Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 48
Stalker problems

          Meanwhile, Zhen was driving to the arena in her Duran car.

          “I wonder how Razai is doing?” asked Zhen to herself.

After she arrived at the arena, she walked into the fighter’s room.

          “Razai! How are things doing?” asked Zhen.

          “Pretty good,” said Razai, “why are you here?”

          “Logan is off training, so I decided to train myself,” said Zhen.

          “Okay, good luck,” said Razai.

          “Thanks,” said Zhen as she left Razai and went to the training area with the target dummies.

So Zhen pulls out her naginata and begins to slash a dummy.

          “Oh… my… god, it’s Zhen!” said a twenty three year old Dark Elf male.

          “Do I know you?” asked Zhen.

          “No… but everyone knows you,” said the dark elf, “my name is Dylan.”

          “Hi, Dylan,” said Zhen, “uh… do you want an autograph?”

          “No, but I want to hang with the only girl in the spirit five,” said Dylan, “the best looking one in this world as well.”

          “Why, thank you, but I already have a boyfriend,” said Zhen.

          “I know that, but you want to dump the guy who nearly destroyed Ald Xaihou and hurt you, right?” asked Dylan.

          “No!!” yelled Zhen angrily, “besides he knows how to treat a lady.”

          “Fine, but no one likes Logan anymore,” said Dylan.

          “I do!” said Zhen angrily as she pointed her naginata at Dylan.

          “I’m surprised he wasn’t arrested yet,” said Dylan as he gently pushed away the naginata.

          “Is this how you try and coax a lady to like you, because it isn’t working,” said Zhen as she raised her naginata,” now leave me alone.”

          “Fine, but I will get you for myself,” said Dylan, “but first… hey everyone, Zhen is here!”

All of the sudden, several people swarmed Zhen. Once Razai got into the room, he slammed an axe into the floor.

          “Leave her alone,” said Razai.

So the crowd started to disperse, but a couple stayed.

          “Can I have an autograph?” asked an eighteen year old Hume female.

          “Sure,” smiled Zhen as she signed a piece of paper.

After signing a couple more, the final person in line stayed.

          “Thanks for the autograph,” said a nineteen year old Forest Elf male.

          `”No Prob,” smiled Zhen.

          “Is Logan feeling better?” asked the Forest Elf.

          “He’s back to himself, why do you ask?” asked Zhen.

          “He’s my role model, I’m practicing magic right now and limiting myself to using lightning elements,” said the Forest Elf.

          “Cool, but I’ll tell you a secret, Logan’s favorite elements is lightning, but he had trained to use every element,” said Zhen.

          “Really?” asked the Forest Elf.

          “Yes, he even taught me how to use fire,” said Zhen.

          “Wow, that’s awesome!” said the Forest Elf, “I’ll practice right now!”

When the Forest Elf left the room, Dylan came back.

          “What do you want?” scowled Zhen.

          “To see if I was right, I guess I wasn’t,” said Dylan.

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “I wanted to see if you would be mean,” said Dylan, “I’m surprised.”

          “I will only treat those the way they treat me, you weren’t polite,” said Zhen.

          “Ah I see,” said Dylan, “oh well I guess I will follow you until you change your mind.”

          “Okay, but just make sure I don’t catch you or else,” said Zhen.

          “Fair enough,” said Dylan as he left.

          “What the hell was that?” asked Razai.

          “I live in a different dimension, he’ll give up sooner or later,” said Zhen.

          “Oh, smart,” said Razai, “but what if he doesn’t stop bothering you?”

          “My brother will take care of it,” said Zhen, “I’m protected either way.”

          “Right…” said Razai, “well, good luck then.”

So Razai left the room.

          “Though I shouldn’t have said that…” said Zhen.

Then Zhen continued to slash the dummy. When Dylan came back, he was carrying a spear and began to slash the dummy next to Zhen.

          “What?” asked Zhen, “you’re bothering me.”

          “Good, it’s working then,” said Dylan.

          “Great...” sighed Zhen.

          “I know,” smiled Dylan.

          “I need to lose him, but how?” thought Zhen as she slashed the dummy, “I know!”

After Zhen stopped attacking the dummy, she walked away. When Dylan began to follow Zhen, she stopped in front of a door.

          “I’m heading to the bathroom,” said Zhen, “you can’t follow me in there.

          “I’ll wait outside for you then, you have to come out sooner or later,” said Dylan.

          “Gross,” said Zhen as she went into the bathroom.

Once she stopped, she looked around.

          “Time to lose him,” whispered Zhen as she tore off her clothes.

As quickly as possible, shadows formed clothes over Zhen.

          “I hope this works,” whispered Yuki.

As soon as she exited the bathroom, she ran into Dylan.

          “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone,” said Dylan.

          “Okay,” said Yuki as she ran off.

          “Strange girl,” said Dylan as he stood in front of the door.

          “It worked, “smiled Yuki, “that was easy.”

So Yuki left the arena and walked towards her car. All of the sudden, she noticed Dylan at her car waiting.

          “Damn, he’s waiting for me,” said Yuki, “now what?”

Then Razai walked up to her.

          “I’ll help you out,” said Razai, “but you need to lock him up for this.”

          “I’m sorry,” said Yuki, “I will.”

          “Good, you’re the sixth one he has chased,” said Razai.

          “Oh, well then,” said Yuki as she turned to her original form, “I’ll take care of this.”

          “No wait!” said Razai.

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “He has extra protection, that’s why he’s doing this, you touch him, you will die,” said Razai.

          “Well then, I don’t want to do that,” said Zhen, “but I will take care of this, thanks.”

So Zhen walked up to Dylan.

          “You’d better stop following me, you stalker!” yelled Zhen as a fiery aura surrounded her.

          “Okay,” said Dylan calmly.

          “Wait, what?” asked Zhen as her aura dissipated.

          “I’m Dylan’s twin brother, Kyle,” said Kyle, “I’m sorry for Dylan.”

          “Okay…” said Zhen.

          “I tried to get him into an asylum, but he refuses,” said Kyle.

          “I’ll help you,” said Zhen, “as long as he doesn’t stalked me anymore.”

          “Thanks,” said Kyle, “I’ll give you permission to touch.”

          “Royal family?” asked Zhen.

          “Yep, the Shia family,” said Kyle.

          “Okay, let’s go!” said Zhen.


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