Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 41
Logan's other self?

          So later that night, everyone gathered around the stage again.

          “Alright, tonight, the group, Akihiro, will act out the prophecy for us,” said Cao Ju, “the spirit five and their friends will be sitting over there next to the stage.”

Then twelve seats rose up from the ground, a couple feet from the stage. When Logan, Mercer, Zhen, Gan Xing, Brock, Rasputin, Ryu, Sakaru, Haruka, Shindomaru, Rika and Cao Ju sat down in the seats, the lights dimmed.

          “Hundreds of years ago, five oracles not of this world predicted that their leader, which was sealed in a hume and frozen in time, will return,” said a male voice as smoke covered the stage, “so they sealed themselves in their children, o be passed down until the time has come.”

All of the sudden, a flash blinded everyone and a dark character appeared from the shadows.

          “I am Xaiver Black, I will destroy this world” said the Xaiver actor, “no one can stop me!”

After the shadows disappeared, five people individually glowing, yellow, blue, red, white and brown illuminated the stage.

          “No, the spirit five!” said the Xaiver actor, “too bright!!”

          “Your reign of terror stops here,” said each of the glowing people as their lights began to dim.

So the Xaiver actor began to sink into the stage. All of the sudden, everyone started to clap.

          “Very well done, but sadly your only got part of the picture,” said a familiar voice.

          “Oh no,” said Logan as he stood up.

          “It’s when I killed the spirit five,” said Xaiver as lights shone upon him.

          “Everyone, run!” yelled Logan.

          “You’re right to run, but not from me,” said Xaiver.

          “What do you mean?” asked Logan.

          “It’s you,” said Xaiver, “Tsukomino!”

After the area around Logan turned to black and white, everyone faded into a misty cloud.

          “What are you doing here?” asked Logan, “what do you want?”

          “You,” said Xaiver, “awaken, Seoshi!”

          “No…” said Logan stunned.

Then a mirror appeared in front of Logan.

          “Now I’ll let you destroy yourself,” said Xaiver as he vanished.

          “It’s been awhile, friend,” said a voice similar to Logan’s.

          “You’re no friend of mine,” said Logan.

          “Oh man, after all these years, I thought you’d be happy to see me,” said the voice as Logan’s reflection inverted colors.

          “You’d think I’ll be happy after you killed my girlfriend and her family?” asked Logan, “well, you’re dead wrong!”

          “Ah, Riona was a beaut, too bad she couldn’t defend herself,” said the voice.

          “That’s it, Seoshi, I’m going to kill you,” said Logan, “I’m not going to seal you like the last time!”

          “Then try,” said Seoshi as the reflection walked out of the mirror, “you ready?”

Then Seoshi slashed Logan, but Logan dodged it.

          “I can’t kill you if you move,” said Seoshi.

          “That’s the point,” said Logan.

          “But remember as we fight, I grow stronger,” said Seoshi.

          “Then I’ll be quick,” said Logan, “Dragon Storm!”

So Logan began to spin his katana above him. When the tornado appeared, it turned blue.

          “I don’t think so,” said Seoshi, “Venom strike.”

As soon as the tornado started to emit electricity, a green wave paralyzed Logan. The tornado dispersed.

          “That wave nullified your powers,” said Seoshi, “not like you were any trouble with them.”

          “Damn,” said Logan.

          “So enough the chit-chat, time to be reborn,” said Seoshi as he kicked Logan into the ground, “but now that you’re powerless, I’ll kill everyone you cherish first.”

          “No…” groaned Logan.

Then Logan remembered something.

          “Which one of you is the most powerful?” asked a twelve year old forest elf male.

“Logan,” said Mercer, Zhen and Gan Xing.

“Am I really the most powerful?” asked Logan.

          “Yeah pretty much, you practically trained all of us to think of it,” said Zhen, “but that’s why we love ya.”

Then the flashback ended.

          “They have faith in me,” said Logan as he slowly got up.

          “You sure?” asked Seoshi, “this is pointless, you can’t win, ever!”

          “My friends trust me, they said I’m the strongest,” said Logan.

          “They must not have any power either,” said Seoshi.

          “I’m going to kill you,” said Logan as he picked up his sword.

          “You already said that,” sighed Seoshi, “but okay, I can kill you now instead of later.”

          “Then try!” yelled Logan as a golden aura blasted from him.

          “What the hell?” asked Seoshi confused, “I sealed your powers.”

          “You shouldn’t assume things,” said Logan as he emitted lightning, “I’m not holding anything back!”

All of the sudden, Logan vanished in a burst of electricity.

          “This is getting interesting,” said Seoshi as a green aura spiraled around him, “we’ll see who can last.”

          “Electric charge!” yelled Logan as he emitted even more electricity.

So Logan punched Seoshi in the face and vanished again. As Seoshi flew above ground from the hit, Logan ran right next to him. After Logan kicked Seoshi into the air, he disappeared.

          “Dragon Barrage!” yelled Logan as he appeared above Seoshi.

Then Logan started to punch and kick Seoshi at high speeds. When they were close to the ground, Logan blasted a large beam of electricity at Seoshi and slammed him several feet into the ground.

          “I hope that wasn’t all you got,” said Seoshi, “Venom volley!”

So Seoshi shot several green energy balls at Logan. After Logan was hit by the volley, his aura began to diminish.

          “You are weak,” said Seoshi as the area gained a green coloring, “and your friends are going to pay the price.”

          “I’m not done!” yelled Logan as his aura grew, “Dragon storm!”

          “You already tried that,” said Seoshi.

As soon as Logan lifted his sword, a blue wave began to spiral around it. Once the tornado formed and electricity emitted from it, the tornado grew in size. Then Logan swung his sword at Seoshi.

          But Seoshi slashed through the tornado.

          “Thank god I know you so well, that could of killed me,” said Seoshi.

          “I will kill you!” yelled Logan as he ran towards Seoshi.

          “Good luck!” yelled Seoshi as he ran towards Logan.


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