Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 44
What Seoshi wants

When Logan woke up in the middle of the night, several days later, he sat up silently.

          “I can’t believe I almost killed Zhen,” thought Logan as he looked at Zhen who was sitting in a chair asleep, “I need to leave before I hurt anyone else.”

So Logan quietly left the room and left the Imperial City.

          “I need to seal this power,” said Logan as he walked through the forests behind the Imperial City, “but how, he keeps escaping.”

          “Why do you need to seal your power?” asked Pang Vong as he sat in a tree, “is it because you’re afraid or is it something else?”

          “I’m afraid to hurt my friends again,” said Logan, “power is nothing if you can’t control it.”

          “Well it’s not you power to begin with,” said Pang Vong.

          “What?” asked Logan confused.

          “The power you wield is Seoshi’s, not yours,” said Pang Vong.

          “Well get rid of him,” said Logan.

          “Are you willing to get rid of the part that makes you the spirit warrior?” asked Pang Vong.

          “Wait, Seoshi is the spirit warrior, not me?” asked Logan.

          “Well yes and no, He is you and you are him,” said Pang Vong, “so do you really want to get rid of him?”

          “I guess not…” sighed Logan, “but what can I do?”

          “Instead of separating, why not join forces,” said Pang Vong.

          “You don’t know him, do you?” asked Logan.

          “You can treat him as a separate power source, like a second battery, only to be used in emergency situations,” said Pang Vong.

          “Okay… but I don’t want him to take over and destroy everything,” said Logan, “I barely stopped him this time.”

          “Then defeat him and make him submit to you,” said Pang Vong, “only then you will gain a new power.”

          “Fine,” said Logan, “what do I have to do?”

          “We’ll go to my training place and bring Seoshi alive, just so you can beat him, if you can,” said Pang Vong.

          “What are you crazy?” asked Logan, “he’ll kill everything he sees.”

          “Well if you’re scared,” said Pang Vong, “then go back and risk your friends’ lives.”

          “I’ll do it, I’ll do it…” said Logan.

          “Good, follow me,” said Pang Vong as he ran out of the forest and into a desert.

Then Pang Vong stopped suddenly.

          “We’re in middle of nowhere, so why did we stop?” asked Logan.

          “This,” said Pang Vong as a small doorway opened, leading a forested area.

          “Whoa,” said Logan as he and Pang Vong walked into the forest.

          “Alright, let’s bring out the guest of honor,” said Pang Vong.

          “How?” asked Logan.

All of the sudden, Pang Vong reached into Logan through his chest and pulled out Seoshi.

          “I’m free,” said Seoshi.

Then Seoshi slashed Pang Vong, but the attack went through him.

          “I’m not here,” said Pang Vong, “I’m astral projecting from a safe location.”

          “So I get to beat on Logan for real,” said Seoshi, “that’s perfect.”

          “I guess we’ll find out,” said Logan, “Thunder Gemini!”

But nothing happened.

          “I am your power source, but with me here,” said Seoshi, “you can’t do anything.”

          “So I’m treated as a regular civilian?” asked Logan, “perfect.”

          “What?” asked Seoshi.

          “The spirit five are restricted to their respective elements,” said Logan, “but I’m not.”

          “Oh shit,” said Seoshi.

          “Exactly, Water pistol!” said Logan as he shot a small burst of water at Seoshi.

          “Ahh!!” yelled Seoshi as he was electrocuted.

          “Water will short circuit your electrical powers,” said Logan, “and now… Mud Prison!”

So mud started to cover Seoshi.

          “Acid Armor,” said Seoshi as the mud slid off of him, “I actually have two elements, yours and mine.”

When Seoshi unsheathed his sword, he ran towards Logan.

          “Rock Armor!” said Logan as rock covered him

          “Good try, but not only you can only use low level spells but the power is three times weaker than mine,” said Seoshi, “Viper Strike!”

As soon as Seoshi hit the rock armor, a fiery explosion blew away Seoshi.

          “Damn, he’s right,” said Logan, “and I have little mana now.”

          “I see you’re losing it,” said Seoshi, “but I’m just starting!”

After Seoshi moved, he vanished in a puff of smoke.

          “Shit, where is he?” asked Logan.

          “Toxic Punch!” yelled Seoshi as he punched Logan in the face.

When Logan was slammed into a tree, Seoshi kicked him through it.

          “There’s nothing you can do to stop me,” said Seoshi.

          “Remember why you are doing this,” said Pang Vong, “are your friends really that unimportant?”

Then Logan remembered all of his friends and the good times they had.

          “No, they are important to me, I can’t allow Seoshi to roam around freely,” said Logan as he got up, “I won’t!”

All of the sudden, an aura of many bright colors surrounded Logan.

          “I will never let Seoshi to be free again!” said Logan as a white light blinded everyone.

So as soon as Logan’s skin, hair and clothes were torn off, only to leave an outline filled with rainbow colored light, armor fragments began to piece together on Logan’s body. Once celestial, magnificent draconic paladin armor was completed, his skin returned and his short black hair turn to long straight silver hair.

          “What the hell is this?” asked Seoshi shocked, “this is truly impossible, nothing could of given you this power.”

          “You still don’t understand,” said Logan with a majestic echo in his voice, “human nature to protect their loved one drives mana. Lets it be more or less then they are capable of.”

          “So?” asked Seoshi, “I’m more powerful than anyone alive!!”

Then a green bone-like structure started to cover Seoshi only to create a serpentine armor. So after the armor was complete, Seoshi summoned a large sinister-looking sword.

          “Are you really?” asked Logan with the echo, “and what drives you to this power?”

          “You!!” bellowed Seoshi as a green aura surrounded him, “you imprisoned me, you force me back and the thing I what is to kill you and everyone you care for!”

          “Oh well, if that’s what’s driving you, I feel bad,” said Logan with the echo as a katana was summoned in front of him, “because this ends here!”

So Logan lunged at Seoshi.


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