Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 40
Double Surprise Party

The next day, Logan, Mercer, Zhen, Gan Xing, Brock, Rasputin, Ryu, Sakaru, Haruka, Shindomaru and Rika ran into the airship.

          “Does Ald Zen have an aerodrome?” asked Rika in.

          “No, I don’t think so,” said Logan.

          “Okay, we ready for my brother’s party?” asked Zhen in a glorious dress.

          “Yes we are!” said Mercer as he ran to the front of the cockpit, “come on let’s go!”

          “Nice dress, Zhen, but I doubt you’ll need it,” said Ryu.

          “Really?” asked Zhen angrily, “what do you suggest I wear, something skimpy?”

          “No, just your normal clothes will be fine, perhaps another time on the skimpy clothes,” said Ryu.

          “Perverted freak!” said Zhen.

          “Come on, let’s get you changed before we take off,” said Sakaru as she turned to Ryu, “and you, pitiful…”

So Zhen and Sakaru left the Stragna.

          “Choose you words carefully, my master,” said Logan, “she will bite.”

          “Ha! As if you can teach me about women!” said Ryu jesting.

          “Probably knows more than you,” said Rika.

          “That hurts….” Said Ryu.

Several minutes later, Zhen and Sakaru came back.

          “Alright, I changed, can we go now?” asked Zhen.

          “Sit down and buckle up, we leaving shortly,” said Rika.

As soon as Rika got to the pilot’s seat and everyone buckled up, they took off. After a while they saw Ald Zen, a city split by sand and grass.

          “So where are we parking?” asked Rika, “there’s no aerodrome.”

          “Just outside of the city,” said Logan.

So Rika landed the Stragna on a patch of grass thirty feet from the city walls.

          “Alright it’s party time!” yelled Mercer excitedly.

When they ran out of the Stragna, they went to the giant set of closed doors.

          “Halt, who dares approach Ald Zen!” said a booming voice from above the doors.

          “Uh… us, we were invited,” said Logan.

          “No, you weren’t,” said the voice.

          “We were reminded that there is a celebration is going on here, and it is not appropriate to keep the emperor’s sister waiting!” yelled Zhen.

          “Okay then, come in,” said a different voice.

As the doors opened, a large group of people was revealed, waiting.

          “Surprise!” yelled the group of people as Cao Ju walked up to Logan.    

          “What’s this?” asked Logan.

          “A party honoring you guys, the spirit five, for fulfilling the prophecy,” said Cao Ju, “please step on stage.”

Then the big group of people divulged, revealing a path to a large stage with a large television screen on top. So Logan, Mercer, Zhen, Gan Xing and Brock walked to the stage.

          “Sorry only the spirit five, however, you guys get premium seats,” said Cao Ju as he walked with Rasputin, Ryu, Sakaru, Haruka, Shindomaru and Rika to the stage.

As the spirit five walked down the path, Logan, Mercer, Zhen and Gan Xing shook hands and greeted people. Soon enough the spirit five walked on stage. When Cao Ju walked onto the stage, a microphone stand rose from below the stage.

          “We will start with questions, so you can meet the spirit five,” said Cao Ju, “but how about introductions before that?”

Then the crowd cheered loudly.

          “We will start with the leader,” said Cao Ju.

Then Mercer got up.

          “Logan Vosamaki of Nu Ran!” said Cao Ju as Mercer sat down.

Then Logan looked at the rest of the group and shrugged, confused.

          “Come on up,” said Cao Ju.

So Logan walked up to the microphone.

          “Hi,” said Logan as he bowed.

So the crowd began to cheer.

          “Go back, next up is Mercer Sobek of Nu Ran!” said Cao Ju.

As Logan walked back, Mercer ran up to the microphone.

          “What’s up, Ald Zen!” yelled Mercer loudly as the crowd cheered.

          “Someone’s energetic,” said Cao Ju, “so next up is my sister, Zhen Ju of Huang Zhong City!”

When Mercer walked back, Zhen walked up.

          “Hey…” said Zhen.

          “Ok, next up is Gan Xing of Nu Ran, Logan’s apprentice!” said Cao Ju.

So as Gan Xing walked up, Zhen walked back.

          “Hello,” said Gan Xing as he bowed.

          “Like master, like apprentice,” said Cao Ju as Gan Xing walked back, “alright, the next one is Brock Amaterasu of Orcian City.”

But Brock didn’t moved, he just leaned on a pillar off stage.

          “Is he alive?” asked Cao Ju.

          “I’m not moving,” said Brock as he didn’t move.

          “Okay… Brock is the one in the armor over there, he doesn’t want to come up,” said Cao Ju.

Then the crowd jeered.

          “Oh well, time for questions,” said Cao Ju as he gave Logan, Mercer, Zhen and Gan Xing a microphone, “you know, Brock, you can join in.”

          “No,” said Brock.

          “Okay,” said Cao Ju as he sat down center stage, “let’s begin!”

So several people with microphones walked around the crowd.

          “We’ve got our first question,” said Cao Ju.

          “This is for Zhen, since you’re hot as hell, are you taken?” asked a twenty three year old dark elf male.

          “Actually, I am,” said Zhen.

          “Who?” asked the dark elf.

          “Uh…” said Zhen.

          “Come on, Zhen, the crowd is waiting,” said Cao Ju egging on Zhen.

          “Shut it!!” said Zhen.

          “Would you prefer if you didn’t answer?” asked Cao Ju.

          “It’s Logan!” said Zhen.

          “Ooo…” said the crowd.

          “Nice, next question,” said Cao Ju.

          “I don’t have one anymore,” said a twenty year old dark elf female, “Logan’s taken…”

          “What are your specialties?” asked a twenty six year old Shakti female, “and can you demonstrate them?”

          “Good question,” said Cao Ju, “care for a show?”

          “Of course, my specialty is electricity,” said Logan as he got up.

After he started to emit electricity, he shot a large stream of electricity into the air. Once he struck himself with a lightning bolt, he sat down unscathed.

          “Mine is water,” said Mercer as he got up.

So Mercer pulled water from the air and created a large snake from it. When he froze it in ice, he shattered it and rained ice crystals onto the crowd. Mercer sat down after throwing a snowball at Sakaru, who dodge it.

          “Mine is fire and darkness,” said Zhen.

As soon as fireballs appeared in both of Zhen hands, she combined both of them and shot a stream of fire into the air. When she was finished, she surround herself with fire. After the fire turned black, Yuki came from the flames. So Yuki shot a couple of dark waves into the sky. Once she turned back to Zhen, she sat back down. Then Gan Xing up.

          “Mine is wind,” said Gan Xing as his wings appeared.

All of the sudden, the crowd gasped and fell silent.

          “Did I do something wrong?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Awesome!” yelled a male Hume from the front row.

Then the crowd started to cheer.

          “Thanks,” said Gan Xing as he flew into the sky.

So Gan Xing started to spin around, forming a mini tornado. After he stopped, the tornado dispersed and Gan Xing sat back down.

          “And you, Brock?” asked Cao Ju.

          “Screw you,” said Brock as he left.

          “Okay… I guess Brock isn’t joining us today,” said Cao Ju.

So the crowd jeered again.

          “So we have enough time for one more question, then we can party!” said Cao Ju.

After the crowd cheered for a bit, it grew quiet.

          “Which one of you is the most powerful?” asked a twelve year old forest elf male.

So Logan, Mercer, Zhen and Gan Xing looked at each other.

          “Logan,” said Mercer, Zhen and Gan Xing.

          “Me?” asked Logan, “really?”

          “So there you go,” said Cao Ju, “a play is being done to explain the prophecy tonight, have a nice day!”

So the crowd started to disperse and the microphone stand went back into the stage.

          “Am I really the most powerful?” asked Logan.

          “Yeah pretty much, you practically trained all of us to think of it,” said Zhen, “but that’s why we love ya.”

          “Okay,” said Logan.


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