Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 47
Haruka's fight

          “Oh… sure,” said Haruka.

          “Cool, uh… is there something you want to do?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Not really… sorry,” said Haruka.

          “Oh… um… how about we go to the park?” asked Gan Xing, “I’m sure there’s something to do there.”

          “Okay,” said Haruka.

After Gan Xing and Haruka left the kitchen, Mercer walked up to them.

          “You guys doing something?” asked Mercer.

          “Yeah, we’re going to the park,” said Gan Xing.

          “Okay, but be careful, I hear there’s a group causing trouble here,” said Mercer.

          “Okay,” said Gan Xing.

So Gan Xing and Haruka left the house and went to the park, east of the aerodrome. When they got there, they saw that other people were there as well.

          “Do you want to swing or hang around, or is there something you like to do here,” said Gan Xing.

          “Actually, this is my first time at a park…” said Haruka.

          “Oh, then I’ll show you the swings, it is pretty fun,” said Gan Xing.

          “Okay,” said Haruka.

When they got to the swings, people started to swarm Gan Xing.

          “It’s Gan Xing, the winged hume of the spirit five!” said a Hume kid.

          “Yes, hello,” said Gan Xing, “uh… would you mind if we swung here with ya?”

          “Yeah, sure but first, can you show us some tricks?” asked a Forest Elf kid.

          “If it’s okay with your parents,” said Gan Xing.

          “I’m right here, and go ahead,” said a thirty three year old Forest Elf female.

          “Haruka, if you don’t mind, could I show ya’ll some tricks I learned?” asked Gan Xing.

          “… go ahead,” said Haruka as she nodded.

          “Okay, here we go,” said Gan Xing as his wings appeared.

So Gan Xing held out his hand and summoned a mini tornado. As Gan Xing guided it around the crowd, kids walked up to it.

          “It’s okay, it’s not going to hurt anyone, touch it if you want,” said Gan Xing.

So kids put their hands in the tornado, only to disrupt the tornado’s spin pattern. Soon enough, the tornado disappeared.

          “Oh man...” said the kids.

          “Keep watching,” said Gan Xing.

Then the tornado started to reform.

          “I’ll make it a bit bigger,” said Gan Xing as the tornado grew several inches, “does anyone have a fresh apple?”

All of the sudden, a kid threw a red apple into the tornado. The kids laughed as the apple spun around the tornado.

          “Alright, come get your apple back,” said Gan Xing.

Once the kid came to get his apple, the tornado grew smaller and carried the apple to the kid.

          “I’m sorry, but I’m done,” said Gan Xing.

          “Oh man…” said the kids.

So Gan Xing stood behind a swing.

          “Please sit here, Haruka,” said Gan Xing.

          “Okay…” said Haruka as she sat down on the swing.

          Alright, I’m going to push you,” said Gan Xing.

          “What? Wait, no!” yelled Haruka.

But it was too late, Gan Xing pushed Haruka and she began to swing.

          “Now tuck in your legs when you go back and kick when you go forward,” said Gan Xing.

          “Okay,” said Haruka.

So Haruka tucked in her legs when she went back and kicked when she went forward, Then she started to go faster and higher with each kick.

          “Whoa! This is scary,” said Haruka.

          “Don’t worry, I’m right here when you want to get off,” said Gan Xing.

          “Okay, I want to get down,” said Haruka.

          “Then drag your feet on the ground,” said Gan Xing.

          “I’m scared,” said Haruka.

          “Alright, I’ve got you,” said Gan Xing.

So Gan Xing grabbed the chains, but Haruka jumped off and landed on Gan Xing.

          “Oh my god, are you okay?” asked Haruka as she got off of Gan Xing.

          “I’m fine, but are you okay?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Yea…” asked Haruka.

          “I guess the swings aren’t for you,” said Gan Xing.

          “Oh...” sighed Haruka.

          “It’s okay,” said Gan Xing, “there’s plenty to do here.”

          “Okay,” said Haruka as she nodded.

Then a loud roar echoed throughout the area.

          “Oh no, it’s them,” said Gan Xing, “everyone run!”

          “Do we hide?” asked Haruka as everyone else ran from the park.

          “You go hide, I’ll deal with them,” said Gan Xing.

          “But you’ll get hurt,” said Haruka.

          “Don’t worry about me,” said Gan Xing, “just go!”

          “Okay,” said Haruka as she ran and hid under the slides.

          “I wonder if there’s anyone here we can use,” said one of the riders as they rode into the park.

Then he saw Haruka under the slides.

          “She’s cute,” said the rider, “let’s get her!”

Once they mover their motorcycles towards the slide, a powerful gust of wind blew all of them into the jungle gym.

          “Leave her alone,” said Gan Xing, “I’m never going to let you take her.”

          “Fine, we’ll beat you first,” said the rider as they got out of the jungle gym.

          “Uh... boss,” said Forest Elf rider, “he’s one of the spirit five.”
          “That pipsqueak?” laughed the boss, “this has to be a joke.”

          “No, seriously, I saw him on the stage at Ald Xaihou,” said the Forest Elf.

          “Well then, I guess we need to capture him,” said the boss, “ready bait and switch.”

          “Right boss,” said the forest elf.

So all of the riders surrounded Gan Xing.

          “Well, this sucks,” said Gan Xing.

After one of the riders attacked Gan Xing, a large net was thrown onto Gan Xing from behind.

          “What the hell?” asked Gan Xing as he struggle to get out.

          “No!!” screamed Haruka.

          “You’re next, now come here” said the boss.

          “Run!” yelled Gan Xing.

          “No…” said Haruka, “I’ll fight.”

          “Well then, attack!” said the boss.

So all of the riders ran towards Haruka. When the riders were close to enough, Haruka threw her chakrams that flew in a circular motion around her. After the riders were repelled back, Haruka caught her chakrams.

          “Fine,” said one of the riders, “I’ll use this.”

Then the rider pulled out a huge Gatling gun.

          “No!!” yelled Gan Xing.

“Light and Darkness Barrier!” yelled Haruka as the rider shot his Gatling gun.

As Haruka spun around, a black and white mini tornado deflected all of the bullets.

          “What?” asked the rider after he ran out of bullets.

          “Let’s go!” said another rider as they pulled out massive weapons and ran towards Haruka.

As soon as they swung at Haruka, she dodged each attack and pushed them back.

          “How is she doing that?” asked one of the riders.

          “Just beat her!” said the boss.

          “White arrows and black spikes!” said Haruka as she summoned a row of arrows with her white chakram and punched the ground with her black chakram.

So several white arrows pinned the riders to the ground, and black spikes captured the boss and cut the net.

          “That was awesome!” said Gan Xing.

“Really?” asked Haruka shyly.

“Yep,” said Gan Xing as he smiled.

Then Sakaru flew next to Gan Xing and Haruka.

          “Thanks for capturing these guys,” said Sakaru, “for some reason they won’t go after Shakti…”

          “No problem,” said Haruka.

          “Well let’s head home,” said Sakaru, “it was such a tiring day.”

          “Okay,” said Haruka.

So Gan Xing, Sakaru and Haruka went back home.


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