Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 45
Who is Pang Vong?

          “Then try to kill me!” yelled Seoshi as he ran towards Logan.

          “Cosmic Storm!” yelled Logan as he ran.

As Logan ran, his rainbow aura formed lightning around his sword.

          “Viper force!” yelled Seoshi as he ran.

So as Seoshi ran, his green aura formed a viper around him. When they collided, a shockwave nearly destroyed the forest. As the light that bathed the area dimmed, it revealed Seoshi overpowering Logan in sword clashes.

          “Your power is weak,” yelled Seoshi, “you don’t have the pure hatred to become powerful.”

          “So you think,” said Logan as he pushed Seoshi away, “you’re getting tired from using that power, soon it will diminish.”

          “Damn,” thought Seoshi.

          “Ultima weapon!” yelled Logan as his katana faded away and a large machine was summoned in front of him, “now what will you do?
          “This, Toxic Dragon Arc!” yelled Seoshi as he emitted green lightning.

After the green lightning formed a dragon, it dove down at Logan.

          “Shit!!” screamed Logan as he and his machine was electrocuted.

After Logan knelt down in pain, his machine disintegrated.

          “Now you kneel before me,” said Seoshi, “you’ve become a nuisance for far too long, now I’m going to end this once and for all.”

As soon as Seoshi stood over Logan, he lifted his sword over his head.

          “Like I said, I feel bad,” said Logan, “Earthen Guard!”

So a rock formation formed a protective shell that surrounded Logan. But Seoshi slashed through the rock and into Logan.

          “Good try,” said Logan as he turned into mud and melted away, “Magna Wave!”

All of the sudden, Logan burst from the ground and uppercutted Seoshi with a silver wave of energy.

          “How the hell?” groaned Seoshi, “you shouldn’t have enough time to create a clone.”

          “But I did,” said Logan, “you weren’t quick enough.”

          “That rock,” said Seoshi, “that’s how!”

          “You’re smarter than I thought, but are you smart enough to prove a challenge?” asked Logan.

Then Seoshi growled in anger.

          “Hurry the hell up, you won’t last long in your state,” said Pang Vong.

          “I want to show him what it means to have true power,” said Logan, “otherwise, he’ll come back again.”

          “Fine…” said Pang Vong, “Idiot…”

          “Ahh!” yelled Seoshi as large green aura surrounded him, “this is my true power!”

So the green bone-like structure that was on him began to grow larger and started to form a more sinister looking armor. After the armor was complete, his sword grew bigger and more sinister as well.

          “Time to die!” yelled Seoshi with a monstrous voice as he vanished.

Once Seoshi kicked Logan through a couple of trees stumps, he slashed Logan with extreme speed and power.

          “So this is the power you’ve been hiding…” said Logan as he groaned.

          “Now what will you do?” asked Seoshi with a smirk.

          “Prove you wrong!” yelled Logan as an explosion blew Seoshi away, “Ultima Weapon!”

So the large machine was summoned in front of Logan once more.

          “Trying that again?” asked Seoshi, “moron…”

Then Seoshi started to run towards Logan.

          “Fire!!” yelled Logan as Seoshi slashed through the machine.

Then a large white magical explosion bathed the area in a bright light.

          “I’ve won,” said Seoshi as Logan turned to his original form in a silver inferno.

          “I wouldn’t be so sure,” groaned Logan as he collapsed and the light began to fade away.

All of the sudden, Seoshi started to fade away as well.

          “What?” asked Seoshi confused, “how the hell did this happen?”

          “My friends…” sighed Logan as he fell unconscious.

          “He passed, but he still needs to learn to defeat his enemies quickly, this is becoming a waste of time,” said Pang Vong as he picked up Logan.

When Logan woke up, he was in his room, in his house, with Zhen nearby.

          “You’re awake!” said Zhen, “I’m glad, but why did you leave?”

          “I was afraid that Seoshi would appear again, he almost killed you,” said Logan, “I’m sorry…”

          “Good thing Pang Vong helped you,” said Zhen, “otherwise you’d never would of come back.”

          “How did you know?” asked Logan.

          “He brought you here,” said Zhen, “he seems to be staying now.”

          “Where is he?” asked Logan as he got up.

As soon as Logan got up, he felt a sharp pain.

          “He’s downstairs, but you need to be careful, using that much mana weakened your body,” said Zhen as she got Logan to lie back down, “here, Pang Vong said this would help.”

So Zhen gave Logan an elixir.

          “Thanks,” said Logan as he drank the elixir.

          “Is Seoshi gone?” asked Zhen.

          “For now, but I don’t know for how long,” said Logan.

          “Come on, you need to know about the new power you gained,” said Pang Vong as he walked into the room.

          “Well what is it?” asked Logan as he sat up.

          “Carnage,” said Pang Vong, “but you must be willing to sacrifice everything.”

          “Then no, I will not, could not and would not use it then,” said Logan, “I will not endanger my friends again.”

          “Good, so the power you desire isn’t the power of death,” smiled Pang Vong, “great, because carnage isn’t even a real power.”

          “What?” asked Logan and Zhen.

          “Yep, carnage is my nickname I got during the dark ages,” said Pang Vong.

          “Dark ages?” asked Zhen.

          “You didn’t know?” asked Pang Vong.

          “Dude, we didn’t know you existed until we found you,” said Logan.

          “Ah, well I was assigned to wait for the spirit five to return, so the ancients gave me immortality,” said Pang Vong, “the plaque wasn’t as fun as you would think…”

          “Okay…” said Zhen as she looked at Logan, “that explains a lot.”

          “Fair enough, let’s go,” said Logan as he got up, “let’s learn this new power.”

          “Okay, but since you destroyed my forest, we need another place,” said Pang Vong.

          “This time we’ll go to mine,” said Logan, “it’s downstairs.”

          “Really?” asked Zhen.

          “Yep, but once training is in session, the door cannot be opened from the outside and any noise is cancelled out as well,” said Logan.

          “Wow, is it in another dimension by any chance?” asked Zhen.

          “You got it, so while Pang Vong and I train, everyone else is on vacation until I’m done,” said Logan.

          “I’m coming with you,” said Zhen.

          “Not this time,” said Logan, “it’s too dangerous.”

          “I’m coming! I can handle myself!” said Zhen angrily.

          “I’m sorry,” said Logan, “Arc Restraint.”

Then Zhen was restrained to the wall with electrical arcs.

          “I’m going to kill you!” yelled Zhen as she struggled to get out.

          ”Sorry,” said Logan as he and Pang Vong left.


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