Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 50
Nightmarish Events

          “No!!” yelled Mercer desperately.

Then Mercer shot a water blast that hit the sword out of Renji’s hand and froze it to the ground.

          “So you’re awake,” said Renji, “it’s too late.”

When Renji grabbed Sakaru by the throat, a shockwave emitted from Mercer and sent Renji into a tree behind him.

          “You will not harm Sakaru!” yelled Mercer.

All of the sudden, a column of water rose from the ground and surrounded Mercer. As the water spiraled Mercer, ice shards tore off Mercer’s skin and clothes, only to leave an outline filled with raging water. As the top half of his body grew more muscular, a draconic chest plate virtualized over his chest and water surrounded his chest, arms and tail like a veil. Then ice grew over his lower half of his body forming pants and draconic greaves. When scales covered the rest of the body, Mercer ripped through the water column.

          Now you will die!” growled Mercer.

          “Whoa,” said Sakaru amazed and affectionately.

          “So you’re bigger, so what?” asked Renji, “my werewolf army will tear you to shreds.”

Then hundreds of werewolves appeared from the shadows.

          “Bring it,” smiled Mercer.

          “Go!! Kill that freak!” yelled Renji.

As soon as the werewolves jumped towards Mercer, ice shards started to surround him.

          “This is too easy,” said Mercer.

When the werewolves were close enough, the ice shards exploded, impaling many of the werewolves.

          “Don’t let up, kill him now,” said Renji frantically.

Then the werewolves grew larger claws and surrounded Mercer.

          “Nice idea,” said Mercer as the water around his hands formed large claws.

So Mercer sliced and diced through the werewolves until there was only a few left.

          “Don’t screw around, he’s going to kill my love!” yelled Renji.

After the werewolves nodded, they howled very loud and created a shockwave that shattered every window nearby.

          “Nice voices,” said Mercer as he was pushed back a little.

Once the moon shone over the werewolves, they grew a little larger and muscular.

          “Nice trick, but nothing going to stop me from rescuing her!” yelled Mercer, “Shard Whirlpool!”

As water started to spin above him, ice shards were forming. When Mercer threw the whirlpool, the werewolves were sucked into the whirlpool and sliced to pieces.

          “Kind of weak for soldiers,” said Mercer.

          “Shit!” yelled Renji as he ran up a building with Sakaru still in his hands.

          “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Mercer as water formed wings on his back.

So Mercer jumped halfway up the building and flew the rest of the way. As soon as Mercer landed on the roof, Renji nearly fell over the edge with Sakaru in his hands.

          “Take one more step and I’ll… I’ll… I’ll drop her,” said Renji terrified.

          “Fine, go ahead,” said Mercer, “I dare you.”

          “What the hell?” asked Renji and Sakaru surprised.

After Mercer formed a blade using the water on his right hand and pointed it at Renji, he winked at Sakaru.

          “Go right ahead,” said Mercer, “I really don’t care.”

“Fine,” said Renji as he dropped Sakaru over the edge.

          “About time,” said Mercer.

Then Mercer slashed Renji off of the building.

          “Shit!!” yelled Renji as he fell.

          “Wait, where’s Sakaru?” asked Mercer as he looked around confused.

          “Down here, now help me!” yelled Sakaru as she hung at the end of a pole.

When Mercer picked up Sakaru, he jumped off of the building and landed safely on the street. All of the sudden, in a burst of water, Mercer turned to his original form.

          “That was so cool!” said Mercer.

          “Good for you, now leave me alone,” said Sakaru angrily.

          “Why are you mad at me, I just saved your life,” said Mercer.

          “Yeah, from you,” said Sakaru, “you had me dropped.”

          “You were supposed to transform and fly back up,” said Mercer.

          “Oh, well, I just want to go home,” said Sakaru.

          “Wait, what?” asked Mercer.

          “I’m tired and my feeling has left,” said Sakaru, “we’re going home.”

          “Fine…” sighed Mercer.

So Mercer and Sakaru got into the car and drove home silently. On the way, Sakaru fell asleep.

          “Wow, she really was tired,” said Mercer, “… I hope she doesn’t hate me now.”

Once Mercer got to the house, he woke up Sakaru and brought her to bed.

          “I’ll ask in the morning,” said Mercer as he went into his room and fell asleep.

That night, Mercer dreamt of Sakaru.

          “Do you hate me?” asked Mercer as he and Sakaru sat on the beach.

          “No, of course not,” said Sakaru.

          “Good, I never want to leave you,” said Mercer.

          “In fact, I’ll love to have you for dinner,” said Sakaru as she grossly morphed into her werepyre form.

          “What?” asked Mercer scared.

When Sakaru snarled, Mercer got up and started to run away, but he couldn’t go any further away.

          “I thought you said you’d never leave me,” laughed Sakaru as her face appeared over the sky behind Mercer, “oh well, you can never escape from me!”

So the ground below Mercer started to fade away until there was only a sliver of light left. As the light began to disappeared, red eyes appeared behind Mercer.

          “I told you,” said Sakaru as her face appeared, “you cannot escape from me!”

So Mercer jumped off of the sliver of light and fell through the darkness. After he hit the ground, the ground started to morphed into Sakaru’s face.

          “Why are you trying to run from me?” asked Sakaru, “I thought you said you loved me.”

          “I do!” said Mercer, “but this is wrong.”

          “How do you mean?” smiled Sakaru, “I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

Then Sakaru flicked Mercer into the air. As soon as Mercer landed in Sakaru’s mouth and Sakaru snapped her mouth closed, Mercer woke up screaming.


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