Memories (Completed)
Author: Jewel Heart

Chapter 23

“Lumex?” they asked in unison.

“What the hell are you doing here? Molly said that you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow,” I exclaimed as I released them from a hug. They just stared at me in amazement. “Meredith! Bill! Answer me!” I smiled and took a good look at my cousins.

Meredith had turned 16 a couple of months ago, and it looked like her features were finally sharpening. She had big sea green eyes and pretty wavy blond hair which covered half of her face. It was up in a ponytail, but she had still made it so a heavy strand of hair covered her left eye. Bill was her twin brother. They were dead lookalikes, except that Bill’s hair was black and his eyes were blue.

“Umm…early flight…?” Meredith hesitated. Her eyes trailed away from me and to something behind me. “Demetrius!” she suddenly screamed.

I took a step back. Ouch. Since when is Meredith’s scream so high pitched? She ran into the cottage.

Bill rolled his eyes. He took a step forward and kissed my cheek. I heard someone suddenly hiss from behind me. James is totally jealous. I could hold this against him.

“Hey cous,” Bill said, stepping in.

It was getting crowded. It was already crowded without Demetrius or my cousins, but now I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I looked over at Meredith. She was next to Demetrius. And Demetrius looked pained. He glanced over at me and gave me a look that I recognized as the, ‘Get this bitch away from me’ look. I grimaced.

Suddenly James appeared next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. He kissed my head, apparently relaxed now. I lifted my head to kiss him. He chuckled and placed his cheek on the top of my head.

“You were jealous,” I teased. “Of my cousin.”

“Would you expect anything less?” he whispered into my hair. “He doesn’t even smell like you.” I looked around. Everyone had relaxed and Jeff and Max had reappeared. I shrugged.

Meredith looked over at me. She tilted her head and asked, “Who’s this?” I doubted that she didn’t know. There was a knowledge in her eyes that gave her away.

I exchanged glances with James before he answered, “James Eventide. I’m Lumex’s boyfriend. ” He let go of my waist and held out his hand in a friendly gesture. I raised an eyebrow, curious of what she would do.

Meredith and Bill exchanged looks. They know that he’s a prince. But still they acted like they were humans to hide the secret from me. Meredith shook James’s hand with a confident smile. “I’m Meredith and this is my twin, Bill.” Bill waved and sat down on an armchair, making himself at home.

James stepped backwards and put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. “Where did you put the archaic lunate?” he said in a voice low enough that only I could hear it. My eyes widened. Damn. Where’d I drop it?

“Shit,” I cursed. James closed his eyes. I looked around without moving my head.

Someone tapped me on the back. I looked behind to find Viv smiling. “Try not to lose it ever again,” she said through her teeth as she slid a book into my hands. “If you were holding a baby and you got excited, you wouldn’t throw it under the coffee table, would you?” I gave her an apologetic look. She changed the topic. “Violet, it’s almost eleven,” she said.

“Crap!” Violet jumped up from her chair. “Gotta run.” She disappeared, whooshing past everyone. Though, she was smart enough to stop by and steal the archaic lunate from me.

I saw Meredith and Bill exchange another look. I leaned my head against James’s chest and laughed. Meredith looked at Demetrius for help, but he was smiling at me, seeming entertained by Meredith’s confusion. Bill frowned and stared at me.  James grinned.

“Oh, calm down, you two,” I laughed. Then I surprised them like I did to Molly. My senses sharpened, making me aware of everything around me. My eyes were more focused and red, and two fangs were poking at my lower lip. I flashed them a smile. I saw them turn white. “There’s no human nearby.”

I heard a heart stop. My smile faded. “Oh, God,” Meredith breathed, falling onto the coach next to Demetrius. She leaned against Demetrius for support. He tensed and looked at me for help. I just stared. A moment later I heard her heart resume. I exhaled. “Since when?” she asked.


“Since when are you a vampire?” Bill clarified. “Since when have you know the truth?”

“Five days? Give or take a few days.” James squeezed my shoulder reassuringly. I breathed deeply, trying to relax.

“And do you know that he,”—Meredith pointedly eyed James—“is a—?”

“I know he’s a prince,” I assured her.

Bill straightened up. “Did you bite her? I swear to god that if you so much as touch her like—” Bill was interrupted.

“I haven't done anything like that!” James exploded. “How could you even think that I’d do something like that to her?”

“What else do you want me to think?” he yelled back at James. “I'm sure that everyone here would think the same if they found out that you changed someone like Lumex into a vampire!”

“I didn’t even want to change her!” James let go of me and took a step towards Bill.

“James,” I mumbled, tugging at his shirt. He stopped at the recognition of my ‘back off’ warnings.

“Do you even know what they’re talking about?” Andrew asked. I shook my head. Max laughed and Scarlett and Vivian groaned. “Do you know that born vampires are supposedly the irresponsible teenagers in the seventies that were either looking for an easy prey or sluts?”

My mouth dropped open. I stared at him for a moment. I heard Demetrius curse and felt James tense. James is smart enough to know that I'm going to make a big deal out of this. Even I know that.

Though, instead of turning on James like everyone was expecting, I changed targets. “Who the hell do you think that James is?” I scowled at my cousin. “Do you expect a soul mate to do that to one another?”

Bill raised his hands in defeat, though he still looked a little puzzled. “Okay, let’s just go. Aunt Molly wanted us to come and get you.”

“Liar,” Meredith teased. She hugged Demetrius and he gave me another look that told me that my cousin was about to die unless I got her off of him. “You wanted to spy on me and Demetrius.” Bill shot his sister a dirty look.

“It’s common for anyone conscious of Black Moon to think that of his royalty,” Andrew dissed.

“Is that what you’re trying to do to Brooke?” I challenged, only five percent of me kidding. “Because you realize that if you especially do something like that to her, I won’t hesitate in killing you.” Brooke was delicate like a flower. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her so badly.

Andrew’s eyes widened. “No way!” he shouted defensively. “What’s going on between Brooke and me is something completely different!”

“It better be, Mr. Soul Mate.”

“Aw, Andrew’s got a girlfriend,” Max teased. Both Andrew and I shot him dirty looks.

Demetrius suddenly sent me a message. Lumex, either you get your cousin off and away from me, or you’re gonna have to report a murder and a missing person to the police.

I looked back at them. Meredith was cuddling him and he looked like he was about to snap. I could tell that he wasn’t kidding about what he said. I nodded once and then smiled.

“It’s almost midnight,” I said. “Molly will get mad at me if I'm late again. We should get moving.” I kissed James at the moment he turned to look at me. It was a way of avoiding that desperate look that he always gave me when we parted. “Come in the morning. I’ll be waiting for you,” I whispered to him.

“You’ll be mad at me if I wake you up at dawn, so don’t tell me to come up in the morning,” he joked. I laughed. “I’ll be over by the time you’re eating breakfast—lunch at the latest.” It took a lot of work to pull away from him and go towards Meredith.

“Meredith, leave Demetrius alone,” I chuckled. I grabbed her by the arm and yanked her up. I don’t think that I ever saw such an appreciative and grateful look like the one Demetrius was giving me at the moment. “Molly will get even madder if I leave you two behind.”

“But Lume,” she whined, looking at Demetrius longingly.

“I don’t care shit,” I responded. “Viv, you’re up tomorrow,” I said, smiling at Vivian. “Bring me a pointy black hat and a big caldron. You know, to get into character and all that crap.” I smiled and everyone except Bill, Meredith, and Jeff laughed. Jeff smiled, acknowledging the joke, but Meredith and Bill just looked confused. “And don’t even think about commenting on that, leech or Scruffy,” I warned when I saw Andrew and Max’s mouths open.

I saw Bill shoot James a dangerous look and I squeezed his arm. He flinched and looked blankly at the cottage door. Meredith was frowning, still confused of everything going on. She’s the one who’s supposed to have been preparing her whole life for this moment and she’s confused? You’d think that a Black Moon person would be more knowledgeable than any other person. Much more than a newbie. I hurried them outside.

We were miles away before I stopped them. Neither of them looked me in the eye. “Okay, how did you get in?” I demanded, putting my hands on my hips. “There are wards surrounding this place. Nobody other than us should be able to cross past that gate.”

Meredith rolled her eyes. “These wards allow anyone who has family blood. If they had maybe thought out some better method to set up these wards, or found a better spell to repel everyone who passes by, then maybe you wouldn’t be having this problem.”

Logical, I noted. “Well, then how come you’re here?”

“Well, it’s your birthday on Monday, there’s a party Sunday, and well, you’ll be seventeen.”

“Not that.” I sighed. It was so annoying when Meredith acted stupid to avoid answering a question. A normal human being would either avoid the subject or at least avoid making me mad. But, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t talking to a human being anymore. I never seemed to be talking to a human being anymore. “Why are you inside the wards? Why are you tracking me down? Why are you tracking Demetrius down?” I asked tediously.

“Does it matter?” Bill retorted. “Our cousin, who we haven't seen since last year, is not home when we arrive for a surprise. Did you expect us to just sit around? C’mon, Lu, you know us better than that.”

I did. I know everyone of my cousins like I know myself. We were practically joined at the hip. So why was it such a surprise?

“Okay,” I said slowly. “But why were you chasing Demetrius?”

Meredith smiled goofily. “He’s hot.” Bill rolled his eyes at his sister’s dreamy tone. “And don’t you remember last year?”

I tried to recall last year’s events. I remembered her and Demetrius being together for about five minutes, and then finding Demetrius hidden somewhere in the garden.

“Sorta,” I said, trying to spare her feelings.

I realized now that every year since we were twelve, Meredith had been chasing Demetrius, making him her pretend boyfriend or something. When she had turned fourteen, she had begun trying to kiss him. I'm surprised that Demetrius had come to my parties the following two years, even though he knew that Meredith was going to be there.

Then I remembered the look he had given me a few minutes ago. There was a reason that he asked me for help. There was a reason that when Meredith came, he looked for me. But I had been too blind to see it until now. Yet, it didn’t change my feelings.

I had to admit that I had gained an appreciation for Demetrius over the past couple of years. Though, it was still in a range of friendship. And after what I had seen today, I couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“And it’s a free country, so back off, Lu,” Meredith argued. I narrowed my eyes at her tone. She bit her lip, remembering how I usually reacted to such little things. Things that Molly, as a mother, hadn't taken the time to correct. “Oh, don’t start,” she said. “Let’s just go.” She looked at her twin before moving forward. “Billie, go in the middle.” He stared at her in disbelief. “Just to be safe that Lume doesn’t try out her new toys on my neck.” She shrugged. Again, Bill rolled his eyes.

“I won’t as long as you don’t tell anyone about me having fangs and all that,” I threatened. They looked at me oddly. “What?” I asked as we began walking.

“Nothing,” said Bill. “It’s just that, you’ve changed.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “You’ve become cold.” He must have been reading my face, because he cringed back in fear. “Those people you were hanging out with, what have they done to you? Sucked out all of the warmth?”

It took me a minute to decode the meaning behind his words. “I still love you guys,” I argued, stopping in front of the gate that separated the forest and the school. “You are still the reason that I smile. My family is still all that helps me stay standing.”

“Don’t lie, Lume,” Meredith said dryly. “That prince who will one day knock you up and then never look at you again is the reason that you smile. Because he has already cast his spell.”

My mouth dropped open. Before I could reveal too much, I took a few deep breaths and cleared my mind. “You two are jealous that after seventeen years, you guys aren't my main priority anymore. It’s sad when the happiness of one has to be killed by the jealously and envy of others.”

“He’s lying,” Bill defended his sister. “This is what they do.”

“No it’s not!” I ran a hand through my hair, trying to control my emotions before I revealed too much. “There is something that nobody knows about any of us. It is something that you will never find out for your own good. But that reason—it explains why I know that James would never do anything like that. It’s why I would bet my life that he is not lying.” I began marching away, but Bill grabbed my arm to stop me.

I didn’t fight back. I knew that if I were to go into defensive mode, someone would get hurt. “If it’s such a good reason,” he said through his teeth, “then why don’t you tell us it?”

I wet my lips. “Because first of all, I can't. It’s that important that it remains a secret. And second of all, I would have to kill you if you knew. And I'm simply not willing to lose another family member.” I easily escaped from his grip.

I jumped over the gate, ignoring the door which would hold me up. I searched for the motorcycle, positive that James wouldn’t mind if I took it for a spin since he lived right next door. The Buell Blast was the only vehicle in sight. I wondered where Meredith and Bill’s rented cars were.

The gate of the school was closed, and I was beginning to wonder how much of a daredevil I could be. I wouldn’t die from a simple crash, would I? Or was it that a special technique was required to heal quickly? I recalled my broken hand and how fast it had healed the night at the beach. That was all it took to convince me to try it out.

I climbed onto the motorcycle and turned on the machine with the keys that James had casually left in the ignition. When I looked around, I realized that there was a piece of metal leaning on the fence, creating a ramp. The bike roared to life underneath me. It was just as hungry for the adrenaline as I was.

You can't compare a little injury with a full cast accident, a sweet low voice whispered inside my head.

I froze. This was the voice that I hadn't heard from for such a long time. It was my guidance.

Ch—Chloe? I asked shyly.

Damn right it’s Chloe. So, why don’t you just listen to her and turn off the deathtrap.

But it’s okay. I'm a vampire. I can heal in the matter of seconds. I can control it. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you don’t remember, you’re only half of what any other vampire is, an annoyed voice said. This one was new. It’s only logical that you would only be granted half of the powers if not less. She snorted. And I thought you said she was smart.

Shut up, Annabelle! Chloe said. Ah. So this is my final guardian angel. It was about time she appeared.

Something about the way they fought disorientated me. It startled me. They acted just like relatives. Now that I thought about it, Luke and Chloe act like it too when they’re discussing. For some reason I feel like breaking up their fight. I felt like acting like a mother. And to make it all the more weird, it all seemed familiar somehow. It was hard to explain. I barely even knew what was going on. It felt like a distant memory.

Okay, now I’m really going crazy, I thought to myself. After the thought crossed my mind, I expected Chloe to defend my sanity, but she hadn't seemed to have heard that.

Lumex, just get off of the bike, Chloe begged. She said it warily and slowly, like someone trying to convince a panicking person with a gun that he wasn’t their enemy. Hesitantly, I took the key from the ignition. Now, for Isis’s sake, get off of it.

I got off just as slowly as I had turned off the engine. It was hard to get off. It wasn’t the adrenaline that usually kept me on my bike that stopped me from getting off. It was a force that was fighting against my actions. It was a familiar feeling. It was like the time Luke had taken control of my entire body.

The only difference was that when Luke planned something, he would start talking to me. There was total silence in my mind. It even felt empty, a sign that none of my angels were present. What the hell was that?

“Lumex!” Meredith screamed desperately as she reached my side. She slapped me upside the head. I just stared wide-eyed at her. “Are you crazy? What, since Bill and I don’t like your boyfriend, you’re suddenly suicidal?” She hugged me. “What would you have wanted me to say to Aunt Molly? You could have died.”

“Wait,” I mumbled. “How did you know that I was going to jump?” All I had done was turn on my motorcycle and set my target. I hadn't given any hints of what I was going to do.

Meredith tensed. “I—I know you, Lume,” she stammered. “I can easily foresee what you’ll do.”

“No.” I jumped off of the bike, opposite to the side my cousins stood. “This isn’t something that I would normally do. In this aspect, Bill’s right, I have changed.”

“Lumex, what are you thinking?” Bill asked cautiously.

My lower lip quivered. “That you were taking control—of my body.” It was a pretty big accusation.

It was my instinct that told me that something was going on with them. And by the look that crossed their faces—that look of panic and knowledge that they had been caught doing something meant to be a secret—I knew that my assumption was true. My eyes widened.

“Dammit,” Bill said under his breath. He quickly sprung for me, but I had already disappeared.

It was stupid to go to the school. I should have gone directly for the forest.

Oh, God. Oh, God. I was starting to panic. It’s taken me this long to realize this. I have to stop being so stupid. What had just happened was the proof James needed to say that I was too trusting. It was what Andrew had been teaching me. Anybody, even your family, can be your enemy. And he was right.

Either Bill or Meredith had begun taking control of my body. They had been trying to kill me, making it look like suicide as Luke had. I tried to open the front doors, but they were locked. Just then I heard the motorcycle come to life. But, this is probably not the only time that they’ve tried to kill me, I noted as I yanked open the doors and sprinted inside, searching for the stairs that would lead me to higher ground.

I was panting for the first time since my transformation. If my heart had been beating right now, people in Russia would have probably heard it and thought that a rocket was flying up into the sky.

It must have been my mind playing tricks on me, I tried to convince myself. I tried to get the image out of my head. I tried to forget how Meredith’s sea green eyes had turned orange before Bill sprung. Meredith wasn’t here when Brian attacked. She couldn’t be behind all of this. She’s not even a vampire.

“Lumex, there’s no use!” I heard Bill scream from somewhere behind me.

There wasn’t much of a distance between us anymore. They were getting closer. Not even with vampire speed am I able to escape them.

No machinery is fast enough to catch up to one of us. They must be doing something to the bike. And that means that soon they’ll have caught up with me.

I raced up the flight of stairs. I didn’t even want to start to think about any spells they could use in their advantage. Quickly I rummaged through my memory, trying to recall where the stairs that led to the roof were.

An engine started once more. Damn. They’re on my tail. I didn’t have time for cursing or logic. I was too scared for my life to worry about making sense of this whole moment.

Finally I found the stairs. I began running up when something grabbed the back of my shirt. I screamed. I turned and without thinking, kicked Bill in the face. His smug smile disappeared as he covered his bleeding nose. I sped up unsuccessfully. Apparently I had reached my peak. I slammed open the door before me and ran to the edge of the building.

“Dead end, cousin,” someone said from behind me. I turned around, wide-eyed. Bill was helping Meredith off the motorcycle. Bill’s face was covered in blood, but he didn’t seem to feel the injury anymore. “Just stop running and it’ll all be over soon,” Meredith finished.

My vocal chords were frozen. Okay, so stalling with trash talk won’t work this time. I looked behind me, staring at the forest engulfed in the darkness of the night. Jumping from a building is a little more intense than crashing a motorcycle, but I’ve done it before. Though, Violet was there to cushion my fall when I did jump from the balcony.

It’s better than being killed by Meredith and Bill. I took a step back and climbed onto the railing as I had the other day on the balcony.

Meredith stopped, evaluating what I was about to do. She grinned. I flinched. Her orange eyes were creeping me out. No. I won’t give her the pleasure.

I jumped. Meredith’s eyes widened as she realized that I was springing for her neck with exposed fangs. Bill blocked my attack. He hit me in the head, sending me flying over to the other side of the roof top. I caught myself before my head could slam against the floor. Hissing, I gathered myself.

I can't kill them. Even if they are evil, I can't bring myself to kill them. I need to paralyze them so I can get away. So that I can go get help.

Bill and I circled each other. Murder was in his eyes, and I knew that he could probably overpower me. I sprung for his throat again. I managed to tackle him down, but he pushed me off in one swift movement. When did he get so strong? He got up half a second before I did, grabbing me by the hair at that moment. I shrieked. Bill threw me to the ground again.

“You can't win,” he said bleakly. “Not after the training we’ve gone through.” He punched my stomach and then kicked my head. I coughed out blood. “Do you know how much we have given up for this moment? Do you know how many of us could be saved?” He kicked me one more time, this time scaring my stomach. Blood began pouring out. I gasped, coughing up blood.

“Bill,” Meredith called. “This isn’t the time for chit chat. Just finish the job,” she ordered.

I sprung upwards, tackling Bill to the floor. I got a good grip on him so that even if he fought, he wouldn’t be able to break free. I breathed heavily, dizzy from the blood loss.

I found his jugular easily. The blood was pumping steadily underneath his skin. I could already taste it. Coppery and delicious.

Bill laughed. This laugh was creepy. It was a lunatic’s laugh. “You won’t kill me. You can't. Because you’re weak. Love means nothing. Love will slowly kill you.” I studied his face. There was no fright. He was sure that I wouldn’t be able to kill him. But I would kill him. One death so that no more innocent people will die. That’s all it takes.

I leaned down. My fangs brushed his neck. The blood sped up. I gasped, the bloodlust beginning to overpower me. Only, I couldn’t do it. My head dropped, my fangs retracted, and Bill knew he had an advantage. He laughed again before kicking me off. My head hit the floor and stars danced in front of my eyes. Bill creeped towards me and I could see that this would be his last attack.

“Lumex!” someone suddenly yelled. We all turned to see Harmony standing on the edge of the building with a panicked expression. Strands of pale blonde hair were flowing in front of her face, making her green eyes the only visible thing. She was wearing a pale pink summer dress and high heels. It was still a surprise how graceful and coordinated vampires were.

“No, Harmony, stay away!” I cried. It was too late. Her green eyes shifted colors, turning golden, and she sprang for Bill.

Bill was brought to the floor as he fought Harmony. He pushed her away, avoiding her teeth which were snapping only inches away from his face. Harmony and Bill began circling each other, both of them intending to kill.

“Please, no!” I cried, clutching my bleeding stomach.

Harmony glanced at me for half a second before attacking again. Her eyes spoke, just like James’s did. Run, they said. I shook my head.

Bill began using magic. He had a fire ball in his hands and he shot it directly at Harmony. The bottom of her dress was burned, but she still fought. She hissed at him and then tried an attack from behind. Harmony kicked and punched and then tried to bite. Bill returned her attacks, adding fire and other magic in between every couple of hits. When he gathered a large fire ball, I thought I would snap. He aimed.

“No, please don’t! Bill!” He threw it. I couldn’t breathe. The smoke cleared up and Harmony attacked Bill again. I relaxed.

“Lumex!” she said. “Go! Get James!”

“I’m not leaving you!” I yelled just as my wound closed.

Suddenly, I was hit in the back of the head. I gasped. I touched the back of my head in check for blood. I was bleeding, surely. I jumped up, already in defensive mode. Meredith faced me, fire in her hands. She began shooting at me. I evaded her fire balls and tried to tackle her down. It was too bad that I had to keep my distance.

“Meredith, why are you doing this?” I demanded.

“Why does it matter to you?” she challenged. “Your life is perfect. So what if something goes wrong once?”

“My life is not perfect,” I argued. “Your life is probably a million times better than mine.” She threw me one of the big fire balls. It was a surprise that I was able to avoid that one.

“Don’t make me laugh,” she said before pulling a knife from her boot.

She blew on it once. I was worried now. A green aura surrounded her. She raised the knife and then barely moved her hand before knifes of all sizes began coming at me.

I fell to the floor and then jumped, trying to take it from her. She cut my arm. I flinched and faced her again. Meredith smiled and threw the final knife over the edge of the building. I realized then that talking wouldn’t even stall for time. These people were determined to complete their jobs.

Suddenly someone tackled Meredith to the floor. I watched them fight. Meredith was thrown against some trashcans that were up here. Jenna appeared by my side with Giselle. I gasped and tripped when I stepped backwards.

“Lumex, you have to get out of here,” Jenna said, her springy hair bouncing as she turned her head. I breathed awkwardly, all of my breaths coming out shakily. “You have to find James and tell him that they’re back. That he failed.”

Something suddenly came at us and Jenna left to fight Meredith. “Let’s go, Lumex,” Giselle said, abruptly picking me up in her arms. Her long straight hair covered me, as if offering protection from the outside world. She began running and before I knew it, we were in the air.

The movement was graceful, and the landing was even more elegant. She landed on a tree branch in the forest, and swung me onto her back. Then she began jumping from tree to tree, branch to branch, lower and lower, until she reached the ground.

“Who were those people?” she asked desperately.

I had to take a deep breath before answering. “My cousins.” She looked at me and then back at the forest.

“Why are they after you? Do they know something?”

“I honestly don’t have a clue, Giselle.” I clutched onto her tighter and lay my head on her shoulder as I focused on healing. “How did you guys know I was there?” I asked. “James and everyone else are only a few miles away, and they don’t know a thing.”

“You’re forgetting that we’re right next door. Now, shush,” she said. “I think I heard something.” Giselle stopped running. We were standing in the middle of the large forest, and Giselle was cautiously looking around, as if expecting something to pop out. The silence was stretching around us, and I felt as if I was going to scream.

The moment was beginning to get to me. There was mist around us, stunningly, and it was making the moment spooky. Owls were cooing and crickets were making sounds. A leaf crunched and I gasped. “Shh,” Giselle hushed me. I realized then that she had created that sound. I listened for what had alarmed her. Everything was quiet, even the animals.

But in the distance, I heard a wolf’s howl.

Giselle cursed. She swung me off of her back and shoved me backwards. “Lumex, run,” she begged just as a large animal attacked her.

I gasped. I tripped over a branch as I tried to back away. I fell to the floor. I saw the werewolf look at me as I watched the fight. He hit Giselle and sent her flying into a tree. Then he looked back at me, his lips curling back from his teeth as he growled at me. His eyes were evil and murderous. And they were slightly orange around the edge. I scrambled back, trying to get to my feet. He leaped and Giselle sent him flying the other way. I tripped again before I finally got on my feet. I clumsily began running away.

There was only one thought on my mind as I ran away, pushing through branches and trying not to be tripped by the undergrowth. James. I have to find James. He’ll know what to do. He’ll help Jenna, and Harmony, and Giselle. He’ll help me.

Damn. I kept telling him that he didn’t need to protect me. That I could defend myself. When the truth was that, I was only a small child in an unfamiliar world of adults.

I shrieked at one point when bats flew past my head. Everything looked the same. I was lost in the dark, misty forest. I had lost the scent of Giselle, and all of the other Eventides. If I could only find the cabin, then I could get back on track.

The wind made the leaves on the trees rustle. I breathed heavily. I heard the crunching of leaves and had to stop myself from screaming. There was a snapping of a branch and that was when I screamed. I began running away again. I didn’t know where I was going any longer. For all I knew, I could be running into this stalker.

He appeared in front of me as if carried in by the wind. I stopped in my tracks and almost fell again. He pulled me into his chest. I shook in his grasp.

“Calm down, Lume,” he said. “What’s going on? Why are you so scared?”

I cried into his chest for a minute. “Help me,” I begged. “They’re here. They’re after me.” He stroked my hair gently, trying to comfort me. “Demetrius, you have to remember. You have to tell me exactly who it was that gave you that order.”

“I can't,” he said. “I’ve tried and I come up blank every time.”

“Please,” I pleaded. “Please, try again. Try harder.”

He sighed angrily. Demetrius closed his eyes and tried to remember. He stayed like that for a while, just trying to remember. I tried to get out of his hug. Though, he seemed to have frozen, trapping me. Abruptly his eyes opened.

“Do you remember?” I breathed.

“No.” His mouth opened but no sound came out for a while. “But, I do remember something.”

My eyes brightened, though the feeling that something was about to come and kill me again didn’t ease.

“What?” I asked hopefully.

He looked down at me with apologetic eyes. His emerald green eyes burned through me. “James killed your father.”



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