Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 43
The will to fight

          Back in Logan’s mind, Logan was laying on the ground, injured badly.

          “Are you sure you can keep this up, I’m going to end this quicker than I thought,” said Seoshi as he stood over Logan, smiling.

          “I have to beat you!” said Logan angrily.

          “Too bad your girlfriend can’t beat me, just like you,” said Seoshi.

          “What?” asked Logan shocked.

          “As we fought, I took control of your body, Zhen didn’t like it one bit,” said Seoshi.

          “You killed her…” sighed Logan.

          “Not yet, but she’ll die soon, she pissed me off,” said Seoshi.

          “Then I still have a chance,” said Logan.

          “What chance?” asked Seoshi as he laughed, “you didn’t even have one to begin with.”

          “You’re right, but now I need to fight for her,” said Logan as he got up, “you’re not going to kill anyone today.”

          “You sure?” asked Seoshi, “you are too close to death to be saying things like that.”

          “I finally know what drives mana,” said Logan, “it isn’t wanting power or revenge, it’s the will to fight for what you care for.”

          “What?” asked Seoshi as he laughed, “now you’re really delusional.”

          “Are you truly sure?” asked Logan as a golden aura spiraled around him.

          “No…” said Seoshi shocked, “he didn’t…”

All of the sudden, a lightning bolt struck Logan and tore off his hair, skin and clothes, only to leave an outline filled with condensed electricity.

          “Ahh!!” yelled Logan as a dragon shaped lightning bolt formed clothes and reconstructed his entire body.

The lightning created a black skin tight suit with a draconic breastplate, a ninja mouth mask, draconic greaves and black boots. As soon as another lightning bolt struck him, golden straight hair covered his yellow dragon-like eyes and a great sword appeared in front of him.

          “This is where you fall, forever,” said Logan as he grabbed the sword.

Then with Logan moving, Seoshi was slammed into the ground.

          “What hit me?” groaned Seoshi as he got up.

          “Was those six hits too fast for you?” asked Logan with a smirk.

          “Six?” asked Seoshi, “you didn’t move.”

          “Come at me,” said Logan, “I’ll slow it down for you.”

So Seoshi ran towards Logan as fast as he could. Barely moving a muscle, Logan hit Seoshi several more times with his sword. After sending Seoshi into the air, Logan instantaneously slashed Seoshi five times before he slammed Seoshi towards the ground.

          “How?” asked Seoshi as Logan grabbed him before Seoshi hit the ground.

          “This is the speed of lightning,” said Logan.

When Logan threw Seoshi into the air, Zhen appeared through a portal.

          “Attack with everything you got!” said Logan, “we need to defeat Seoshi!”

          “Okay,” said Zhen, “Phoenix Kick!”

          “Dramon Barrage!” yelled Logan as he shot a large stream of electricity into the air and Zhen jumped high into the sky.

          “You missed!” laughed Seoshi.

          “Wasn’t aiming for you, too dangerous,” said Logan as Zhen started to dive towards Seoshi.

As Zhen fell, flames engulfed her. At the exact same time, several bolts of lightning hit Seoshi and Zhen kicked straight through Seoshi.

          “No!!” yelled Seoshi as the green bone-structure started to disintegrate and he began to turn back to Logan.

          “I’m glad that’s over,” sighed Logan as he fell from the sky.

          “I’ve got you!” yelled Zhen as she flew towards Logan.

But it was too late, Logan slammed into the ground with impressive forces.

          “No!!” cried Zhen as she started to slow down.

As soon as Zhen got to Logan, she reverted to her original form.

          “No… what have I done?” sobbed Zhen, “please come back to me.”

Then Zhen tried to heal Logan, but got nothing. So Cao Ju walked up to Zhen with everyone else.

          “Is he?” asked Mercer worried.

          “I don’t know…” sighed Zhen, “but I fear the worst…”

          “Oh no…” sobbed Haruka as she cried on Gan Xing.

          “Trust me, he’s been through worst,” said Ryu, “plus this isn’t the time Seoshi was free.”

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “A couple of years ago, Seoshi awaken and killed Riona and her family, it was the reason Logan was sent to jail,” said Ryu.

          “Oh yeah,” said Gan Xing, “but he wasn’t this badly injured last time.”

          “This is my fault, I killed him,” sobbed Zhen.

          “Let me see,” said Cao Ju as he knelt down and placed his hands on Logan’s chest,” he’s alive but barely, he need immediate emergency attention.”

          “He destroyed the only hospital nearby,” said Shindomaru.

All of the sudden, Cao Ju disappeared with Logan.

          “What the hell?” asked Zhen confused.

          “Where did they go?” asked Mercer.

          “It was his teleportation technique,” said Rukia as she walked up to Zhen.

          “Who are you?” asked Zhen.

          “I’m Rukia Tokochi, Logan’s secretary,” said Rukia.

          “Where are they?” asked Zhen angrily.

          “I don’t know,” said Rukia.

Then Mercer’s earphone rang.

          “Hello?” answered Mercer.

          “I’m at the Imperial ER,” said Cao Ju,” come right away.”

          “Okay,” said Mercer as he hung up, “Cao’s at the Imperial ER, we to go now.”

          “Okay,” said Zhen as she ran to the airship.

As soon as everyone was onboard the Stagna, they left for the Imperial City.


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