the way he looked at you with disapproval and made you think that you were about to be killed. It was all the same.

“You’ve grown,” he said emotionlessly. My mouth opened as if I was about to say something, but no sound came out. “No hug?” he said casually. “It’s been such a long time. Are you not happy to see me?”

I stared in amazement. “I'm sorry, Dad,” I whispered.

He smiled, pleased that I remembered him. “It’s okay,” he said. He stepped towards me, his feet crunching the fallen leaves that he stepped on. He stopped in front of me and brushed a strand of hair away from my face, placing it behind my ear. “As long as you forgive me for this,” he finished. I looked up in confusion.

Pain suddenly struck the back of my head and I fell to the floor unconscious.

My head was hurting when I woke up. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to see past the stars that danced in front of them.

 I was in a dark room. My night vision quickly settled in. This seemed to be a bedroom. It was large. A bed was on one side, next to two couches and with an end table on either side of the bed. There was a little section in the corner where a mini table and mini chairs were set up and there were teacups and teapots. It was cute, but meant for a little kid. There were a few windows covered by curtains, which let in no light. Though, there was one window that was untouched. The moon was directly in the center of the window, letting light in. Though, it only illuminated that little piece. Otherwise, everything was dark.

My other senses kicked in a moment later. When my sense of smell sharpened, I was able to recognize the room in a heartbeat. I gasped just as the memory flashed in front of my eyes.

This is my room. This is where Rakesh died eleven years ago.

The events of what happened a while ago, just came flowing back into my memory.

He can't be. I saw him dead. I saw him be buried. And, no matter how much I want it to be true, I can't let my imagination start to take over me.

“Atriplex,” someone murmured. I looked over at the open window where a figure had suddenly stepped into the light.

My eyes widened. “Dad,” I breathed.

He turned halfway around to cast me a glance. His eyes studied me over and then he returned to stare out the window. “It appears so,” he said, lost in some thought. “I have not been called that for a while. Refresh my memory, Atriplex. How long has it been? Eleven? Maybe twelve years?”

He said the name and I knew it was him. Atriplex. The name that only my father had ever called me.

He sighed when I just stared. “No matter. Years pass by quickly when you’re as old as I. It’s almost a shame that you will not be able to experience this.”

“Excuse me?”

He looked over his shoulder, staring at me with icy eyes. He ignored my demand for clarification and continued with his speech. He began pacing around the room. “I am guessing that my ex-wife has explained to you the balance that exists between the human world and ours. And I am also guessing that Prince Eventide has found you, seeing how once more you stink of him,” he said disgusted with a crinkle of his nose.

“How—how did you survive? It took us forever to even get the stake out.”

He laughed cruelly. “Yes. Your boyfriend did make sure that it was buried deep. He didn’t seem to have wanted me to return.”

James. I hadn't really given much thought to what had happened to him. I left him, and he had seemed almost as sad as I was. But why hadn't he come for me? Why is it that the one time I need him to not listen to me, he actually does?

And what about Demetrius? If he can't leave me alone when I'm upset, then how can he let me wander off when I'm devastated? What are they doing? I just hope that they realize soon enough that I'm in trouble.

Anger suddenly flared up inside of me. Why is it that I am so defenseless suddenly? I’ve always been able to kick anyone’s ass at any time and place. But, the one time that I actually need to be tough on the count of my own life, I become weak.

Life is cruel.

“Not that I would expect any less of him,” Rakesh finished. My anger dissolved as I remembered where I was.

“But you did. You came back. Was it a witch who brought you back? With a spell?”

“Ah, Atriplex,” he laughed. “You’re almost seventeen and you’re still so naïve. No—wait. How old are you? Millions of years old, if I'm not mistaken.” He turned to face me completely. “Isn't it time to grow up and face reality?” He didn’t allow me to answer. “Of course it is not. This time, it is a shame to say that you will not even get the chance to turn seventeen. From now on, you shall die one year earlier than the last. I’ll personally make sure of it.”

My eyes widened. So, what James and Demetrius said earlier, it was—true?

I tried to step back to put some distance between us, knowing that these people meant every word that came out of their mouths. I was stopped. I looked up, just now noticing the chains on my wrists. When did that get there?

I recalled what Jeff had told me a few days ago. What would you do if you got trapped by the enemy without any way to get out? Would you be able to get out alone? Or would you need help? I never expected for his example to be so literal. I expected a quick death. No speech in between. But that was Rakesh’s weakness. Help could be on the way. Or maybe that was what he intended.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked in a small voice. “The other times, even if it was an order, it’s still wrong. And I'm your daughter now! Wouldn’t you think that this is taking it to the extremes a little?”

He tilted his head and smiled. “I see that my colleague’s spell has worked wonders.” Suddenly he disappeared and reappeared in front of me. He cupped my chin in his hand. “You don’t know a thing about me or your past.”

“I know enough to see that you’re not the good guy,” I spat, suddenly appealed by the rebellious teenager image.

He nodded sharply in agreement. “Then, you know what is coming.”

“I want to know about my past first. What went on the first time. Why you killed me.”

Rakesh’s eyes narrowed and he turned away sharply. “It is of no matter,” he argued. “The past is the past.” He walked back to the window. “The real question is, how shall you die?” He began moving around the room, searching for a weapon. He looked to the other side of the room and raised an eyebrow. “Hmm,” he mumbled curiously.

I struggled in my shackles, trying to break free so that I could run away. I should have been more concerned on what he was going to get. Ow! I looked up to see why that last tug had hurt so much. I realized then that the shackles were made out of pure iron. Has this guy thought of everything?

“Curious,” said Rakesh. My head snapped over to look at him. He was admiring something, but I couldn’t see it because his back was to me. “You are born to a vampire and a witch, and the gene pool shows that vampires have the dominant. Although, you are a witch. I was expecting more of a fight to come from you. Especially because of the traits: the pale skin, the lightened eyes, the figure….” His thought trailed off. “And,” he continued, “your shields are as powerful as an old vampire’s.”

I stared puzzled at him, trying to figure out what he meant. Then everything fell into place. Vampires have shielded minds. It is harder to read a vampire’s mind than it is to read a human’s because of all the mental training they go through to even learn how to read minds. This was a skill that none of us had found out how I had obtained at the moment I even figured out my inheritance.

Rakesh didn’t seem to know that I was a vampire with all other powers. And that means that Meredith and Bill haven't communicated with him yet. Maybe there is a chance for me to survive this after all.

I tried the trick out on Rakesh. There wasn’t much blocking me out surprisingly. He might have been distracted, because when he did notice, he shoved me out. The shock wave made it feel as if he had actually pushed me physically. I gasped.

My father’s face suddenly appeared in front of me. A hand was crushing my neck and Rakesh’s eyes were furious. I stared frightened. “What did you see?” he demanded. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. I couldn’t even believe what I saw.

There was a scene. There was an open area full of trees and animals in the background. The concentration was in a village. There were little cottages everywhere and rocks nearby. That was where they stood. The day was bright, the sun high, and that only made them look more breath taking. A group of people stood on one of the rocks.

They were carefully walking down. A woman with long dark hair and pretty pale skin led the way gracefully in her long white dress. Next came a man with black hair that looked as dead as his expression Though, he still carried a gorgeous white suit and walked with such grace. There was a teenage boy following the man. He had hair colored like sunlight and highlighted by the sun which they resembled. He had pale features as the people before him and carried a sword on his suit. Lastly, there was a girl with dark brown hair, pale skin, and eyes as brown as chocolate. She was gracefully skipping down the rock’s edge. She was the youngest apparently, even if she was a teenager.

She caught up to her companions and then resumed jumping from rock to rock. The family strolled down, watched by everyone in the village. It was startling to see those four people dressed so well when the villagers were all cavemen and cavewomen. The person who was watching them was focusing only on the girl that was so lightheartedly skipping down the rock as she followed her family. She looked over to where the villagers stood and smiled.

Her eyes never left the person that she was smiling at. As she reached the dirt path, she tackled her brother and wrestled him for a while. She laughed as they played and trash talked when her brother didn’t give his all. She looked like she was hoping for him to pull out his sword. These eyes that I'm looking through caught each of her graceful movements.

The woman walked over and talked to the girl. The girl’s face lit up and she nodded in agreement to whatever had just been proposed by her mother. Then after receiving something from her mother, she began skipping over to the village. For a moment, I felt the hope shoot up that she would come to talk to him. Then, he saw her run into the arms of another villager.

I watched as the boy spun her around, lifting her so that her feet never touched the floor. The girl punched him on the shoulder playfully when he finally let her down. On the other side of the village, the three beautiful people that remained, stared disapprovingly at their sibling. It was as if they didn’t want her near the boy. The three people whispered among each other, frowning in unison at one thing that was said among the group.

The carefree girl and her companion talked animatedly back and forth before she brought up the thing she held in her hand. There was a necklace in her hand. It was gold. The pendant was a rose that was wrapped in the stem of two other roses. She dangled it in front of the boy’s eyes. His eyes followed the pendant curiously. He reached for it, but she pulled it away. She laughed and skipped backwards as she bargained.

The boy’s eyes narrowed and he began chasing after her, apparently thinking that what she was asking for was unfair. The girl again jumped from rock to rock as she ran away happily. Suddenly she stopped and said something. The boy smiled and jumped in front of her, taking the necklace from her and giving her a kiss. Rakesh’s heart dropped.

On the other side of the village, the group grimaced. The father ordered the boy to go do something. After giving his father a questioning look, the boy made his way towards his sister and the boy. Once reaching them, he came between his sister and the boy, distancing his sister from him. He apparently did not want him near her. There was a dangerous look coming from both of the boys, though the girl’s brother’s stare seemed to be the scariest. It seemed to be able to scare Hades himself. The other boy backed off after giving a warm smile to the girl.

The girl gave the boy a longing look as she watched him walked away. And when the boy had disappeared from sight, she punched her brother on the arm after giving him one of the dirtiest looks that I had ever seen. They began making their way back to their parents. Only that the girl was no longer merry.

This memory showed me a lot of things. It showed me who Rakesh’s first love had been. It showed me what things had looked like in that era. And it showed me what the blank in my mind looked like when it was colored. That girl was me.

And the boy’s golden hair, tall and muscular figure, and pale complexion told me that it was James who stood there. So, that was what my first family had looked like? And that was what James looked like when his eyes weren’t sad?

Though, the most surprising thing of all was what I saw when Rakesh appeared before me. For a second, his face was deformed. His face had three scars across his face, which were so deep, I thought I saw a little bit of his bone. His eyes turned dark and even swirled yellow and orange. His eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his forehead and neck were popping out. It was the exact same face of the ghost that I had seen at the cemetery before Rakesh had showed up.

My face turned ashen and I felt the nausea—which had been silent for a week now—in my throat.

It took me a minute, but I finally straightened my expression and said, “I’ll answer you if you tell me exactly why I am the only person in time to have ever been reborn,” I bargained. It took a lot of effort to make sure that my voice didn’t crack.

Rakesh blinked taken aback. “Are you trying to make a deal with me?” he exclaimed, releasing my throat. “Making deals with the devil never turn out good.”

“I am trying to gather some information,” I corrected simply, as if we were having a casual conversation. “You can't get in my mind to gain your answers. Anybody who enters my mind is pushed back out in half a second. The shields are too strong to be broken. So it is either you accept my offer or you just kill me now,” I said bravely.

Rakesh laughed. “You really want to know the reason that you are reborn? That is a simple answer that you could have found on your own. This only proves to me how unprepared your entire group is.” I grinded my teeth. He looked at me over his shoulder. “But, no harm is it to tell you that you are given plastic surgery, which changes the form of your face, made younger by a spell, created into a egg, and then magically transported into either a womb or an ovule.” He shrugged and I slowly tried to control my surprised expression. “There is no such thing as being reborn. Once you die, you can either become a ghost, or get stuck in the ground.” He turned completely around. “Now, your answer would be….?”

“But why not just kill me for good and end it forever?” I argued.

He shook in anger. “Your answer,” he demanded.

I opened my mouth again, still stunned by what I saw in the memory, plus the surprise of my real rebirth. “You loved me,” I breathed.

He frowned and shook angrily. “How much more did you see, Lumex?"

“You loved me and you killed me!” I ignored him.

I tried to move my feet to come closer to him so that I could at least punch him. It was no use. All it did was make my wrists bleed more. I stopped for a moment, disturbed by what had just sunken in.

He’s in love with his daughter? Then again, I wasn’t his daughter in the beginning. But, still.

“Why would you do that? I know that I could never kill James!”

“James? That little pompous prince?”

“He is not pompous! You can't speak like that of someone you only try to harm!”

“Quiet!” he ordered. “Your little boyfriend has been the main reason for your death. It is a little thing called revenge.” I stared puzzled for a minute.

Jealousy? I wondered.

He suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled it up. I gave him a dirty look. “You didn’t—and apparently still do not—realize that you were mine first. I loved you first and much more than that pureblood.” He smiled evilly. “Let’s get started.”

My eyes widened. “You’re going to murder me in my own house?” I scoffed, trying to gain time. “Don’t you think that the workers will realize if you kill me?” I challenged.

“I already took care of that,” he said as he grabbed something from the floor. It must have been what he had been holding when he had been searching for a weapon. “Be glad that your mother will only have to plan one grand funeral.” My mouth dropped.

They’re dead. Can these people go any lower?

Suddenly Rakesh pulled out a long stick. I stared at him. He carried a five foot stick that seemed to be carved. It was oddly formed, with twisting branches and a few leaves. Though, one of the ends was sharp and pointed. Then it sunk in. He’s going to kill me just like James killed him.

Rakesh is going to stake me.

Rakesh turned around and smiled at me once more. “Prince Eventide will have one more thing on his conscience.” He studied the point of the stake and then looked over at the window. “Hmm. It might not be midnight, as I prefer, but it is two o’ clock sharp.” He looked back at me and tilted his head. “Nighty night, Atriplex.”

He disappeared. The next time I saw him, pain had struck me. The stake was buried deep inside my heart.

The pain was excruciating. Pain from the wood began spreading throughout all of my body in the matter of seconds. It felt as if a million needles had been thrown at me. It felt as if someone had pressed on my skull so much that it broke in half.

And that was only the beginning.

First my heart bled, spurting blood out and staining my clothes completely. Then, the pain got worse. It was as if fire were burning inside of me. As each second went by, the fire got hotter and spread. It went up to my shoulders, and down to my legs. It might have gotten even worse, but I had passed out before any more fire could spread throughout me.


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